What is the SafeSound Personal Alarm?

By Tyler Cooper
HighYa Staff Published on: Nov 12, 2017

Claiming to be saving millions of lives, the SafeSound Personal Alarm promises to provide you safety, protection, and peace of mind when out and about. The device is meant to look inconspicuous on a keychain, but with a quick pull of the pin on its top, it will unleash a roaring, constant 125dB (decibel) noise.

The product’s creators state that it requires no training or skills to operate, and that both men and women can use the system to feel safer as they go about their day. Though the device is clearly focused on preventing aggressive attacks, they state that it’s also ideal for seniors who have fallen and can’t get up, or for individuals that have gotten themselves lost in a remote area.

They also mention that the SafeSound is proven to be more effective than mace or pepper spray as a defense tool, though we didn’t encounter any evidence for this statement anywhere on the website. So, based on the information we’re given, just how loud can you expect the device to be, exactly?

Is the SafeSound Loud Enough to Deter Would-Be Attackers?

As mentioned above, the website states that the product is capable of putting out a continuous, 125dB screech for up to half an hour. For reference, a lawnmower is about 90dB, while a loud rock concert reaches roughly 110dB. At right about 150dB, you begin to run the risk of having your eardrums ruptured due to the sheer force of the sound waves being emitted.

So, knowing this, it’s clear that the 125dB put out by the SafeSound is extremely loud, and it stands to reason that a sound of that magnitude could certainly make a world of difference in several frightening situations.

For instance, if you were being followed or attacked at night while others are around, activating the SafeSound might help to draw immediate attention to your area, causing your potential attacker to flee instead. Of course, if you were in a very remote setting this might not be nearly as effective, which is important to keep in mind.

One thing we aren’t told is how the device is powered, or how long this power source is expected to work before needing to be replaced. We reached out to the support number listed on the website, but were unable to get through to a human operator as of the time of our research.

If we had to guess, we’d say the product was likely powered by replaceable watch-style batteries, but without official word from the company, we cannot confirm that this is the case.

SafeSound Personal Alarm Pricing & Return Policy

As of this writing, the SafeSound Personal Alarm was only available directly from the product’s main website. It is offered in three different quantities:

  • Two SafeSound Alarms: $39.95
  • Five SafeSound Alarms: $79.95
  • Ten SafeSound Alarms: $119.95

Shipping is free, and each order is covered by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. To initiate a return, you’ll need to ship it back to the following address in its original packaging:

Shipping Department (SafeSound Personal Alarm)
10024 N Taryne St.
Hayden, ID 83835

You’ll be required to pay any return shipping fees associated with getting the product back for processing.

Purchasing A Personal Alarm Like SafeSound

Typing “personal alarm” into Google or the Amazon marketplace brings up hundreds of different results, many of which feature extremely similar designs to the SafeSound. The bulk of the devices we encountered during our research had alarms that ranged from 120dB to 130dB, with the highest we saw being listed at a whopping 140dB.

Crucially, these products all tended to be quite a bit less expensive than the SafeSound, ranging from just $7 to around $15-$20 at most. All of the options listed on Amazon were also available as a single purchase, whereas the SafeSound is only available in multiple quantities.

Finally, many of the products we encountered also had additional features, such as an LED safety light that can be activated whenever needed.

If you are searching for the right personal alarm for your needs, consider the following questions when looking around online:

  • Is a personal alarm like the SafeSound ideal for your needs in the first place? Consider where you live, and where you often find yourself on a daily basis. If you are frequently in high-traffic areas like the city, a personal alarm may be a very useful choice, but if you live in a more remote or isolated place, more direct alternatives such as mace or pepper spray may also be ideal.
  • If you’ve settled on a particular device, be sure to look around for reviews online. Places like Amazon are great for this, but also be sure to look here at Highya and other consumer advocacy websites during your research. Just be sure to stay alert and watch out for fake reviews.
  • Always understand the return policy going into your purchase. During our research into personal sonic alarms, we encountered a number of reviews for products similar to SafeSound in which users complained about high failure rates and other issues. Due to the importance of ensuring your alarm actually works when you need it to, always read through the return and refund policies thoroughly before pulling the trigger on a particular device.

The Bottom Line: Is the SafeSound Personal Alarm Right for You?

Bringing together everything that we’ve learned about the SafeSound Personal Alarm, can you truly expect it to provide protection from even the most vicious criminals, as the manufacturer states?

On the one hand, we learned that the product features an incredibly loud 125dB output, which is more than enough to draw immediate attention to you (and your attacker) when you need it most–provided you are in an area where others are nearby.

On the other hand, though the manufacturer says that the SafeSound has been proven to be more effective than conventional deterrents such as mace and pepper spray, we did not find any evidence for this claim on the company’s website, nor did we encounter any online during our research.

When coupled with the fact that dozens of similar options exist online for much less, as consumers ourselves, we feel that slowing down and taking a look at all of your choices before deciding on one may be the best course of action for most. This is especially true when you consider that many of these products feature hundreds of five-star reviews.

If you’d like to simply dive in and give the SafeSound Personal Alarm a shot, be sure to keep the 90-day return policy in mind, should you decide that it isn’t a right fit for you in the end.

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