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Sensei Slicer is a new “Japanese inspired chef’s knife” featuring a single bevel edge (it’s sharpened only on one side) that’s 40% sharper than traditional double bevel knives, which will provide effortless cutting, dicing, and slicing.

On top of this, Sensei Slicer uses integrated air holes so food won’t stick to the blade, a mirror finish to prevent rust, and grip dots to improve handling and reduce fatigue. Taken together, this makes Sensei Slicer perfect for carving meat, slicing veggies, and even for slicing bread!

If you’ve spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen, you’re probably already familiar with these types of knives. But if you’re new to the scene (or if you’re thinking about using Sensei Slicer as an inexpensive spare), is it really worth the money? Will it work as well as the company makes it seem? Here, we’ll help you find answers!

To start, let’s talk more about these types of knives.

Are Knives Like Sensei Slicer Effective?

Believe it or not, the answer to this question is a little more complex than it might seem. So let’s quickly break it down:

Sensei Slicer’s Blade Material

First, we’re not told what Sensei Slicer’s blade is made from. Why is this important? Because ceramic-coated knives tend to stay sharper longer than steel knives, but they’re also more brittle so their edges break more easily.

This means that ceramic-coated knives are typically better for cutting soft foods, while steel blades are better for foods like bone-in meats. In either case though, since we’re not told anything about Sensei Slicer’s blade, you can’t know which tasks it’ll be more suited to.

What’s Up With the Holes In Sensei Slicer’s Blade?

Here’s the first part of the Japanese influence in Sensei Slicer’s design. How?

These holes are known as indentations, which are there to help “reduce adhesion of the food to the blade.” In layman’s terms, they help prevent food from sticking. But although they might look cooler, they perform the same basic function as traditional European knives, which feature actual indentations (instead of complete holes).

The short and skinny of it? They’re not really anything special, and you’ll find the same feature in hundreds of other knives (more about this in a second).

Single Bevel vs. Double Bevel Blades

The third (and final) part of this puzzle involves Sensei Blade’s single bevel design. In other words, unlike traditional double bevel knives, Sensei Slicer’s blade is only sharpened on one side, while the opposite side is basically flat.

A diagram showing the difference between and single and double bevel knife edge.​A diagram showing the difference between and single and double bevel knife edge. Image credit: SharpeningSupplies.com

According to the company, this makes Sensei Blade 40% sharper than traditional double bevel knives, although there’s no evidence to support this. But these types of blades might actually help you cut thinner slices.

Are Knives Like Sensei Blade Popular?

In a word? Very. This means that you’ll be able to find these types of knives at most big box and home goods retailers, and thousands more online as well. Sure, you can pay hundreds of dollars for some of these options, but you’ll also find a wide selection for $20 or less.

Want to see for yourself? Try typing the phrase “Santoku knife” into your favorite search engine and watch how many results pull up.

Compared to these other options though, is the Sensei Slicer a solid bargain?

Will You Have To Slice Your Budget To Afford Sensei Slicer?

One Sensei Slicer knife is priced at $14.99 and comes with free shipping. It’ll also come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges, which you can request by calling customer service at (973) 227-3486 extension 0.

So at least from a price perspective, Sensei Slicer seems to be giving the competition a run for their money. What about from a quality perspective?

What Do We Know About Sensei Slicer’s Manufacturer?

Although there wasn’t any company information listed on the Sensei Slicer website, a quick online search of their customer service number revealed that it’s Novel Brands.

Despite the fact that we’ve reviewed nearly 600 ASOTV products here at HighYa, we’ve only encountered this company on a couple occasions with ShinJu Blade and BouDe, both of which remain un-reviewed by customers.

In general though, As Seen on TV products tend to have reputations for not working as advertised and for relatively low quality. Will you experience the same with Sensei Slicer? It’s too early to tell, although we’d definitely recommend keeping it in mind.

Taking everything we’ve learned here and rolling it together (like sushi!), what’s the bottom line about Sensei Slicer?

Will Sensei Slicer Step Up Your Game, Or Leave You Disappointed?

Sure, you’ve got tons of options essentially identical to Sensei Slicer. But they’re price is so low that it’s tempting not to seriously consider giving it a try.

Compared to most other ASOTV products though, at least you won’t lose a hefty amount of money in non-refundable S&H charges if you decide to roll the dice on Sensei Slicer. Sure, you’ll still lose a few bucks shipping it back to the manufacturer if you’re not happy, but ultimately, only you can decide if it’s worth the effort.

If not, we’d strongly recommend checking out local options, which could allow you to put your hands on the knives, feel their quality, and learn a lot more about the product itself before handing over your hard-earned money.

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    Sensei Slicer is a scam!

    • New York, NY,
    • Jan 21, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I ordered the knives but never received them. I sent them the receipt for the purchase, and they ignored it. DON'T purchase!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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