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  • Thanks for your advices

    • By Private,
    • Montréal, Québec, Canada,
    • Nov 15, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I did the 3 days real estate conference at 2000$ with my sister and we were planning on taking the $30,000 Diamond package. After everything I just read on this website, I'm backing out! They promised us a lot, but from what I see it's mostly lies and tactics to take our money! Thank you guys!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Please don't do it.

    • By Maria B.,
    • Tempe, AZ,
    • Feb 5, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    It's so sad that Scott Yancey allowed these people use his name to attract other people sincerely looking to improve their future. I am a Real Estate agent and already started a business flipping houses. We decided to attend the first invitation, to learn more about the business. They tell you that you need to pay more than $2,000 to have access to the tools and knowledge. Sadly, I paid it. The "seminar" is purely motivational. The "teacher", who was more of a bully, pressed you to invest THOUSANDS of dollars to be part of a system that I am sure doesn't work. I didn't go back, and I feel sorry for all those senior citizens willing to give their savings and 401K for an empty promise. These people should go to jail.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Scott Yancey Real Estate Seminar

    • By Johnny Wong,
    • Cary, NC,
    • Jan 23, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I have attended the Scott Yancey Real Estate Seminar on January 7, 2016 in Durham NC. I got a high pressure sales guy from the seminar trying to sell me the $2000.00 seminar. I am glad I didn't buy into this and went home and did some research and found your review and I see that it is not worth the cost. Thank you for the good information from your review and it will help other people not fall into this High Pressure sales and scam.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Buyers beware of what you are really buying

    • By D. Lee,
    • Lahaina, HI,
    • Feb 24, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I attended one of the free seminars, and after three hours, I signed up for the three day workshop, and gave them my credit card, but on one condition. I asked point blank (because I had attended another company's real estate courses, and was frustrated when all they seemed to do was offer more expensive training $20K to $50K), and wanted to know if Scott Yancey's course was the same. I told them I was a senior living off Social Security with a disability, and cannot afford to go further in debt. The presenters told me that no, Yancey's course does not do that. After I had given them my money, the registration was never properly processed, and I never received my passwords to the real estate website, or a welcome call. When I called the company, I could never get a hold of someone who could actually help me, and no one returned my calls. I then looked at the website, and I saw that they do sell expensive packages for $20K and more. So the presenters LIED at the free seminar! When I finally did talk to someone at the company, and told them about the misrepresentation, the registration problem, and the lack of customer service, but he was very rude to me, and told me that he would authorize a credit back, but he told me to never waste his company's time, and to never attend another seminar again!

    Here it is again, February 2016, and the TV is blasting ads to meet the Yanceys in person, and attend their free seminar. They obviously do not keep good records, as I just received another offer in the mail to attend this free seminar in Maui again. If this company has such poor customer service in handling a three day workshop, just imagine those who spent $20K or more, and are getting such bad customer service. They wasted my time by not telling me the truth.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Deceit! BUYPD, Income Property USA, Scott Yancy Seminar, Insider Cash, Veil, Market Analysis

    • By D Mingo,
    • Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
    • Dec 12, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    Milwaukee resident that attended and invested in this conference.

    Free Conference:

    In August 23, 2014 my husband and I attended Free Scott Yancey real estate conference. There we got some insights on real estate investing, however, there was a constant push to purchase the 3 day conference where you would learn how to turn deals and get specialized information. The education they're promoting comes in packages, Gold is $18,997, Platinum is $24,997, Diamond is $29,997. To entice you to buy more expensive packages they split the training classes so the ones you want are in higher costing packages. We didn't buy the package then but we did pay $1997 for the 3-day conference.

    3-Day Conference:

    We attended that conference in October 2014, they gave us a little more good information but continued to push buying the packages. You are told this education is equivalent to education you would get in school so the cost is equivalent to a college education so it's worth it. You heard that message at every conference you attended. They promoted using your IRA money to buy property, they use a company called AccuPlan. AccuPlan is a self-direct IRA company. I have spent a lot of my IRA just in their fees for processing checks and wiring money, etc.! They further promote using someone else's cash to do deals. They use a company called Insider Cash. Depending on which package you buy, they offer you access to Insider Cash's money which is a LOAN that you pay back at a low interest rate to make your real estate deals. However, if you get the money and can't close in a short time then the rate goes up.

