About Shed Off

Shed Off is an attachment to your vacuum they say will put an end to messy shedding from your dog or cat. They tout its adjustable comb works on all hair lengths and types and claim it will leave your animal’s coat shiny, clean, and odor-free.

Shed Off is brought to you by an unknown company with no BBB-accreditation or rating. The website is created by Digital Target Marketing, an online marketing services company for the home inventor.

How Shed Off Works

Shed Off looks like a giant grey handled brush with an attachment on top for a standard vacuum. To use, simply attach to the hose and choose the hair length (Curly, Short, Long.) Turn on the vacuum and begin grooming your animal like you would with an ordinary brush.

As you brush, they say Shed Off will remove both the top coat as well as the undercoat where they say shedding hair collects. They claim Shed Off is equipped with what they call Ionic Technology, which they say works like a magnet to attract dust, dirt, as well as reduce odors. They claim it works instantly to remove loose hair and any other objects stuck in your pet’s fur. They tout Shed Off helps you vacuum away shedding hair and get rid of the mess.

They say pets love shed off because it doesn’t cut hair, just removes what’s shedding, leaving them feeling healthy and comfortable.

A Shed Off order comes with:

  • One Shed Off attachment
  • One “free” (extra S & H)

Shed Off Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They state Shed Off sells for $14.95 plus $7.95 S & H, but they automatically add another $7.95 S & H for the “free” one, making it $15.90 for shipping, totaling $30.85 for 2 Shed Offs. They promise to ship your Shed Offs within 30 days of purchase. Once you receive the Shed Offs, you have 30 days to try them. If you decide you don’t want them, contact the company for a return authorization and ship them back on your own dime; in addition you will not be getting your $15.90 in fees back.

Bottom Line: Is Shed Off a Scam?

We think the product works as advertised, but it’s quite expensive for a simple vacuum attachment. It claims that similar professional grooming brushes are twice as expensive, but a quick online search reveals just the opposite - choose a cheaper product.

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