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Published on: Feb 6, 2014

When compared to the original formula, Sensa Advanced claims to be a “new and improved” formula that helps to better control cravings, while also supporting a healthy metabolism. Like the original Sensa, Sensa Advanced claims to help you lose weight without dieting, and to help provide you with better portion control.

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Sensa Advanced is manufactured by Sensa Products, LLC, and holds a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is based on 117 closed complaints over the past three years. Regarding Sensa Advanced specifically, online customer reviews appear to be primarily negative, with the most common complaints citing failure to work and poor customer service.

How Sensa Advanced Works

Sensa Advanced claims to use “the science of smell and taste to help you recognize when your body says enough is enough!” As a result, the product is claimed to help you feel fuller, and to eat less. However, instead of starving yourself on a diet—which can actually cause your body to retain more fat—Sensa Advanced allows you to eat all your favorite foods; just less of them. And now, when compared to the Regular formula, Sensa Advanced contains chromium, which is claimed to help boost your metabolism.

The company claims that Sensa is “as easy to use as salt and pepper,” and entails a simple 3-step process:

  1. Sprinkle Sensa Advanced “Tastants” on your food immediately prior to eating it.
  2. Eat the foods you love.
  3. Sensa Advanced’s dual action formula will help you lose weight.

According to the product’s website, Sensa Tastants are formulated using ingredients classified as 100% GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA, and do not contain drugs, diuretics, or stimulants. The new Advanced formula contains a stronger blend than the original, and the new key nutrient is chromium, which helps your body better metabolize fats and carbohydrates. Sensa Advanced’s food-based ingredients include: Patented blends of natural and artificial flavors, Maltodextrin (Derived from Corn from the USA), Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, Natural and Artificial Flavors. SENSA® also contains Soy and Milk ingredients. It’s interesting to note that Sensa Advanced does not provide a complete list of all ingredients, which is something we’ll cover in more detail in the final section.

If you sign up for the Sensa Advance membership program (see next section), you’ll receive two shakers each month; one “Salty” shaker, which should be applied to meat, seafood, and pasta, and one “Sweet” shaker, which should be applied to any sugar-based food. After Sensa Advanced has been sprinkled over your food, it should not affect the taste, other than a “subtle enhancement in flavor.”

The complete Sensa Advanced program is intended to last six months, which means you’ll receive six different Sensa blends over this period of time. This is because your body can become resistant to the blends which can reduce their effectiveness, so it’s important that you change blends as directed. After you’ve reached the end of your 6-month program, you can simply start over again. According to the website, “the majority of users lose 9.5 pounds over the course of a single six-month program.

The manufacturer claims that Sensa Advanced is safe for use by the vast majority of individuals. However, it does contain small amounts of soy and/or lactose. As with any nutritional supplement, be sure to consult with your physician before taking. Also, in order to achieve maximum weight loss, Sensa Advanced should be combined with regular exercise and portion control.

To help you remember to sprinkle Sensa Advanced on your food, the company even offers iOS and Android apps.

Sensa Advanced Pricing & Refund Policy

While Sensa Advanced is available through a wide variety of online and offline retailers, including Walmart, Amazon.com, GNC, Costco, and more, you’ll have a couple different buying options if purchased directly through the manufacturer:

  1. Currently, you can receive a 30-day supply of Sensa Advanced for just $4.95 shipping and handling. However, this means you’ll also be signed up for Sensa’s membership program, which means that if you don’t cancel within the first 30 days, your credit card will be charged $89.95 for the original order. In addition, you’ll continue to receive a two-month supply of Sensa every 60 days, and your credit card will be charged accordingly. To cancel your membership at any time, you’ll need to call customer service at (866) 514-2554.
  2. If you’d prefer not to sign up for the membership program, a two-month supply of Sensa Advanced can be purchased for $118, while a six-month supply can be purchased for $354.

Sensa Advanced comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, less shipping and handling charges. Simply call customer service at (866) 514-2554 to begin the process.

Bottom Line: Is Sensa Advanced a Scam?

If you’re thinking that all the claims made by the company seem too good to be true, you may be wondering, “Is Sensa Advanced a scam?” Let’s take a closer look…

First, even though the company claims the patent pending technology in Sensa Advanced is based on intensive research that shows a strong link between “odors and flavors [and] human emotion, mood and behavior,” it should be noted that there is no clinical proof available showing Sensa Advanced works as claimed. In fact, the company bases almost all of their claims on two things:

  1. A non-double blind study performed by Dr. Hirsch himself (the creator of Sensa), which has not been made available for peer review.
  2. According to this, “Hirsch [also] says there was a peer-reviewed study by the Endocrine Society supporting the claim that subjects lost over thirty pounds using Sensa. However, the Endocrine Society says they did not review the study. On ABC's news magazine program 20/20, the Endocrine Society stated they "were surprised and troubled by the promotional nature of his presentation."

Furthermore, Sensa has been the subject of two recent settlements:

  1. A $26 million settlement with the FTC for deceptive advertising practices. From the FTC website: “The FTC charged that California-based Sensa Products, LLC, its parent, and two individuals deceptively advertised that the powdered food additive Sensa enhances food’s smell and taste, making users feel full faster, so they eat less and lose weight, without dieting, and without changing their exercise regime.  The defendants did not have competent and reliable scientific evidence to support these claims, according to the FTC’s complaint.”
  2. Also, Sensa was required to pay $905,000 after the CA Statewide Nutritional Supplement Task Force found the company was making unsubstantiated claims about the supplement, and processing unauthorized charges.

Interestingly, while we don’t know the full details of the FTC settlement, it appears the Sensa website continues to promote basically the same claims, but are now just delivered in a slightly different manner.

Next, neither the Sensa nor Sensa Advanced websites provide a full ingredient list. While some ingredients are listed, others a very generic—such as “artificial flavors”—which could encompass a wide variety of materials, some of which are much better for your health than others.

Finally, keep in mind that both the product and the company appear to have an overwhelmingly negative online reputation. These include complaints about the company’s membership program—which is just a fancy name for an autoship program—and their propensity for making the cancellation/refund process as laborious as possible. Also, as with most nutritional supplements, the most common complaint regarding the product is that it did not work as advertised.

Bottom line: If you’re thinking about trying Sensa to achieve your own weight loss goals, we would recommend saving your money and purchasing a 6-month gym membership instead.

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    • By Tamara B. Busby,
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    Both times I have used the Sensa weight loss program I have met my weight goals. I first tried the program in my 40s and lost 20 lbs in a little over six months. Now in my 60s I am again using the program and losing weight. Don't know what's in it particularly but it works for me.

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