About Silver Slip-Ins

Actress and spokeswoman Tayler Baldwin says she isn’t afraid to go sockless any more, thanks to Silver Slip-ins. She claims these inserts for women’s shoes will allow you to wear high heels or any other shoe without socks and still be odor-and-sweat-free. The small absorbent pads use a “silver-based technology” they say soaks up moisture and eliminates bad smells. 

Silver Slip-ins is marketed by Plymouth Direct, a direct marketing company based in Pennsylvania. They are not BBB-accredited and currently have an F rating, due to over a hundred complaints in the last 3 years about products or services.

How Silver Slip-ins Work

Silver Slip-ins seem to be a fabric-based insert that fit into the sole of a woman’s shoe; they come in 2 colors, nude and grey. Silver Slip-ins claim their technology is “EPA registered” and safe for your feet. Since shoes women wear often aren’t very roomy, they insist the pads are thin enough and can be used comfortably in any size or type of shoe.

Place the Silver Slip-in in the sole, and put on any type of footwear without socks; they claim its silver-based technology is proven to draw in odor-causing bacterias, yeast, and mold from your feet (although the cite no specific evidence.)

They say using Silver Slip-ins eliminates the need for messy powders, prevents odor build-up, as well as keep your feet fresh and dry all day. They claim your shoes will smell better and last longer. They state each pad can be worn up to 15 times.

Silver Slip-ins come with:

  • 5 pairs nude-colored Silver Slip-ins
  • 5 pairs grey-colored Silver Slip-ins

Silver Slip-ins Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Silver Slip-ins are available for $10, plus $7.95 P & H, plus an additional set “free” with an additional $7.95 P & H charge, for a total of $25.90 for 10 pairs. They say your order will be shipped in 3-6 weeks. You can return your Silver Slip-ins within 30 days for a refund of the initial $10, but they will keep the $15.90 in handling fees (you also have to pay to ship them back.) Because of these high fees, we suggest you wait to purchase Silver Slip-ins until they are available from a big box retailer like Amazon.

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