    Homework at 3-day Conference:

    Identify all possible lines of credit and call to extend limits (credit cards, loans, friends, family, etc.). We finally bought into it and pulled money from everywhere to buy a modified version of the diamond package with a mentor so we spent $32,000, maxed out all credit cards. Stupid - YES! But we trusted them and wanted to invest in real estate.

    3 Day Asset Buying Summit Retreat in Las Vegas (was also included in the Gold and Platinum):

    We went to Las Vegas. Keep in mind you have paid for a package so they are NOT giving you anything.

    Homework at Buying Summit:

    Look into IRA money - 401k, etc. They will convert it for you into self-directed IRA.

    What happened next - BUYER BEWARE:

    We were told that BuyPD has special properties that they had already made the repairs on, they were the best for the area. They had been inspected and had property managers and tenants already setup for us. They were GOOD investment properties - we were getting special access to these properties since we bought this package. NOT TRUE. Not good properties.

    We bought land, property in St Louis, and a note, with all our IRA money and Insider Cash money (which is a loan we need to pay back in 3 years).

    We found out that the property inspection reports were FALSE. Both properties needed repairs. The property manager had not taken care of repairs, my husband's place had no tenant and no one wanted to rent it in that condition. We found a new property manager and just got a tenant into this property after a year later! My property JUST passed the city inspection due to outstanding violations almost a year after purchasing it. The bills are still coming in, even today I got another bill I have to figure out how to pay. We found out we paid more than we should have for the property. BuyPD was NOT helpful in any resolutions at all. The companies are all connected.

    We paid almost 3x the amount for the land in Florida that BUYPD entity partners paid for it.

    This is a high level of the story, it is far worse than this and we are not the only ones that have had bad experiences. I have gotten so many emails from people from around the world that have similar stories.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Don't Take the LEAP

    • By Amy,
    • FL,
    • Oct 3, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    We attended a "Free" seminar in our local town a few years ago. My husband was about to retire and we were looking for a new business venture. The weekend class sounded great. It was an investment ($3k) but not totally out of line. We attended a few weeks later and fell victim to the largest and most costly mistake of our lives. We signed up for the Vegas week-long course to the tune of ($20k) which included our plane tickets and accommodations for 4.

    We further dug our financial grave by purchasing 4 rental properties in Michigan and 1 note. Within 45 days of returning home, we realized we had made a mistake. But really we didn't realize the enormity of the mistake until about 6 months later. The houses were supposedly rented to quality renters, section 8 ready (meaning they were in great shape) and they were income producing properties. NEGATIVE, the property manager was awful, the properties were in awful shape and had constant issues. The tenants were a disaster.

    In the end, we did a deed in lieu of foreclosure on all 4 properties and had to take the other property that we did the note on with a deed in lieu. Buy PD was nice enough to "buy" it back from us for what was owed.

    We feel this is the scheme. They put on a great show. Sell you an overpriced house for 20% cash down, hard money loan at 12% with huge promises. After 6-8 months it becomes clear there is no way it's a cash producing property and you are just looking for a way out. You take a $1000 for a deed in lieu of foreclosure. The person who loaned the money is freaking because what are they going do with the house & they buy it back for the 80% they loaned. They turn around and sell it again for a full price and get the next unsuspecting fool who is willing to put up 20%.

    It's a Ponzi scheme, don't fall victim. We lost a lot of money and will now have to work many more years.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Typical bait and switch

    • By Troy,
    • Minnesota,
    • Jun 27, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I was hopeful for some meaningful training, but what a joke. Lets start from the beginning.

    So I went to the evening sales pitch to buy a 3-day real estate training package. I purchased the $1000 retail for $200 on sale where they promised to teach how to find deals below market. How to find buyers, and for access to their funding for these deals. This package was to come with the "deal desk" and lifetime customer support. I assumed they would also sell advanced packages at this training, and for $200 I was confident I could learn something worth my while.

    At the first morning of the 3 day training, I quickly thumbed through the 200 page manual I received, and to my disappointment it was 99% motivational speaking. This motivation was to get you to buy the advanced training package for $20,000!

    So I paid for a 3-day training on real estate and I got a 3-day sales pitch and motivational training to buy an advanced package.

    I was misled, lied to, and jerked around as this was pure bait and switch.

