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Infused with diamond-hard zirconium oxide, ShinJu Blade is a “revolutionary” ceramic knife that’s guaranteed to stay sharp and to be perfectly balanced for effortless cutting.

This, along with its non-slip comfort grip handle and precision engineered edge, means that ShinJu Blade requires 50% less pressure than a standard steel knife, so you’ll make quick work of tomatoes, breads, meats, herbs—even pineapples!

Speaking of which, ShinJu Blade will also stay sharp up to 10X longer than steel, which can degrade and corrode over time. Instead, ShinJu is completely resistant to acids and oils, and is guaranteed to be “one of sharpest, best performing knives you’ve ever used!

But before you place your order, ask yourself this: Is ShinJu Blade really as revolutionary as the manufacturer makes it seem? Or, are you being sold an overhyped, underperforming ripoff?

We’ll let you make the call, but there are a whole lot of things to consider. First, what is zirconium oxide?

The Link Between Zirconium Oxide & Knives

Zirconium oxide (also known as zirconia) is a ceramic material that’s useful in a variety of scenarios, including nanotechnology, industrial applications, and of course, cutlery.

Ceramic knives like ShinJu Blade are:

… produced by dry-pressing zirconia powder and firing them through solid-state sintering. The resultant blade is sharpened by grinding the edges with a diamond-dust-coated grinding wheel. Zirconia is 8.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, compared to 5.5 for normal or stainless steel[1] and 7.5 to 8 for hardened steel and 10 for diamond. This very hard edge rarely needs sharpening.

So, it sounds like ShinJu Blade’s manufacturer wasn’t just blowing smoke, right?

Well, yes and no. Let’s explain.

Ceramic Knives vs. Steel Knives

If you’re ever interested in reading an in-depth, down-to-earth comparison between steel and ceramic knives, this About Housewares article is a great place to start. But in the interest of time (we know you’re busy!), here’s everything in a nutshell:

Yes, ceramic knives do have the ability to stay sharp (sometimes years) longer than traditional steel knives. However, their edges are also very brittle, so if you accidentally dropped one or mistakenly sliced into a bone when cutting meat, it could easily be damaged.

And if this occurs, you’ll either need to have the knife professionally sharpened, or you could purchase an electric diamond knife sharpener and learn how to do it yourself.

But if you only use ceramic knives to cut soft foods like boneless meats, fruits, and vegetables, their ability to stay sharp can be a real benefit in the kitchen (if stored properly).

Based on what we just learned, do you think ShinJu Blade would really stand up to a cinderblock, as shown in its commercial? Maybe, but it would clearly affect its cutting ability in a big way.

In short, there are some definite advantages to ceramic knives, but ShinJu’s manufacturer definitely oversold its durability.

Are there other ceramic knife options out there?

Ceramic Knives Galore

Even though ceramic knives have only been commercially available for a few years, they’re a big hit. After all, who wouldn’t want a knife that could remain sharp for years?

As a result, you’ve got thousands of ceramic knives to choose from, in all shapes, sizes, specialties, and colors. Go ahead and type “ceramic knives” into any search engine and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Pro tip: You’ll even find a broad selection of ceramic knives at local retailers, especially ones that specialize in kitchenware. So be sure to check locally, too!

Probably one of the first things you’ll notice is that you can purchase entire ceramic knife sets (3-4 knives) for as little as $30. How does this compare to ShinJu Blade?

Is ShinJu Blade a Good Value?

One ShinJu Blade ceramic knife, including a protective sheath and a “free” ceramic peeler, is priced at $10.95 plus $13.90 S&H.

Wait. Did you catch that? If you want to get your hands on ShinJu Blade, you’ll pay 40% more in S&H charges than you’ll pay for the knife itself.

Sure, ShinJu Blade comes with a 30-day refund policy (as well as a 10-year hassle-free guarantee; no additional information provided), but this is less S&H. In other words, by the time you ship it back to the company, you could lose twice as much in S&H as you’ll get back as a refund!

Still want to request one? You’ll need to call Novel Brands customer service at (973) 227-3486 extension 0.

Novel Brands? Who’s that?

The Company Behind ShinJu Blade

We’ve reviewed well over 500 As Seen on TV products here at HighYa, and except for BouDe, we hadn’t run across Novel Brands before. But taking a look at their website, the company appears to specialize (mostly) in low cost ASOTV products, like something you’d expect to find at a dollar store.

There weren’t any online reviews for ShinJu Blade at the time of our research, but Novel Brands did have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with only one closed complaint (as of 11/12/15). This referenced excessive S&H fees (as we discussed above).

The ShinJu Blade Dilemma

Let’s quickly weigh the pros and cons of ShinJu Blade:

On one hand, you know that ceramic knives like ShinJu can easily cut soft foods, and can remain sharp for years if properly cared for. ShinJu Blade is also less expensive than some knives from other manufacturers.

On the other hand, there are so many ceramic knives out there that it’s definitely worth exploring your options. And considering that ShinJu Blade’s ultra-high, non-refundable S&H charges nearly triple its final price, the value might not be there.

Our recommendation? Check out local options first. Even if you need to expand your search online, we think there are a lot better ceramic knife values out there than ShinJu Blade.

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  • It cuts things

    • Dec 5, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    I needed a carving knife ASAP, and could not find one so I purchased this from a dollar store for $14.99 . Its first task was against a massive baked turkey and it worked well. It was easily gliding through each slice.

    I've had experience with ceramic knives before, most positive, at first. Its edge just like on any other knife is delicate no matter what any claim says.

    I've always found that ceramic knives are great until you dull the blade. Once it loses the edge past a certain point, resharpening it is difficult.

    This knife will be excellent for anyone who cuts softer food such as bread, fruits, vegetables. Always put the sheath back on. Bumping around in a drawer will definitely help dull this knife.

    I've never cut anything but softer food, and it stays sharp. It's worth the $15 I paid for it. Also, if you buy a sharpener make sure it's ceramic. It feels good in the hand , a good edge at first and it came with a peeler and sheath. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 7.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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