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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Apr 1, 2017

What if, instead of replacing your razor cartridges every five to seven shaves, you could purchase one razor that delivered a perfect, new-blade smooth shave every time for an entire year?

That’s the promise made by Sapphire Crystal Razor: This women’s wet shaver claims to stay as sharp as a new cartridge for one whole year, lasting twenty times longer than your average razor blades.

In addition, the Sapphire Crystal Razor claims that it won’t bend, break, rust, or dull for the entire 365 days.

If that wasn’t enough to dazzle shave-weary shoppers, direct your attention down from that single-crystal sapphire blade and you’ll discover that the Sapphire Crystal Razor boasts a soft-grip ergonomic handle for your comfort. (It better be, since you’ll be gripping it all year.)

And, to protect your delicate skin from the perils of distracted shaving, the Sapphire Crystal Razor also features a pivoting head—all the better to avoid nicks and cuts.

Does that sound like the razor of your dreams? They’re not even done!

Delivering the coup de grace of razor claims, the Sapphire Crystal promises that you don’t even need to buy replacement cartridges. That’s right, one blade can supposedly go the distance for an entire year of shaving.

In short, the Sapphire Crystal Razor promises to be a single, sharp blade that effectively (and ergonomically) whisks off your unwanted hairs for 12 months—without ever sacrificing like-new precision and perfectly smooth results.

What could possibly make such a shaving marvel possible? We’ll share their supporting statements right after…

How Much Does Sapphire Crystal Razor Cost?

If you didn’t catch the Sapphire Crystal Razor’s commercial, don’t worry. This As Seen On TV product is also available online.

At the time of writing (March 2017), the Sapphire Crystal Razor is running a buy-one, get-one deal that offers shoppers two razors for $19.99. Plus the $6.99 P&H, you’ll get two razors delivered to your door for a total of $26.98.

That price might sound high for a single razor at first. But even infrequent shavers spend more than that in half the claimed lifespan of a single Sapphire Crystal razor—and you’ll get two.

Of course, that’s only a great deal if the product works, right? Now, let’s check out how this razor supposedly stays so sharp.

How Does Sapphire Crystal Razor Claim to Work?

Since few things could be more exciting than not having to change your razor blade for a year (especially as summer approaches) we couldn’t wait to learn how the Sapphire Crystal Razor delivered on their promise of an almost infallible cutting edge.

So, it was a teensy letdown one we realized that Sapphire Crystal’s official website is heavy on exciting promises, but pretty light on details.

So, how does Sapphire Crystal Razor work? We’ve numbered the points for easy reference:

  1. According to the website, their researchers identified sapphire crystals as the ultimate durable material.
  2. Using breakthrough technology, Sapphire Crystal Razor’s manufacturers transformed genuine sapphire crystal into an ultra sharp, ultra strong, long lasting blade.

Even if we give them the benefit of the doubt that their blade manufacturing is a super-secret patented process, two measly points seem to fall short of explaining how (much less if) a razor can live up to such fantastic claims of extended sharpness, durability, and strength.

Still, beggars can’t be choosers and we want to learn if this razor is worth buying, so let’s break down those two statements:

1. Are Sapphire Razor Blades the Ultimate Durable Material?

Sapphire Crystal Razor claims that their single crystal sapphire blades are so strong, that they can cut through steel. Wowzers, right?

Before you start using Grandma’s sapphire jewelry to make doilies out of sheet metal, know that we weren’t able to find any solid evidence that sapphires can cut steel. We’re not saying they can’t—it’s more likely that no one’s thought to try.

Here’s what we do know:

  • Sapphires are hard—they rate a nine on the Mohs scale. That’s just right below diamonds, which are a 10.
  • Stainless steel is relatively soft insofar as metals go. It also comes in thin sheets—thin enough that it could likely be cut by some sturdy industrial shears.

In short, Sapphire Crystal Razor’s first statement might ring true. But, even if you’re convinced that your leg hair is a dense jungle, there’s another important factor: Harder doesn’t always equal strength.

Recently, while researching our definitive guide to kitchen knives, we learned that the harder a blade’s material, the more prone it is to chips and cracks.

We’ll save you the carbon vs. stainless steel spiel and simply state what’s important to Sapphire Crystal Razor’s claims: The relationship between hardness and brittleness isn’t negotiable, since the same attributes that allow hard materials to keep their edge make them brittle and fragile.

This comes into play in the next section, so just tuck that new nugget of knowledge behind your ear as we move on to…

2. How Can You Make a Razor Out of Sapphire Crystal?

The answer, it turns out, is “very carefully.” Or, at least, we assume so. That’s because sapphire blades are actually a real thing—and they’re really sharp.

These synthetic sapphire crystals (meaning they’re not worth a king’s ransom), are created in a lab. Then they’re shaped into all sorts of tools, including autopsy (?) instruments and pocket knives for people who are really intent on sneaking stuff past the TSA.

Through World Precision Instruments (WPI), the company that sells the sapphire blade surgical instruments as found in the first link, we were able to learn a little more about the material, including:

  • Due to their extreme hardness, sapphire blades hold an edge better than standard surgical instruments.
  • The blades can break, chip, or shatter if roughly handled or dropped.
  • If cared for properly, a sapphire blade can last for years.

