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By Tyler Cooper
HighYa Staff
Published on: Jun 1, 2017

If you’ve been searching for an all in one workout enhancer that allows you to get a full body workout in just about anywhere, the Shape Shifter Max claims to be the solution.

The device features a dual U-shaped design that the makers claim to be effective at working out your abs and core, arms and back, and even your calves and thighs, depending on how you use it.

They also claim that the device is functional and easy to use across a wide spectrum of fitness levels, and that it can be used while standing or sitting, depending on the workout and your personal preference. T

he product features a variable resistance thanks to the supposed alloy springs used at the fulcrum point of the two U-sections, which are supposedly military grade, though we aren’t told specifically what this means.

The Shape Shifter Max offers three levels of resistance in total: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. All in all, the makers of the Shape Shifter Max claim that you can perform over 20 different exercises with the device, all spread across the arms, legs, buns and core.

The product even comes with a bonus instructional DVD to follow along with for home use.

For so many of us, finding the time to get to the gym to exercise can be a constant uphill battle against the host of other daily responsibilities we juggle. Most of us are aware of just how important our health is, but all the same, time allocated to personal fitness always seems to be one of the first things to get cut out when we’re running up against the wire.

Knowing this, a truly all-in-one workout enhancer that could provide a full-body workout in a convenient and compact package would potentially be an attractive offer to those who are looking to for a product to help them take their efforts to the next level.

In order to decide if the Shape Shifter Max truly fits the bill or not, however, we’ll need to dive a bit deeper, looking at how the product claims to work, as well as any scientific evidence that might support the device’s claims.

How Does The Shape Shifter Work?

As we said above, the Shape Shifter Max works by allowing you to choose between three different levels of resistance for the workout you are currently doing. From the looks of the explainer video on the product’s main website, the U-shaped rings on the device click into place in different orientations depending on the desired level of tension. From there, you’ll simply need to work out as you normally would, using the Shape Shifter Max as an aid of sorts.

For instance, if you wanted to use the device while doing crunches, you’d simply set the desired level of resistance by orienting the U-rings, proceeding then to carry out the exercise as you normally would. The idea is that the Shape Shifter Max supports you, allowing you to get more out of your daily workout regimen.

It also looks as though you can get fairly creative with the machine as well, as the explainer video shows a number of different unique exercise ideas that are specifically suited to the Shape Shifter Max’s form factor and design.

All of these workouts certainly look convincing, but is there actually any scientific evidence to support the claims made by the product? Let’s find out.

Is There Scientific Evidence To Support The Claims Made By The Shape Shifter Max?

Taking a look through some of the exercises that are shown being done with the Shape Shifter Max in the product’s explainer video, it looks as though many of them are standard, classic workouts like crunches, pushups, situps, arm curls, and several other conventional positions, all augmented by the device.

In saying this, there is indeed plenty of scientific evidence supporting the claim that these workouts are effective on their own. In fact, exercises such as pushups are largely considered to be one of the best measures of overall physical fitness in the US military and elsewhere around the globe, according to this article by LIVESTRONG.

All of this being said, we do wonder if the Shape Shifter Max can actually improve these sorts of workouts, or if it actually might end up being a detriment instead. Although we weren’t able to find an authoritative source to confirm this, it stands to reason that a device that assists you while you workout could potentially make said workout less effective overall by allowing you to engage your muscles less with each upward movement.

This could reasonably be countered by doing more reps than you normally would, but it’s still something to keep in mind going into a potential purchase. Of course, for some, the simple act of purchasing a workout product might have an emotional benefit underpinning it, in that investing in a product like the Shape Shifter Max might provide the motivation needed to begin working out consistently.

Shape Shifter Max Pricing, Return Policy & Warranty

The Shape Shifter Max is currently not available in stores, and is sold exclusively through the product’s main website. It is available now for 2 payments of $19.95, plus a $6.99 p&h fee. The manufacturer notes that while most orders ship within two weeks of the purchase date, some will take up to six weeks, depending on demand.

The Shape Shifter Max comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, less shipping & handling. In order to initiate a return, it looks as though you’ll need to reach out to customer support at customerservice@nationalexpresstv.com. The company doesn’t appear to have a phone number to reach out to, so you’ll need to go through email for any and all concerns or questions.

Finally, the product includes a lifetime warranty on all manufacturer defects. This, they state, does not include any damage from excessive use or abuse of the device, which is important to note.

Are There Similar Products Available Elsewhere?

Taking a look around the web, there’s no questioning that there are dozens of different “As Seen On TV” workout products out there in the wild today. Many of them offer completely different designs compared to the Shape Shifter Max, but some offer very similar functions.

For instance, a quick look around the web for portable ab, arm, or calf machines showed us that many of these devices also include variable resistance levels, some even providing more than the three offered with the Shape Shifter Max.

However, little-to-none featured its ultra-compact size and portable weight, which could be important depending on your specific needs.

Price-wise, the vast majority--although not all--of these options were more expensive than Shape Shifter Max.

While Shape Shifter Max was too new at the time of our research for any feedback, many of these competitors had hundreds of confirmed, happy reviews on sites such as Amazon, along with tons of community answered questions that delve into intricate details on how they work, who might enjoy them, and more. We’d advise taking this into account when considering any product.

If you are simply looking for a device to do provide a simplistic, straightforward function at a lower price, the Shape Shifter Max might be ideal. If you’re looking for deeper, more versatile functionality (although perhaps less portability), it might be a good idea to continue exploring the various options available online.

The Bottom Line: Is Shape Shifter Max A Good Buy?

Bringing everything that we’ve learned about the Shape Shifter Max into focus, we can clearly see that the device offers a fairly straightforward concept to its potential customers.

The simplistic design and attractive benefits certainly seem like they would appeal to a wide audience, and the device should, in theory, be able to live up to the claims that are provided by its makers.

Having said that, without testing the system out for ourselves, and without the plethora of reviews that some competing products enjoy, we can’t say the above with full certainty.

At the end of the day, it will be up to you to determine if the Shape Shifter Max is worth the purchase or not based on your unique lifestyle and fitness needs.

To that end, we’ve also learned that many other products offer similar functions and features to the Shape Shifter Max--some even offer deeper functionalities and customization.

So, if having the most versatile machine is important to you, you needn’t stop your search right here. There are a multitude of other products to choose from out there that might serve you better overall.

Should you decide to give the Shape Shifter Max a try, you have a 90-day return policy to utilize in order to take it for a test drive, so to speak. Just keep this in mind that you’ll lose original and return S&H charges, and we feel the chances are moderately high that you’ll have a pleasant experience.

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