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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Nov 17, 2015

Have trouble sitting through Mike Chang’s 45-minute video for Six Pack ShortCuts? If so, here are the important details (we promise this will take less than 5 minutes):

In a nutshell, Six Pack Shortcuts is a 12-week training and eating system that increases four core anabolic hormones in your body, each of which controls muscle growth and fat burning. These are

  • Testosterone
  • Growth hormone
  • Leptin
  • Adiponectin

And once you’re in control of these hormones, you’ll be able to safely and gradually get into shape faster than you ever thought possible, including ripped abs— without having to do any ab exercises. How?

The Six Pack ShortCuts system consists of a few key exercises that are very effective at burning body fat (specifically the fat covering your abs). And when performed in a specific order from the comfort of your own home, they can dramatically increase the release of these core hormones over the next 2 days (48 hours), which is something Mike calls the “afterburn effect.”

This means you’ll continue burning calories while watching TV, at work, playing video games, and even while you’re sleeping!

And according to Mike, his Sixpack Shortcuts system can help you achieve all of this, regardless of your age, body type, gender, or workout experience.

But are you being sold a bill of goods with Six Pack Shortcuts, or is this program the real deal that will provide real-world results? Let’s start by taking a closer look at what the program involves.

How Does the Six Pack Shortcuts System Work?

Alright, so we provided a basic overview above, but to help you make as informed a decision as possible, let’s go into additional detail here.

Each Six Pack Shortcuts exercise video lasts 30 minutes and involves “Specialized Multi-Joint Compound Movements” and “High Intensity Muscle Stimulation Training” (we’ll come back around to these in a second). According to Mike, you won’t need any additional equipment.

You’ll need to complete these exercises 4 times per week, and spend another 30 minutes each week watching training videos. So in all, you should expect to be spend about 3.5 hours per week following the Sixpack Shortcuts program.

During these videos, each exercise is set up in a specific order to boost and optimize your hormone levels, so you’ll burn off the layer of fat covering your abs, get ripped, and stay that way year round.

In all, the Six Packs Shortcuts system involves 4 different phases, each focusing on a specific hormone:

  • Phase 1: You’ll begin “reprogramming” your body and shedding pounds of unwanted fat.
  • Phase 2: Here, you’ll perform more muscle building and defining exercises, and start revealing your six pack.
  • Phase 3: In this step, you’ll “complete [your] athletically toned physique.”
  • Phase 4: Finally, you’ll learn how to make adjustments and changes so that your results never reach a plateau.

And because you’ll be supplementing these exercises with specific nutrition, you’ll be able to keep burning calories for up to 48 hours after working out.

But is this what you can really expect using Six Pack Shortcuts’ exercises? Let’s find out.

How Effective is the Six Pack Shortcuts Program?

Multi-joint (also known as compound, or complex) exercises engage “various muscles within the body which work simultaneously to yield several benefits.” These types of exercises are also claimed to help boost your metabolism more than isolation (i.e. single muscle or muscle group) exercises.

In other words, multi-joint exercises can workout more than one part of your body at the same time, and might help you burn more calories, too.

High intensity training (or as Mike Chang dubs it, “High Intensity Muscle Stimulation”) involves performing weight repetitions until the point of muscular failure. Or, in more straightforward terms, until your muscle completely gives out.

Here, you’ll “target a single body part with one or two exercises, and generally a single set of 6-10 reps for upper body exercises and either 8-15 or more commonly 12-20 reps for lower body exercises.”

Now, there’s no doubt that if done properly, multi-joint and HIT exercises can improve your physical fitness. But will they boost hormone levels and give you a chiseled six pack?

There’s been a fair amount of research conducted on HIT and multi-joint exercises, including:

  • A 2012 study from the Montreal Heart Institute that found, “A long-term lifestyle intervention with optimized high-intensity interval exercise improves body composition, cardiometabolic risk, and exercise tolerance in obese subjects. This intervention seems safe, efficient, and well tolerated and could improve adherence to exercise training in this population.”
  • A 2004 Canadian study that found HIT could quickly increase “muscle oxidative potential and doubled endurance capacity during intense aerobic cycling in recreationally active individuals.” In other words, they were quickly able to exercise much longer than they originally could.
  • Several studies showing that multi-joint resistance training can increase testosterone (in addition to other hormones).

