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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 26, 2018

Safety Cam is an indoor security camera that rotates 360 degrees, allowing you a comprehensive view of the area you want to monitor and record in 720p HD resolution.

The as-seen-on-TV camera pairs with an app you download that will notify you when the camera senses motion. You can use the app to access a few other things that we’ll talk about later in this review.

For now, we want to give you a quick summary of what we’re going to cover:

  • How Safety Cam works
  • How much it costs
  • What the return policy and warranty are
  • How it compares to other cameras
  • Tips for using security cameras

By the end of this review, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how this product works and whether or not it’s the right choice for you among all the security cameras out there.

How Safety Cam Works

To properly use Safety Cam, you’ll need the camera as well as the app, because it’s through the app that you can harness the capabilities of the camera.

As far as the camera goes, you can mount it for just about any orientation: ceilings, walls and countertops are all fair game.

As we mentioned earlier, the camera can rotate 360 degrees horizontally, which means it can spin around to view what’s behind it, to the side and the front. When it comes to moving the camera up and down, you have 115-degree functionality, which means the camera can look up and down but not quite directly above itself and directly below itself.

The camera broadcasts in 720p, which is a step below 1080p but still considered high-definition video quality. It also has night vision that provides glare-free recording for up to around 10 feet.

Finally, the camera has a built-in two-way intercom. This is a great way for you to be able to communicate with someone inside or outside the home, depending on where you place your Safety Cam.

To move the camera’s direction, you’ll need to open the app. The screen you use to move the direction the camera is facing is simple. The app provides a white circle you can use to move around any part of the field of vision you see on your phone screen. A split second later, the camera moves in the direction you told it to go.

The app is what you’ll also use to activate the intercom and communicate with whoever it is that you want to talk with.

Another feature of the camera is that it will send you an alert whenever it detects motion, alerts that you can control from the app. If you have your camera in your home and your dog stays in the house, you can adjust your notification settings so that you don’t get an alert every time your dog walks by your camera.

At the time of publishing, neither the Safety Cam website nor the Safety Cam customer service department could tell us how the camera is powered and what the name of or link to the app is. This information is most likely included with the camera when it ships.

Safety Cam Cost, Returns and Warranty

Safety Cam gives you two choices for prices. You can buy one camera for $39.99 and free shipping or you can buy two at a time for $49.98 and free shipping. You also have the option of adding on a 32GB memory card for $4.99.

If you were to buy two cameras with two memory cards, your total would be $59.96. To give you context, the most affordable 720p security family we were able to find at BestBuy.com was $39.99. The “EZVIZ” provided several of the same functions as security cam (motion alerts, intercom, night visions) but did not rotate 360 degrees.

The Safety cam website says that you have 30 days of the date of purchase to return the item. To ensure your return goes smoothly, you’ll need to include the following information in the box in which you return the camera(s):

  • Order number
  • Explanation of why you’re returning the item
  • Indication if you want a replacement or refund

Now, keep in mind that your 30-day return window could become an issue if it takes a long time for the camera or cameras to ship. The product’s FAQ page says that it could take up to six weeks to receive your Safety Cam.

Their site says that if, for some reason, you make a mistake on your order, you can call and make changes but that it may take up to 24 hours for your order to show up in the customer service system, which means you may not get help with your order for a full day.

Pro tip: There is no indication that this product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

How the Safety Cam Compares to Other Popular 720p Cameras

In order to make a good decision about which safety camera is the right fit for you, it helps to know what kinds of security cameras are out there and how those cameras compare in price and features to the Safety Cam.

Earlier we mentioned the EZVIZ, which didn’t offer the same field of vision as the Safety Cam. However, we did notice that the EZVIZ has infrared night vision with a 16-foot range, which is 6 feet longer than the Safety Cam.

Also, the camera is compatible with Amazon Alex and Google Assistant, something we weren’t able to confirm about the Safety Cam because the website’s information about the camera’s integration with Amazon and Google wasn’t non-existent.

Another similar camera to Safety Cam and EZVIZ was the DCS Indoor Camera. The camera cost $54.99 at the time of publishing and had a higher frame rate (higher quality) than the EZVIZ. We weren’t able to confirm the frame rate of the Safety Cam.

Also, the D-Link has a 4x zoom, whereas the EZVIZ and the Safety Cam didn’t list their zoom power.

Finally, both the D-Link and EZVIZ camera specifications on BestBuy.com indicated that you have the option of doing cloud storage for your recordings.

In general, we think the comparisons here seem to indicate that the EZVIZ and D-Link are better choices, mainly because they provide more information about their product and that information reveals that you have some great features with those cameras.

The Safety Cam, unfortunately, didn’t provide information about frame rate, zoom power and cloud storage capability.

Pro tip: The EZVIZ and D-Link cameras offer one-year parts and labor warranties.

The Final Word: Security Cam’s Strength and Weaknesses

Our analysis indicates that the Safety Cam is one of the cheapest security cameras we’ve found. The EZVIZ camera was equal in price to Safety Cam but couldn’t match the $49.98 price tag for two Safety Cams.

Also, we like that the Safety Cam provides 360 coverage as well as 115 degrees of vertical movement. These two features enable you to get a comprehensive view of the area you’re monitoring.

We found that the downsides of the camera are that the information on the website is so limited that it’s hard to compare the camera’s functional details – namely, frame rate and cloud storage. Not knowing this information and not being able to get it from the site or the customer service leaves you unsure of the Safety Cam’s full functionality.

If you’re looking for a security camera with more features, take a few minutes to read through our review of Eufy Evercam, a more robust security system. If you want a small security camera that you can hide in your home or on your person, the Cop Cam could be a better choice, although it has an average of a 1-star review from 11 users on HighYa.

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