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Samurai Pro Life Knife boasts an extra sharp, extra strong titanium gold blade with a serrated edge that claims to be versatile enough to handle everything from soft to tough foods. The company even guarantees that Samurai Pro Life Knife will never need sharpening—even after cutting through solid steel, wood, and rubber.

Additionally, Samurai Pro Life Knife’s blade is non-toxic and corrosion resistant, so it won’t affect the taste of your food. And when you’re finished using it, Samurai Pro Life Knife’s dishwasher safe design makes cleanup a breeze.

In this review, we’ll take a look at all the facts surrounding Samurai Pro Life Knife and help you figure out if it’s the right purchase for you. To begin, let’s take a closer look at titanium and gold.

Are Titanium & Gold Good Blade Materials?

Before going any further, it’s important to point out that the quality of a knife doesn’t lie in just the metal it’s made from. Instead, other important factors include geometry, how the metal is heat treated, what other materials it’s mixed with, the skill of the maker, and more, which can affect tensile strength and brittleness. However, without physically testing Samurai Pro Life Knife, there’s no way to gauge where it falls in relationship to these aspects.

Nonetheless, titanium isn’t a material commonly found in knife blades. Why? Although titanium is strong, it’s not very hard—at least compared to more common materials like steel—if it’s not combined with a much harder material like carbon. As a result, a blade made from titanium will likely lose it’s edge after relatively little use.

On top of this, many users report that it’s quite difficult to sharpen a titanium blade effectively, and you’ll pay a lot for the pleasure (titanium is expensive).

What if your primary focus isn’t on hardness, though? On the upside, titanium is light, doesn’t corrode easily (especially useful if you live in a humid climate), and doesn’t have any magnetic properties. The relative softness also makes titanium knife blades much less prone to breaking than some other materials.

What about the gold contained in Samurai Pro Life Knife? We couldn’t find any information online showing that gold is a good blade-making material, although it does have some inherent antimicrobial properties, which might be especially useful in the kitchen.

Since it features two fairly uncommon metals, you might think Samurai Pro Life Knife doesn’t have any competition. Is this actually the case?

Are There Other Knives Like Samurai Pro Life?

If you’re looking for a gold titanium kitchen knife with the exact same design, your options are pretty much limited to Samurai Pro Life Knife.

However, you can certainly find titanium and/or gold knives elsewhere online (in some instances, even at local home goods stores), in all shapes and sizes. On the downside, many of these options will cost much more than Samurai Pro Life Knife.

Is it ultimately all about price, though? We’ll talk more about that shortly. But first, let’s find out how much you’ll pay for Samurai Pro Life Knife.

How Much Does Samurai Pro Life Knife Cost?

Two Samurai Pro Life Knives are priced at $19.99 plus $15.90 S&H. With your order, you’ll also receive a Samurai vegetable peeler at no additional charge.

All Samurai Pro Life Knives come with a 30-day money back guarantee, less S&H charges, along with a lifetime replacement guarantee—even if the damage is your fault. According to the company’s terms:

“Should our product become dull or damaged for any reason, even if the damage is your fault, simply return it with proof of purchase and we will replace the knife free of charge, just include $ 7.95 for shipping & processing.”

To request a refund or process a warranty claim, you’ll need to call SAS Group, Inc.’s customer service department at 800-382-7549.

A Note About Arbitration

All Samurai Pro Life Knives are automatically bound by an arbitration agreement. While this is very common across a variety of industries, remember that it means you’ll be waiving your rights to a trial by jury or becoming part of a related class action lawsuit.

Who Manufactures Samurai Pro Life Knife?

Samurai Pro Life Knife is brought to you by SAS Group, Inc. based out of Tarrytown, NY. Although you might not have heard of the company before, you’ve almost certainly heard about some of their popular products, including Dutch Glow, Amish Cleaning Tonic, and many more. Do customer seem pleased with their purchases?

Here on HighYa, many of the company’s products come with 2-star average ratings or lower. While most of these complaints appeared to reference business practices (e.g. difficulty obtaining refunds, being charged much higher prices than expected, etc.), those referencing products themselves often complained of failure to work and poor quality.

As we outlined in out ASOTV Buyer’s Guide, these complaints are widespread throughout the industry, and definitely aren’t specific to SAS Group’s products.

Is Samurai Pro Life Knife Really the “Last Knife You’ll Have to Buy”?

Although we learned above that titanium generally doesn’t make a good blade material, since we didn’t test Samurai Pro Life ourselves, we can’t tell you if it contains any carbon to improve its strength, or what kind of quality you can realistically expect.

With this said, we also learned in the previous section that As Seen on TV products generally don’t score high marks from customers in the quality department. Certainly, this doesn’t mean you’ll experience the same with Samurai Pro Life Knife, but we think it’s worth keeping in mind.

Finally, it’s positive that Samurai Pro Life Knife’s manufacturer provides a 30-day refund policy, but remember that the $15.90 you originally spent in S&H will immediately fly out the window. Then, when you factor in that you’ll also have to pay to ship the knives back to customer service, you could end up losing money on the whole transaction.

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