About Shogun Steamer

Shogun Steamer says you can enjoy all the flavors and healthy benefits of ancient cooking secrets (aka steaming) right from your countertop. This crimson cooking unit claims to use steam-via-microwave power to seal in moisture and cook food faster than using other methods and it’s so easy anyone can do it.

Shogun Steamer is another product from Allstar Products. a direct marketing company based in Northbrook, IL that has been accredited by the BBB since 1991. They currently have an A+ rating, due to the fact there have been no complaints to the BBB about them in the last 3 years.

How Shogun Steamer Works

Shogun Steamer is made of red plastic they say is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and somewhat resembles an ancient Japanese vase. It essentially has the same components of a traditional steamer (area for water and 2 stackable interior units for food) except instead of boiling on the stove, you use your microwave. They claim it cooks meat, vegetables, and even frozen foods faster and better than a dozen pots and pans.

To use Shogun Steamer, choose a food item you’d like to steam – a recipe book is included – and follow the directions as to time and ingredients. For all foods, you essentially add water in the bottom of the Shogun Steamer, choose the interior depending on the size of your meal, and pop in the microwave. MInutes later they boast you have food that’s cooked to perfection.

According to the website, the Shogun Steamer is simply science. They state that boiling water is hot, but steam is hotter so it cooks faster. Also, when you boil in an open pot on a regular stove, vitamins and flavor escape; with steaming, they say flavor and nutrients are locked in. They claim this means your food tastes twice as good and is done in half the time.

To tout its prowess, the infomercial shows fresh veggies being boiled on the stove and a frozen fish being cooked in the oven vs. the same foods being prepared using the Shogun Steamer. They say after a few minutes the veggies on the stove are soggy and have lost nutrients, color, and flavor and the fish is still cold on the inside. But they tout the foods done in the Shogun Steamer are done perfectly every time.

Some of the items they demonstrate with the Shogun Steamer include pasta in 5 minutes, seafood in 7 minutes, vegetables in 5 minutes, and potatoes in 6 minutes. In addition, the Shogun Steamer has a twist-and-drain feature (a nozzle at the bottom) which they say lets you save the broth created when you cook the food or drain away fat.

Each Shogun Steamer Order includes:

  • Shogun Steamer (with 2 steaming compartments)
  • Recipe guide
  • Double your order “free” (extra S & H)
  • Cut N Cup Chopper

Shogun Steamer Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They say Shogun Steamer is costs $19.95 plus $7.95 S & H, but they give you no choice and add an additional Shogun Steamer and recipe guide “free” (and charge you another $7.95 handling for the privilege) making the total $35.85 for 2. They also throw in a Cut N Chop, a circular cutting device with every order. They ask you wait 2-6 weeks for delivery. Once you get your steamers, you may try for 30 days. If you do not like it, you may return and they will refund your $19.95, but not the $15,90 in fees. Regardless, they say you can keep your Cut N Chop as a “gift”.


  • Steamer locks in flavor, color, nutrients
  • Microwave quick
  • Drain for broth


  • Expensive automatic double order
  • ASOTV products sometimes don’t live up to the hype

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