    After the class I asked the instructor to clarify the section where they claimed to fulfill all the promises of teaching us what they claimed they would. I said I must have missed the part on how we find deals below market - he repeated what he said in class "use bird dogs, your mailman and local pizza delivery guys". Say what? That's your big education, the mailman is supposed to notify me of deals below market? How does he know it's below market, how does he know it's even for sale? That was the lamest answer I have ever heard.

    They required us to read "who moved my cheese" and the next day we talked about this for an hour. Who's personality did ours match with best in the book? How can we improve ourselves? Etc.

    I wasn't there for motivational speaking. Where is the real estate info? There was none, but boy were there promises that you would get that info in the $20,000 training package.

    I was given these same promises for this 3 day training. So you lied to me once, why do you think I would trust you a second time. But that's where the motivational speaking gets you going, you want it to be true, they keep aggressively pushing and convincing the herd of sheep that they can become rich beyond their wildest dreams if they buy the advanced training. The instructor shows a picture of his 1.5 million dollar condo on the gulf coast, blah, blah, blah.

    I felt sorry for the people that were gullible enough to fall for this crap.

    The training may be worth it, I don't know and I will never know, because I will not do business with people that lie to me.

    I can't believe companies like this can survive, but then again there is a sucker born every minute.

    As proof I am willing to show you the manual I received and the list of advanced classes and prices. You can look for yourself to determine if there was any real estate training provided in this 3-day class.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Sheraton Riverwalk Seminar in Tampa, Florida

    • By Dennis Walls,
    • Avon Park, Florida,
    • Jun 1, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I just left the seminar that was held at The Sheraton in Tampa, Florida. I personally believe they should be ashamed of themselves. They are bilking money from people, whom are, in many cases, in dire straits financially (much like myself), by making promises that through their seminars that they could help them achieve financial independence by the funding of Real Estate Deals, and without worry regarding the LLC because the partners would be there for those that signed up (at a cost of between $250-$350). Then they turn around and tell those same people that either they come up with $595 (only a small amount available) to purchase the LLC (at your representatives cost) or end up paying $5000 if you don't take the opportunity.

    I suffered a brain stroke April 25th. I now have no income or job. I was the sole provider of my family and I had to pay all of my bills with the available credit that I had. I saw their program as a possible way to, not just to meet my financial obligations, but make a better way of life for my family. What was their solution in this case? To call my Credit Card companies and ask them to UP my credit so that I might be able to afford to be a part of THE POWER TEAM, Purchase Software, Purchase the LLC, Fund Deals, etc.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Live Wealth-Building Even with Scott Yancey and his wife Aimee

    • By Doria,
    • Ohio,
    • Sep 13, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    My husband and I registered for this Wealth Building Real Estate Event to see Scott Yancey and learn about flipping houses. First the infomercial showed people sitting at tables with table clothes during the event. Then the infomercial says don't forget you get free lunch and it shows a big hot buffet with everyone with plates serving themselves. Then the next line says every one will received a flash stick with learning material, a MP3 and the first 50 people will receive laptop computers.

    We signed up hoping to learn something so we could live comfortably since most of our 401K was used up to pay for bills. A few days before the event started a person calls me and wants to know if we want to upgrade to the VIP level for only $10 per person. I said no which was good, as when we got there the only thing the $10 would have gotten you was a lanyard with a name tag and a paperback book about flipping houses and the ability to go in the event hall a few minutes early.

    So after the VIP's went in we went in. We still got a seat in the second row and the VIP were scattered around the room. The only thing beside the book and the lanyard the VIP got was permission to go and get hot coffee next to the front door. The ones that didn't pay the $10 just got cold water with no ice. But most of the people got the coffee anyway as no one was standing there to chase you away if you were not a VIP.

    At the beginning of the program we were told by the gentleman from Yancey's company who was the speaker to wait until the end of the program to ask any questions. He said some of his people couldn't make it as there was a delay on the airplane. He also said usually they have more time in a rented hall but this time they had to make it short since the Hilton didn't give them enough time for the whole presentation. So he wanted to know if it was all right with us if he could speed through the course to make up for the time. We all said yes.

    It was supposed to be 90 minutes long per the infomercial. We never got the see Mr. Yancey at all. There was a lot of up selling. They wanted us to pay $1997 for the primary person and $497 for a second person for the 3 day event to learn more about flipping houses. But if we signed up that day and only that day, they would drop it to $997 and a second person could get the same thing for free. Nope too much money for our pocket. They also said we could have financing if we put $500 down and made 12 monthly payment on the balance. And when we made our first sale they would give us the $1000 back.

