What Is Sapoto V Pillow?

By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff
Published on: Jun 4, 2017

Designed especially for side sleepers, the crescent-shaped Sapoto V Pillow is filled with over 10 million air beads that promise to absorb movement and continually adjust to your motion, cradle your head and shoulders, and perfectly align your neck.

The website tells us these air beads also maximize airflow while you sleep, keeping your head cool and comfortable, regardless of sleeping position. They’ll also maintain their shape night after night, so the pillow won’t flatten or constantly need flipping and fluffing.

Most of us suffer from poor sleep now and then, but will the Sapoto V Pillow really keep you cool and comfortable all night, and help you wake up refreshed every morning? Will you stop tossing and turning and experiencing neck or shoulder pain?

Bottom line: Will you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, as claimed on the website? Let’s kick things off by taking a closer look at Sapoto V’s functionality.

How Does the Sapoto V Pillow Work?

Buckwheat is a grain-like plant, which like most grains, features seeds covered in husks. Instead of down or other fabric like traditional pillows, these hard husks can be used to fill pillows for a unique feel and sleeping experience.

Buckwheat has been used in this manner for millennia, which is why the Sapoto V website claims it’s based on “ancient relaxation secrets.”

According to Sleep Like the Dead, traditional buckwheat pillows provide unrivaled support and adjustability, and thereby help provide above average neck pain relief. However, they can also be too firm, noisy, heavy, or too small for some, and it may take some experimentation before you find a fill quantity that matches your needs.

Instead of buckwheat hulls, the manufacturer filled Sapoto V with millions of tiny air beads that promise to mimic the same size and feel, while also indenting the centered for a contoured fit. However, it doesn’t appear you can manually remove or add air beads for a customized feel, like you can with many higher end buckwheat options.

Another potential drawback is that buckwheat pillows can be expensive, averaging about $40, but often exceeding $70 for some models.

How Much Does the Sapoto V Pillow Cost?

Sapoto V is priced as follows:

  • 1 Standard Pillow & Pillow Case: $29.99 plus $8.95 S&H
  • 1 Queen/King Size Pillow & Pillow Case: $39.99 plus $9.95 S&H
  • 2 Standard Pillows & 2 Pillow Cases: $29.99 plus $7.95 S&H

Regardless of which option you choose, the pillow comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, less S&H. In order to request one, you’ll need to reach out to National Express Online at customerservice@nationalexpresstv.com.

What Can We Learn From Reviews for Other Sobakawa Pillows?

The Sapoto V Pillow is the newest option in the Sobakawa lineup, which includes the original 100% buckwheat hull model, as well as the more recent Cloud Pillow, which is also filled with more than 10 million air beads. All three models feature a unique depression for purported increased comfort.

On third-party websites like Amazon, Walmart.com, and Bed Bath and Beyond (to name just a few), it appeared both of these options garnered mostly positive customer feedback. Most compliments seemed to revolve around improved sleeping comfort and quality, along with excellent support.

On the other hand, frequent complaints referenced small size (keep this in mind if you’re wondering if you need to spend extra for the Queen/King size), noisiness when moving, bead loss, and less-than-optimal smell upon arrival.

Granted, Sapoto V is a brand new model, so we’re not saying you’ll experience the same. However, we want to make sure you have all the relevant information at your fingertips.

From a company perspective, National Express, Inc. had a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on 64 closed complaints as of 6/1/17. Most of these seemed related to lower product quality than expected.

Again, we’re only reporting the facts; not insinuating you can expect to experience any of the same.

Sapoto V vs. Other Buckwheat Alternative Pillows

When searching online for buckwheat alternative pillows, we encountered only one other option, which was the Z Aeration. It was filled with polyethylene tubes and priced at about $50.

However, based on some of the customer feedback garnered for the Cloud Pillow, the “air beads” found in Sapoto V appear to be tiny plastic beads, which are a very common fill material.

With this in mind, searching online for “micro bead pillow” vastly expanded our options, which we found were available in just about every imaginable, size, shape, color, fill quantity, and design, with prices ranging between $14 and $75+. How to choose?

As we discuss in Top Pillow Picks for Each Position, the main purpose of any pillow is to naturally align your spine. Accomplishing this largely depends on factors unique to you, such as size, weight, sleeping position, your existing mattress, and so forth.

However, if you’re a side sleeper (apparently Sapoto V’s target market), you’ll want to focus on a thick pillow that fills the space above your shoulders, maximum firmness for a neutral head and neck position, along with a “center cavity” design that cradles your head.

While we didn’t test it firsthand, Sapoto V appears to address at least two of these three requirements, although its ability to fill the space above your shoulders will depend on your size and weight.

Let’s carry this thought over to the next section as we wrap things up.

What’s the Bottom Line About the Sapoto V Pillow?

As we can see, sleep is a highly personal process. This means that what you find to be the epitome of comfort, your friend might liken to a torture device.

Thankfully, the manufacturer seems to stand behind the Sapoto V Pillow with a 90-day refund policy, which should provide you with plenty of time to sleep on it, give your body time to appropriately adjust, and see if it works for you.

Pro tip: While the egg test featured in the Sapoto V commercial certainly makes for good marketing, unless you have a habit of repeatedly slamming your head into your pillow, we’re not sure it necessarily reflects a real-world scenario.

If you decide that you’d like to try other options, just remember that you’ll lose your original S&H charges, plus whatever it will cost to ship your Sapoto V pillow(s) back to the manufacturer. Together, this could total more than $10—or about 20-25 percent of your purchase price, depending on the option you chose.

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