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Developed by Dr. Larry Cole, the Side Right Pillow claims to be a hypoallergenic and therapeutic pillow that puts you in the correct side sleeping position, which can minimize unhealthy sleeping and result in less aches, pains, and snoring, as well as to wake up more refreshed each day. In fact, the Side Right Pillow claims to make side sleeping so much easier and more comfortable that it “will change the way you sleep.”

In order to accomplish this, the doctor-recommended Side Right Pillow claims to be filled with “luxurious” air beads that cushion and cradle your body, and to feature a patented design that supports your neck, shoulders, and spine, while naturally aligning your neck and back. In addition, the Side Right Pillow is claimed to include a comfort ear well that can improve the quality of your sleep even further.

What’s the Best Sleeping Position?

Admittedly, the “best” of anything is highly dependent on personal preference, so what we’re referencing here isn’t necessarily comfort, but spine health. In other words, which positions are ideal for spinal alignment and for helping you to sleep better? And when it comes down to it, are these positions different?

When sleeping on your side (which Side Right Pillow is built for), Spine-Health.com writes, “a pillow should support the head and neck such that the spine maintains a straight and natural horizontal line. Weight should be evenly distributed so as not to create unnatural bending or pressure.” At least from this perspective, the Side Right Pillow appears to deliver.

However, according to the Snoring Center, “Regardless of your current preferred sleeping position, the litmus test is whether your sleep refreshes you for the next day, and as a corollary, whether it causes snoring or triggers sleep apnea breathing problems.” In other words, because “trying to change your natural sleep position can harm the quality of your sleep,” you should sleep in a position that’s comfortable for you, not choose one just because it aligns your spine.

Let’s Discuss Alignment

Speaking of alignment, keep in mind that the Right Side Pillow only puts you into alignment if you strictly followed its curves, and as the name implies, only if you’re a side sleeper. Take the picture below as an example:

Side Right Pillow: before and after

In the Before picture, the model’s spine is arched using a traditional pillow, and in the After, it’s straight using the Side Right Pillow. However, what’s to stop her from bending her neck forward, as in the first picture? Nothing. And for most of us, it’s a certainty that we’ll move at some point throughout the night, which would immediately take us out of alignment, regardless of the type of pillow we’re using.

In essence, this means while the Side Right Pillow can help you align your spine as you fall asleep, it likely won’t keep you that way all night. In fact, you might not even find spinal alignment to be a comfortable position to begin with.

Dislike Sleeping on Your Side?

Next, although it might seem obvious, you need to be comfortable sleeping on your side in order to use the Side Right Pillow. According to WebMD, “Sixty-three percent of Americans sleep on their side. Only 14% sleep on their back and 16% on their stomach.” This means that the Side Right Pillow could be useful to the majority of US consumers, but this doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone.

What Are Other Consumers Saying About the Side Right Pillow?

The Side Right Pillow is a new product (URL registered October 2014), so there were no online reviews available at the time of our research.

However, it appears that the Side Right Pillow is simply a re-branded version of the Side Sleeper Pro. In addition to the similarity of its features, both are made by Allstar Products Group (who also makes other popular “As Seen on TV” products such as Spicy Shelf, Perfect Bacon Bowl, and Chop Magic), and both are claimed to have been invented by Dr. Larry Cole.

With this in mind, some of the most common complaints related to the pillow cite that it:

  • Didn’t help improve sleep.
  • Is manufactured using low quality materials, features insufficient stuffing, quickly pulls apart at the seams, and loses its firmness fast.
  • Can be a chore to find the right sleeping position, especially if you’re new to side sleeping (we’ll talk more about this in a moment).
  • Doesn’t maintain its shape.

Side Right Pillow Pricing & Refund Policy

One Side Right Pillows is priced at $19.99 plus $7.95 S&H, and you’ll get a second for an additional $4.95 S&H, bringing your total to $32.89. With your order, you’ll also receive one 100% soft cotton cover.

Note: Keep all of this in mind when you’re checking out, because, although the order form provides the total, it won’t include S&H charges (will display only the total before S&H).

The Side Right Pillow comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to request a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at (855) 870-3708.

Bottom Line: Can the Side Right Pillow Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep?

The short answer: Maybe. Why? Because, as we mentioned above, getting a good night’s sleep is more often about being comfortable based on your preferences, and less about aligning your spine. Of course, if you have a medical condition that’s causing you to sleep poorly, then we’d recommend speaking with your physician about whether or not the Side Right Pillow can provide relief.

However, keep in mind that if you do order a Side Right Pillow and are dissatisfied, then you’ll be out nearly $13 in S&H charges, plus whatever it’ll cost you to send it back to the manufacturer—which could be steep, considering the bulkiness of the pillows. Instead, you might want to check local retailers for similar side sleeping pillows beforehand.

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