    Now remember the hot lunch that was mentioned in the infomercial? About 2pm we got a boxed lunch with a croissant turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich, a bag of Lays potato chip and a chocolate cookie ,and nothing to drink except for that water without ice. They gave us about 5 minutes to eat, trying to hold the box on our lap and eat the sandwich all at once. Not happy. The sandwich was good.

    Then another guy came up and started talking to us about trading and buying stocks and again that would cost us $997 for the primary person and $297 for the second person for a 2 day program. And normally even that was $1997, but again if we got it right now we could get it for the $997. Again we couldn't afford it.

    Well, all and all we didn't learn much. The were no laptop given away, not even a mention of them. We did get a DVD about flipping and the MP3 player, but not the paperback book since we didn't pay the $10 per person upgrade. And in my email conformation it say "Free Gifts: 2 Valuable Resource Discs, Scott's Best-Selling Book Laptop Computer." We didn't get 2 resource discs we only got one, no book and no laptop computer.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • A scam from the start

    • By Fred Young,
    • GA,
    • Oct 29, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    You CANNOT trust a company when they start to lie to you from the start, in their "Free Seminar". Just attended their Dinner Free Seminar last night and want to warn anyone who is planning to attend.

    Their TV ad shows the free seminar will give you the following:

    1. Ad shows - how to earn money. Reality - a sales pitch for a $1197 3-days retreat, and a $297 stock investing workshop.

    2. Ad shows - hot food buffet. Reality - a box sandwich, small apple, cereal bar; not even soda or bottle water.

    3. Ad shows - a really nice MP3 player. Reality - a 1" x 1.5" cheap plastic 'player', has not worked yet for me.

    4. Ad shows - a Scott Yancey CD consists of tips. Reality - yes, I got a CD, will not watch it as I am already disappointed with their promises.

    5. Ad shows - a USB drive. Reality - No, did not receive one.

    6. When I called to register for the seminar that is holding in GA right now, they told me each person will receive a tablet. Reality - No tablet. The brochure has a fine print that it is a prize selected by a 3rd party. And it is up to them to deliver the promise.

    Here is the program for the evening:

    1. Sell you their 3 days seminar for $1,197.

    2. Then you get your box sandwich.

    3. Then sit thru another hour of speech to sign up for a stock investing class.

    4. Then you receive this cheap 10 cents MP3 player.

    So if you want to sit through a 3 1/2 hours of selling pitches and receive a $5 box meal and a 10 cents MP3 player that may not work, then do sign up and go.

    This has put such a bad taste in my mouth I will not be watching Scott's show anymore, nor anything he will be selling.

    BTW: I feel ALL the 5 stars positive reviews here are fake. They are short with not much details.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Fraud

    • By Steve Carrico,
    • Springfield, VA,
    • Mar 4, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    Unfortunately, my girlfriend got suckered into going to their three day workshop and like a fool I went with her. The main lie they started with us how we would be reach if stuck with them.

    Then we had to read a brainwashing short story (50 pages) about how we could be rich only if we tried their thirty thousand dollar seminar in Las Vegas. I didn't want anything to do with it. They had already stole $2,000.00 from her and then they pushed us into getting as many credit cards as we could. Before you know it, we put $20,000.00 on a credit card. I tried to get my money back from the start and they have refused a refund. I can't afford it and don't have the money to pay this credit card bill. I'm being charged a penalty and interest and that is costing me over $150.00 a month alone. They should be put in jail for using people as their bait. I want to sue!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Warning to every one – do not waste your hard earned money.

    • By Sam,
    • Georgia, Atlanta,
    • Sep 28, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    It start like this:

    1. At the hotel during the free seminar a very confidant spokesman tell you buy the course for $2000 and your money well be given back to you in form of discount on your first deal.

    2. At the work shop another lovely spokesman will talk about real estate in the first day with a lot of stories about successful people and put you in the money mode and dreams. And for the two days he will talk about education in real estate and how it's important to make money. Then in sleazy way he confines you to buy one of there packages silver, gold or platinum: $18000, $24000, $30000. (You well get a call from them to sell you what they call  Inner Circle for $15000.)

