About Secret Cinch

Secret Cinch is an iron-on piece of fabric touted by its inventor Jennifer Higgens who claims it will close this “gap,” saving you embarrassment and make you feel more confident. “Don’t you hate it when gap happens?” asks the commercial for Secret Cinch. They’re not talking about the clothing line – they mean the exposed area of the lower back when you bend or stoop in tight fitting pants or dresses.

But will Secret Cinch really help keep your pants in place? Let’s take a look at their claims and see for ourselves whether it’s really all it’s “crack”ed up to be.

How Secret Cinch Works

Secret Cinch is a small piece of stretchable fabric with an iron-on adhesive, adjustable strap, and button. They claim it’s machine washable and tailored to fit pants, skirts, shorts, jeans, and more. They add you can put it on your kids’ uniforms and shorts to help keep their pants in place as well.

To use Secret Cinch, they say to iron onto the inside back of the pants or dress that are giving you problems. Then adjust the strap. The next time you are at the office reaching for the lower filing cabinet, your derrière is completely covered.

Secret Cinch Orders Include:

  • 3 Secret Cinchers
  • 1 roll Secret Hem Tape
  • Your order doubled “free” (extra S&H)

Secret Cinch Pricing and Returns

They say Secret Cinch sells for $10 plus shipping and handing, but they fail to disclose the amount of those fees. In addition, they claim your order of 3 Secret Cinchers and 1 roll Secret Hem Tape is automatically doubled “free” but add additional undisclosed processing to your order. They say you have 30 days to try Secret Cinch and if you don’t like it, you can return for your $10 back, but not any of these mysterious fees. (A call to the customer service number listed revealed it was a voicemail. We left a message asking for more information, but it was not returned.)

Our Observation and Review on Secret Cinch

We don’t trust this product. First of all, it seems to be marketed by a pair of companies called On Demand Direct Response and 4232 Media, Inc. We could find very little information other than the fact that On Demand is based in Sherman Oaks, CA and has been in business about a year (as of June 2014) and that Aaron Hutchings is the owner of 4232, based in Canada; there was no BBB information available about either company. Since their customer service number is just a voicemail, that didn’t leave us feeling very confident about their business practices.

Second, they don’t disclose the shipping and handling fees before your order. This makes us suspect they are higher than they should be. It should be noted that whatever these fees are, they are non-refundable even if you return Secret Cinch. Chances are, according to our experience, they will total more than the retail price of the product itself.

In conclusion, we feel you will be seriously disappointed with Secret Cinch either in the product itself or in dealing with customer service for a return. If you are having a “crack problem” and really want to try this product, we suggest you at least wait until it is available from a more reputable retailer (Walgreens, Amazon, etc.) that will disclose their shipping fees and offer no-hassle returns. 

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