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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 18, 2019

The Rust Be Gone is a special magnet you put in your dishwasher to remove rust from the water used to wash your dishes.

It’s small enough to fit in the silverware basket of your dishwasher and yet powerful enough to draw in rust floating around in your water supply.

Rust Be Gone is an As Seen on TV product sold by Tristar Products, a well-known ASOTV seller who has a variety of home and beauty products including Copper Chef pans, the Power AirFryer XL and the Genie line of women’s wear.

In this review, we’ll help you understand how the Rust Be Gone works, talk about the hazards of iron in the water and how much the Rust Be Gone costs. We’ll also discuss other rust solutions.

How the Rust Be Gone Works

The product’s website doesn’t reveal much about how the Rust Be Gone works. What we do know is that it has some sort of magnetic power that attracts the iron floating around in the water your dishwasher use.

If you didn’t have the Rust Be Gone, that iron would fly around your dishwasher and eventually stick to your dishes. If those dishes happen to be metal, then the iron could react with oxygen to create rust and pitting.

In fact, the product’s TV commercial shows a side-by-side test in which 15 loads of dishes were washed in iron-heavy water and 15 were washed with the Rust Be Gone.

Sure enough, the non-treated pots and pans were pitted and ugly. The Rust Be Gone dishes sparkled.

“Rust stains made my cookware look nasty. But Rust Be Gone keeps my pots and pans looking new,” a woman says right after the 15-wash test.

The product’s website doesn’t describe how the rust-attraction process works nor how long one Rust Be Gone will last. What we do know is that it attracts rust without using chemicals.

As a side note, the Rust Be Gone website shows a before-and-after photo of what seems to be a stainless-steel skillet. The “before” photo shows a rusted, ugly pan. The “after” photo shows a sparkling pan. It’s important to remember that the product doesn’t claim to remove rust already on a pan. Rather, it claims to prevent rust from forming on pans.

Iron: What It Does, How It Gets in Your Water and Its Health Implications

When iron and oxygen mix, the rusting process begins. Rust can eat away at your silverware, pots and pans, so much so that it leaves pits on the surface of the metal.

Avoiding rusting and pitting can be tough because iron can be present in your water for a variety of reasons. Your water may naturally have it because of the well you get it from or it might have iron because there’s rust in the pipes feeding water into your home.

Sometimes, rain or melting snow can cause iron to be dissolved into the in water, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) wrote on their website.

“As rain falls or snow melts on the land surface, and water seeps through iron-bearing soil and rock, iron can be dissolved into the water,” the MDH wrote.

The MDH goes on to say “iron in well water usually does not present a health problem.”

A study from Cornell University noted that iron in the water can create offensive tastes and odors.

This research tells us that there’s a good chance that iron may only affect your dishes and not much else.

As for the effectiveness of the Rust Be Gone, we did research to find similar products and/or research regarding the ability of a dishwasher iron to capture iron during a wash cycle. We could not find any sources confirming or denying the purported benefits of Rust Be Gone.

Rust Be Gone Pricing and Return Policy

At the time of publishing, you could buy two of these rust preventers for $14.99 with an additional $6.99 for shipping. Tristar was also throwing in two free power scrubbers that may come in handy for scrubbing off existing rust.

Delivery time takes between seven and 10 days, the website says.

According to Tristar, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee through which you can return your Rust Be Gone if you’re not happy with it. We wanted to know more about the details about the return policy, so we called the company’s customer service line— (973)-287-5186—but failed to connect with a customer service agent.

How Rust Be Gone Compares to Other Solutions

We did some research to find similar products to this one but could not find any. All the of iron-related products we discovered were cleaning agents meant to remove existing iron stains. We could not discover products you put in the dishwasher that prevent iron from rusting your dishes.

One of the only ways we’ve found to rid your water supply of iron is to invest in a filtration system of some sort.

The Final Word: Our Thoughts About Rust Be Gone

At first glance, this product seems to be a pretty incredible solution for those whose water has an iron content high enough to cause damage to the surface of your metal cookware and dishware. The product is affordable and comes with a couple of free washing pads, too.

If the Rust Be Gone works as it should, then we believe it’s a pretty good value. However, the difficulty with this product comes when you try and pin down how long one magnet lasts and, more importantly, how effective it is in removing iron.

Because it’s a unique product – we could not find anything similar to it at the time of research – it’s really hard to present past products or case studies that prove the Rust Be Gone works.

What we do now is that Tristar ran a test in which dishes washed in high-iron water were rusted and pitted after 15 washes whereas dishes washed in the same water along with a Rust Be Gone were sparkling clean after 15 washes.

With this in mind, know that this is a new type of product and it may or may not work as good as you’d like it to. In the event you are disappointed with the Rust Be Gone’s performance, you can make a return by calling (973)-287-5186.

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