    3. With your package is a trip to Vegas in very cheap way – from airline to the hotel. And remember, you can negotiate anything with them, just tell them you have $5000 for the Platinum package and you well have it.

    4. In Vegas, all the 5 days are spent promoting you to buy more services from their companies, up to $10000.

    5. Last day is what they call the Buying Summit. They have big inventory of lands in Florida and properties in Detroit they will sell to you after they mark it up. Old people and desperate people – those are the ones they hunt for.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Scam

    • By Tracee Walker,
    • Pineville, Louisiana,
    • Nov 5, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    It was a crock of crap! No free digital camera, no free tablet on site. Read the fine print! They want over $2500 for them to "train" you. Four hours later is when you find out what a waste of time it was!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Real Estate Workshop

    • By Leisha,
    • Greenville, NC,
    • Feb 26, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I do not recommend this, it is only a sales gimmick to get more money. You get what you pay for, not! I wasted $200 for the three day class to learn that they wanted more money to teach me the things I need. They showed a great website that was free for the first month, then automatically deducts thereafter, however, it costs more to get the complete website.

    Then you pay $49 at the free seminar, for a workshop to teach you investments. Guess what, a stock workshop is what it is called. I have requested a refund to this, because after reading about it, they only want more money for investing. However, I cannot get a straight answer as to getting my money back. I spoke to representative, and they said they would email me the next day. He said I would need to respond to the email, but I have received no email. I sent them six emails, and have yet to get anything other then what he told me before. His email states he is out of the office until the following Monday, which is after the workshop.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Run! Don't waste $80,000 out of pocket.

    • By CS,
    • Minnesota,
    • Jun 4, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    They will tell you these reviews are fake. They are NOT. Take head and listen. They are smooth talking, suit wearing frauds and have sold fraudulent property. They charge you $197 for each of their products and they sound fabulous. Wrong!

    Never sign up with them. $80K out of pocket. I ruined my credit rating, Options IQ, Invested IQ Tax Sentry, Veil, Safeguard, Accuplan and their BUYPD, which did sell property, they did not even OWN. They lie through their teeth. Visit your local real estate investment clubs, associations (REIA, REC) or a real estate meetup if you want to flip houses. Yancey has enough money and as sure as heck doesn't need yours too.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Hidden Costs

    • By Lisa,
    • Atlanta, GA,
    • Jul 31, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I attended an introductory Scott Yancey seminar on July 25, 2015. The first speaker wasted no time in revealing the fact that everyone needed to sign up to attend the 3-day "retreat" for $1,997. He said everything couldn't be covered in one day, and you would get your money back after your first deal. I thought the sales pitch sounded reasonable, and that there was no way I could lose my investment.

    Here is my issue: Since the speaker was so "honest" and forthcoming about the sales pitch to hook you for the $1,997 seminar, why couldn't he have shared ALL of the costs up front? I almost signed up for the 3-day program, but my boyfriend asked me to wait. He told me that Scott Yancey's people would not turn down my money if I called them to pay for the "retreat" later. My boyfriend wanted me to go online and do some research first. I'm so glad I had him with me. After my research, I found out about some of the hidden costs they hit you with at the 3-day retreat.

    If the program is completely legitimate, why not inform the participants about ALL of the educational fees up front? I would have been so upset if I had spent almost $2,000 to learn real estate strategies at a three day event, only to be told at the $2,000 event that in order to really, really get the "real deal" information I would have to enroll in yet ANOTHER event for the low-low price of $30,000!

    Run! Save your time. Save your money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Don't do it

    • By Michael,
    • San Jose, CA,
    • Apr 14, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    First of all, that's me in the video testimony. But I NEVER attended a Scott Yancey program. The description of his program is identical to another that my ex wife and I did attend. We spent thousands of dollars and a lot of hard work. My advice – STEER CLEAR! These programs shouldn't be legal. While there is some good information, they will sell you in circles and leave you with empty pockets.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • High-Pressure Rip Off!

    • By Linda,
    • Houston, TX,
    • Jul 20, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    We took the Yancey seminar over a year ago. We went to the free event and were given high-pressure "encouragement" to sign up for the next level of training, the 3-day event for $2,000. BUT WAIT, there's more! They also tried to get everyone to sign up for a tax liens program, which was about $1,000 more, as I recall. We suckered for the three-day event.