It’s important that we clearly state the above information is related to WPI’s sapphire blades, meaning that it might not be applicable to the Sapphire Crystal Razor.

But, since the two products are both intended to stay sharp despite prolonged use cutting stuff (albeit one is hair and the other is just “not humans”), we feel comfortable making a few educated assumptions.

What Do Our Findings On Sapphire Crystal Razor Mean to You?

We’re thrilled to find out that Sapphire Crystal Razor might live up to their promise! (At least, according to our previous research on kitchen knives and the info we’ve describing other sapphire blades.)

This razor might very well deliver that coveted, new-blade shave for an entire year, just as Sapphire Crystal Razor claims.

However, it’s important to note what we learned above: When it comes to blades, hardness and brittleness are intrinsically linked.

That means unless the razor uses a new technology that isn’t documented online (it’s unlikely, but possible), Sapphire Crystal Razor’s blade can’t be both as long-lasting and durable as they claim.

In fact, this material is described as incredibly delicate insofar as a razor material goes. That might not sound troublesome until you consider the number of times your soapy, wet hands allow your shampoo bottle to slip, or your razor is knocked off the tub ledge during your shower singing session.

Should that happen with the Sapphire Crystal Razor, it might well shatter the second that it hits your tiled shower floor.

What if Your Sapphire Crystal Razor Breaks (or Just Doesn’t Work)?

The terms of purchase state that your order is protected by a 60-day money back guarantee which starts the day you receive your package. Customers are instructed to call 1-973-287-5132 or email at info@tvcustomerinfo.com to receive a return merchandise authorization number before sending back their return.

While we’re comforted by the guarantee, the terms don’t state if it covers a used Sapphire Crystal Razor, or if your purchase needs to be in unopened packaging to qualify. And, because breakage is our main concern with sapphire blades, we called to find out.

The good news is that we were connected with a customer rep within two minutes, and she kindly explained that even a used Sapphire Crystal Razor could be returned within the 60 days.

But she didn’t stop there!

Despite repeatedly stating that I wasn’t interested, the customer service rep attempted to sell me several other products and a Walmart gift card—to the point that I was forced to disconnect the call instead of repeating that I wasn’t interested.

In a nutshell, if you must call, be prepared for aggressive upselling. Otherwise, avoid it altogether by starting your return via email.

Other Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Razor

Recently, we’ve published two fantastically comprehensive shaving subscription guides—one for men, and one for women—which are brimming with every tidbit of information needed to pick your perfect razor subscription. There are a few pertinent points that apply when considering the Sapphire Crystal razor as well:

1. Cartridges get gross quickly.

All the nooks and crannies behind your razor blade collect hair and skin cells as you shave. Even a thorough cleaning can’t dislodge all the bits that provide a perfect space for bacteria to grow.

When you swap out your razor cartridge after every five to seven shaves, this isn’t so much of a problem. But, just imagine a year’s worth of gunky build-up—and you can see how using the same wet-shave razor for a year straight might allow a tiny garden of bacteria to flourish.

2. Single blade razors are more likely to irritate your skin.

It turns out that even sharp razor blades have a hard time catching all your hairs. Before dual-blade razors, this meant you had to make multiple passes to get a clean shave, which will likely lead to irritated skin.

Most new razors are designed with two blades that work together. The first is actually blunt and works to tug the hair up and forward. Then, the second blade swoops in for a closer shave.

The Sapphire Crystal Razor only has one blade. No matter how sharp its edge, it’s not likely going to catch every hair—which means you’re shaving the same area more than once.

Shaving over the same area multiple times might not irritate everyone. But, those with sensitive skin or a tendency towards ingrown hairs should be aware that the harder a blade is, the higher your risk of chafing, redness, and other signs of irritation.

3. Sapphire Crystal Razor’s design is missing a few features.

Look at most new razors and you’ll see blades that are widely spaced to allow your shave gel and sliced hairs to flow through without clogging up the cartridge.

This design feature is conspicuously missing from the Sapphire Crystal Razor and, while we haven’t tested it, suspect that it might become clogged up more easily.

Additionally, the Sapphire Crystal Razor doesn’t appear to feature a lubricating strip, which is important to give slip to the blades as they pass over your skin. Sure, you can compensate for the lack of lubrication with an extra-creamy shave gel, but that might just lead to more clogging due to its closed design.

Is Sapphire Crystal Razor a Must Buy?

As consumers, we’re lukewarm on this one for a few reasons. Despite that multiple signs indicate the Sapphire Crystal Razor delivers on their promise of maintaining its sharp shaving edge for an entire year—or, in part, because of it—we can’t wholeheartedly recommend buying one to replace your bathroom razor for the reasons outlined in the previous section.

Who might the Sapphire Crystal Razor be good for?

In writing our subscription razor guides, we learned that those with thick, coarse hair often see the best results with a hard blade. If that describes you, then the Sapphire Crystal Razor might suit your shaving needs

However, since everyone’s body hair differs in coarseness, texture, and even where it grows, which tool is best for removing it is a highly personal preference.

The good news is it that doesn’t mean you have to try every razor under the sun to get a handle on your hair removal. Before purchasing, we recommend giving another single-blade razor a go to see if you can achieve hair removal sans irritation before investing in the Sapphire Crystal Razor for an entire year.

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