But here’s the thing: In many instances, there have been just as much inconclusive (or outright negative) clinical studies as those showing positive results. In layman’s terms, it’s far from scientifically “proven” that multi-joint or high intensity exercises can reliably boost testosterone, HGH, or any of the other hormones claimed by the Six Pack Shortcuts system.

Effective or not, how much will Sixpack Shortcuts cost you?

Is Six Pack Shortcuts Expensive?

Six Pack Shortcuts is priced at $97, and you’ll gain instant access as soon as your payment is processed.

All of the program’s content can be viewed on any computer, tablet, mobile device, and the iOS or Android apps make it easy to track your progress and maintain your fitness on the go.

You’ll also receive the Done for You Diet Nutrition Plan, which shows you how to prepare anabolic hormone-boosting meals, including what to eat and how much.

Finally, your Six Pack Shortcuts purchase will also give you 14-day access to Mike’s advanced fat loss and muscle building techniques. Important note: If you don’t cancel this trial before the 14 days are up, you’ll be billed $67 per month.

Six Pack Shortcuts comes with a 60-day refund policy. In order to request a refund, you’ll need to call Mike Chang Fitness at 800-655-8576.

Just who is Mike Chang, anyway?

The 411 on Mike Chang

Mike Chang is a fitness professional who boasts one of the largest numbers of YouTube followers around, and is also founder of Mike Chang Fitness. Mike’s company, based out of Austin, TX, sells a variety of supplements and fitness programs.

While Six Pack Shortcuts is arguably Mike’s most popular product, he’s also produced many more, including Afterburn Fuel, Six Pack Sleep, and others. What’s everyone saying about these products?

While you’ll certainly find a lot of mixed online feedback, it seems that overall, Mike Chang’s programs and supplements are met with a great deal of suspicion. In fact, we’ve voiced our concerns about the efficacy of Mike’s other products before, so we think this skepticism is completely understandable.

Regarding Six Pack Shortcuts specifically, there was surprisingly little online customer feedback considering the program’s relative popularity.

On Amazon, we did find that the Deluxe DVD version (no indication of how this differs) of Six Pack Shortcuts had an average rating of 3 stars. There, some customers claimed to have experienced positive results, although many others complained that they didn’t see any difference in their abs, that you’ll need additional equipment only find in a commercial gym, and high price.

From a company perspective, Mike Chang Fitness had a B rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on 24 closed complaints (as of 11/10/15). Most of these appeared to reference high-pressure sales tactics, receiving (and being charged for) unordered products, and difficulty obtaining refunds and cancelling subscriptions.

We’ve covered a lot of territory in this Six Pack Shortcuts review, so let’s bring everything together and give you our final opinion.

What’s the Real Deal with Six Pack Shortcuts?

As much as we’d like to believe that Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts will quickly give you chiseled abs, there simply isn’t enough clinical evidence showing that HIT or multi-joint training will reliably boost your testosterone, HGH, leptin, or adiponectin levels.

And even if Six Pack Shortcuts did increase these hormone levels, targeted fat loss is a myth. In other words, you’ll still lose weight elsewhere in your body, which may not be in balance with the amount of weight you lose around your midsection.

In reality, with the Six Pack Shortcuts system, we think Mike has grabbed on to a couple different studies, extrapolated their results, and come to conclusions far outside the available evidence.

But we’re not coming down hard on Six Pack Shortcuts alone. This is a rampant problem within the nutritional supplements and fitness industries, and is so common that we covered it in-depth in Think that Clinical Study Is Legit?

So what do we think about Six Pack Shortcuts? We think your money would be better spent speaking with a personal trainer or a certified nutritionist, instead of placing your order. After all, achieving your fitness goals is a long-term effort, and there are no “shortcuts.”

But if you’re intent on trying multi-joint or high-intensity training exercises, we’d recommend searching online using your favorite search engine. In fact, we think this could provide you with much of the same information in Six Pack Shortcuts, but without costing you a penny!

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    This was the worst thing. I ordered and waited two weeks for the delivery, but then the product only left me tired and no different at all. The 100% return guarantee scam came into play, well not listed as a scam, but you need to keep empty containers, and if you do not agree to get more product, they run you around until they say "well the 60 days is up." The continued email offers on different products. The 60 days starts from the time you pay for the product, so the scam is they wait two weeks to send the crappy stuff, unsuspecting you give it a try and then, wow 40 days is up, not 60 days as advertised. Scam, junk, stay away.

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