    Pressure doesn't begin to describe the experience. We left every day exhausted to the bone. At the end of three days, in what I can only describe as mind-numbed stupidity, we bought into a program for $42,000 (yes, you got that right!). This included the 3-day Boots on the Ground training in Houston, as well as a trip to Las Vegas for a two-day Buying Summit. We were pressured to charge these amounts to credit cards if we didn't have cash because it would more than pay for itself. They were also more than willing to spread the expenses over numerous credit cards if that's what was necessary to pay for the training, because, of course, it would be paid back in no time with a lot of extra income left over.

    We were later contacted, and pressured, by Yancey's group about joining "The Inner Circle" which would entail ANOTHER $10,000-$20,000 investment for even MORE great benefits! We did not, I'm delighted to say, fall for joining the inner circle. To be fair, the Boots on the Ground training was useful, however, much of the time, the topics were w-a-y above our novice real estate investment understanding. Since we signed up for the highest level of training, we also received brief one-on-one training in Houston that was useful because we had an opportunity to really pick an established real estate investor's brain to our hearts content.

    Flash back to the present, more than a year later, still no deals.

    If you want to learn about real estate investing, I have two recommendations.

    Sign up for Cody Sperber's Fast Track Profit System. (Google it. There's a free webcast, I'm sure.) For a few HUNDRED dollars (not many thousands) you will receive a truly useful real estate education that you can go back and watch again and again for different points of interest. The program is fully web-based, and self-paced, and has many, many modules on a full complement of real estate education topics. I am convinced you truly could succeed in real estate investing with lots of personal drive and the education and tools provided in the Fast Track.

    To be fair, if you purchase the Fast Track, you WILL be contacted about buying step-up programs which are more expensive, but certainly nothing near Yancey's rape and pillage routine. We did buy a more extensive program after spending a lot of time reviewing the Fast Track Program and feel like it was all money well spent. We do believe we can, and will, succeed in investing with what Cody provides.

    My second recommendation is to go to your local real estate investment club. Here in Houston, we have numerous clubs and attend one regularly. THAT's where you'll find those cash buyers you so desperately need to work the deals you come up with. You can also find a local mentor, should you decide you want one. You'll also be able to pick up reliable contractors if you decide to do rehabbing.

    To sum it up, DON'T fall for Yancey's pressure. If you want to dip your feet into the real estate investment pool, start out with a few hundred dollar investment like the Fast Track. (Maybe there are other programs out there like it, that's just the one we work with, and where we have found people who truly care about our investment success.) And ABSOLUTELY, go to your local REI club! You'll learn a ton about your local market and, if it's like Houston, the investors in the area will be more than happy to help you succeed if you are truly willing to work and dedicate yourself to it.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Poor seminar

    Overall Experience:

    I signed up for the seminar. Scott and wife were supposed to be there as advertised on TV and were not. I was also promised free complimentary gifts, which I did not get. Also lunch at half-time was not given. Got very upset as they strung us along. I would not recommend this seminar to anyone. These are just sales people giving you the old pitch similar to vacation timeshares. They are just trying to sell you a short course at a very expensive rate!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • I am out $150,000. DO NOT DO THIS.

    Overall Experience:

    I was sucked into the Inner Circle to spend thousands of dollars to get cheesy lessons how to use Zillow. Then we were promised properties at the Las Vegas Summit would be pennies on the dollar fully rehabbed with a property manager and well-screened tenant. My property in a Detroit suburb and my partner's property in Alabama were not rehabbed, as we found out months later. After signing for a partial payment towards my repairs from BuyPD there was a clause stating I'd never go back to them for anything else, including tuition expenses. My tenant didn't last, my property manager didn't last, I was stuck with water bills, rehab costs were now $11,000 because my copper piping and a/c were stolen, I had squatters in the house and had to call the police. I live in Colorado so finding anyone to do anything in Michigan is nearly impossible. This became such a money pit so I put it up for sale. I paid $47,900 with a huge loan origination charge, which put me to $55,000. A year and a half later this money pit is now only worth $20,000. I am having no offers on my house and don't know how to pay BuyPD. I can't refinance the loan for $38,600 because the house was never worth that much in the first place. I found out they paid $30,000 two months before selling it to me for $47,900. Now they want to refinance again for 5 years at 9%. I would never pay this off nor would I ever have positive cash flow. They won't take the property back either. They are nothing but liars and cheaters! I can't sleep at night wondering how much more money I have to spend on this piece of crap.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Waste of my time

    Overall Experience:

    I wish I found these reviews prior to making a road trip for nothing. I signed up with the seminar and actually got excited because I have wanted to attend one for a while.

    I had to sign up for an evening seminar because I hold a job driving a school bus. On the day of the seminar I ended my route, jumped in my car, drove 100 miles since it was the closest with the evening meeting, only to arrive and be handed a card for some free gift and told oh the room is full and you have to sign up for some other meeting. Well I was stunned. I drive all that distance only to be told I can't enter with a ticket I had reserved. The gentleman that gave me such wonderful news said well I can tell you what it's about. Ok what. It's a high pressure sales pitch to sell me some 2200 dollar program. Well kiss my... is all I could say. I'm out 3 hours in the road and gas for the trip.

    Stay away, it's all B.S.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Refund after attending 3 day seminar?

    • By Reynard,
    • Minneapolis, MN,
    • Jul 2, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    Has anyone had success getting a refund after attending the 3 day Scott Yancey seminar? I recently paid $1997 for training at the 3 day event, and it absolutely did not fulfill promises made at the free introductory event. I feel totally ripped off, and can document the unfulfilled promises. If anyone has successfully challenged this, perhaps by getting a chargeback from their credit card company, please post with details.

    The main speaker at the seminar spent the vast majority of his time "conditioning" attendees to spend $30,000, rudely belittling them as losers if they didn't sign on.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Another rip off

    Overall Experience:

    I attended the free seminar where we were told of services that we would have access to if we went to the 3 day "retreat" for $1997.00. I fully expected that we would be asked a fee for additional "training" and that a "guru" that knew what he was doing would be able to help me so I went ahead and paid the initial amount.

    You are paying $1997.00 to sit through a hard sell commercial for 3 days trying to sell you an additional $30,000 retreat in Vegas. However, after the initial 3 day "retreat", you were suppose to get access to the services. The way things were put to us at the free seminar was that these services would be ours to have at or after the $1997.00 retreat. You may learn a couple of things and get a couple of services but nothing worth a couple of grand and nothing that is going to help you in real estate. What this will teach you the most is that predators come after your money and sometimes even some "celebrities" using their name as a guru in a field of expertise will have no problem going after hard working peoples money.

    Day one of the "retreat" had Deano telling everyone needed to change their way of thinking from consumer to investor. This went on and on and was repeated some 14 times in a couple of hours. It got old fast. I was still waiting for something of substance to be told to us. Maybe an hour that day was spent doing that talking about flips. A couple of more hours go by and he is still rambling on about how thinking needs to change and how everyone here in the "class" was in the same boat basically as failures. It is said early on that the $30000 will be needed to be in the Diamond category. I still would not have issue for asking for more money for "extra" services but this was not in any way told to us at the free seminar. It is deceitful. Another red flag was that they didn't really want people in the class "networking" because no one in the room knew how to do deals. In fact I and several others there had done deals. Just not their way. The real reason that they don;t want the "class" talking with each other is they might start talking about how this is bogus. Another red flag is there was talk from Dean and Darrin of family and what they meant to them and missing their families while on the road. Really ? Then why aren't they working "the system" that they keep talking about is so great, instead of here trying to hard sell people ? They could be at home letting their "power team" work for them and enjoying time with their families and not out on the road away from their families. Hmm

    The "system" if true to what they say is a no way you can fail system. Basically they do it all for you from providing investors lists, properties already paid for and software to track everything and print reports to get investors etc...You literally could not fail if it is all true. But why the deceitful tactics if legit? Interestingly, a pie chart is presented about what I guess they consider success with 60% of all people who go to the $30000 event doing at least one deal. They don;t say what kind of deal nor whether they were profitable. This could even include a tax lien (which you can purchase very cheaply) Another 30% are working on getting a deal (whatever that means). The other 10% fell into categories of giving up or other things taking them away from this "system". Also, if they have the investor list for every county in the nation and properties to sell to the investors then why make this great system open to us? The company could handle it all easily.

    I feel bad for the ones that go forward because most their at this thing looked like they could use some real help financially and it was brought up many times that people should get every bit of money they have to go to this thing even if it meant selling the car and mortgaging the home maxing out all credit cards cash in IRA etc... I am sure that those who go to Vegas and be asked for some kind of being an insider fee or something.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • A Lying Scheme

    • By Mary Dyer,
    • North Carolina,
    • Apr 6, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    Do not do this if your money is important to you. The money they talk about are loans unless you can find a cash buyer. Based on my opinion, they are using people to make money and not caring about the condition of the person. They don't care that they are taking thousands of dollars out of the pockets of people who can ill afford to give up their money. The hard sell, pushy salesmen, half truths and demanding that you make a decision on the spot makes this a scheme and not a business opportunity. Don't do it!! I'm telling you, don't do it. The only reason I gave it a one was because I had to.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Same Old Song & Dance

    • By Randy,
    • SF Bay Area,
    • Jun 17, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I attended the free event advertised so extensively by Scott & Aimee Yancey. It appears that the Yanceys are only lending their picture and names to this seminar promotion in order to entice people to sign up for it since it is actually being conducted by some company known as Abundance EDU. This is misleading since the television infomercials make it look like the Yancey's themselves would be hosting and teaching this seminar. I sat through the entire presentation and didn't find anything new or earth-shattering about what they are offering. As a seasoned investor, I would recommend saving your money by avoiding the Yancey events.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Highway Robbery

    • By Shelly Toure,
    • Cleveland OH,
    • Jun 13, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I ignored all of the red flags and there were plenty. Once they know that you have the finances at your disposal to invest in their $20,000 - $30,000 additional mentorship program, they try to convince you that you can jump off of a building, spread your arms and fly. They don't screen people to determine who actually has a decent chance of being successful with their program.

    I purchased the diamond program, and attended one day of Boots on the Ground, and afterwards, requested a refund. I was told that Boots on the Ground (a 3 day event ) costs $10,000. Since I attended the first day, they charged me $3000. For sitting in a classroom for 8 hours while someone talked "At" me things that went completely over my head because I could not understand.

    The methods used to sell their services, and con hard working people out of their money is unethical and should be illegal. Someone needs to put a stop to these legalized con artists. I honestly don't know how they sleep at night.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Buyer beware.

    • By Carson W.,
    • Sonoma, CA,
    • Aug 20, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    When walking into the seminar at the Marriott SFO on the 31st of July 2015 I was upset the organizer didn't let me know prior to attending that parking would be $25 per day. I got off site parking for the next two days. As a simple courtesy they could have advised attendees about this additional cost.

    The seminar speaker, Stephen Libman, from Montreal is an independent contractor hired by "Performance Education", "Abundance Education" or whatever they call themselves, to motivate attendees to "invest" $30K of their hard earned funds in "additional education" in order to reap "greater rewards" in real estate; there are no guarantees as to what these might be.

    Stephen charges up to $9500 for a full day seminar of six hours. (He must have been paid more for this one since the session went on for more than 8 hours on each of the three days I attended). These numbers come from his website which clearly states his fees.

    Calculating the gross income to the "education" company, you can figure right around $80K ($2K x 40 attendees approximately), so it's conceivable that Stephen could easily have made close to $30K for the 3 day "seminar" leaving the company plenty left over to pay expenses and still have a nice profit.

    Stephen is a great motivator providing many examples of his own success but he isn't the average Joe. The examples he provides of his success in real estate are to some degree very complicated and unless you know what you're doing, which most of us didn't, there's no way we'd have the same abilities to achieve the same results. I do not begrudge Stephen, his talent as a public speaker and motivator.

    What I object to are the implied promises if you proceed to take the "Boots on the Ground" program with the "Buying Summit" in Las Vegas. No promises are given but if you fork out the $30K you're assured of getting a mentor and able to build a team to help you succeed in real estate. After I'd signed up and committed to the $30K I wondered if the "company" was so successful, why didn't they have a team of people to do what they said we could do, only then the profits for the "company" would be quite substantial rather than "sharing" them with others. It didn't make much sense. After 48 hours I had buyer's remorse and decided to cancel and they proceeded to refund my monies which they did promptly.

    If one wishes to become a real estate investor, he/she should get educated. Jumping into something like this without doing due diligence is like jumping out of a plane with no parachute. $30K is the cost of a new car. I was going to finance this on a 0% credit card. But what if I didn't reap the rewards that were implied? Think first, don't be moved by emotion or future thoughts of wealth. That's ridiculous. "Boots on the Ground"? No, feet first on the ground and use your head before making a compulsive decision that can cause you considerable pain.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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