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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Aug 28, 2016

According to the company, SizeSlim Supplements are formulated to help you gain focus, push harder, build endurance, and recover faster—all aimed at boosting your athletic performance and reaching your athletic potential.

Not only this, but SizeSlim’s health and fitness supplements promise to prevent fatigue, help you fit into your skinny jeans again, and experience real, measurable results. In fact, we’re even told SizeSlim gives you the tools to improve your immune system and alleviate degenerative diseases!

In short, SizeSlim promises that their supplements “fully complement and support health-conscious goals.”

But the reality is that you probably want to know if SizeSlim’s supplements will deliver on their promises, while delivering a solid value. Here, we’ll help you find some answers.

What Supplements Does SizeSlim Manufacture?

Overall, there are six supplements in SizeSlim’s lineup:

SizeSlim Protein

SizeSlim claims the premium whey in their protein supplement is “instantized,” which means it “mixes effortlessly in a shaker or with a spoon.” This way, we’re told you can enjoy it while you’re at the gym or on the go.

According to the company, this protein supplement packs 25 grams of lean protein per 106 calorie serving, and is made without fillers, sugar, carbohydrates, fat, lactose, or gluten. If fact, SizeSlim claims it’s “the purest of the pure Whey Isolate Proteins on the market.”

All you have to do is mix one scoop of Protein with 8-10 ounces of cold water or your favorite beverage. SizeSlim tells us the Salted Caramel flavor will have you looking forward to it, but without any feelings of guilt.

SizeSlim Pre-Workout

Another of SizeSlim’s drink mixes that promises to mix quickly, although with its stimulant content, it’s intended to provide “sustained focus and stamina.” SizeSlim claims it also enhances the “mind-muscle” connection, increases strength, and provides a comfortable sense of wellbeing, but without the jitters or itchiness associated with most other pre-workout supplements.

SizeSlim’s Pre-Workout mix is available in Raspberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Lemon-Lime Stevia Sweetened flavors, and includes the following ingredients:

SizeSlim Pre-Workout Stamina Matrix:

SizeSlim claims you simply need to take 1 scoop with 6-8 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to athletic activity.

SizeSlim Intra/Post Training Replenish + Rebuild

Yet another sports drink, the Replenish + Rebuild supplement promises to deliver ingredients that delay muscle fatigue, prolong athletic performance, speed up the recovery process, stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and help maintain hydration. According to the company, this means you may be able to reduce soreness after a long day of training, while providing “safer athletic performance.”

Replenish + Rebuild is available in Grape, Orange, and Lemon-Lime flavors, with the following ingredients:

SizeSlim Recovery Matrix:

On training days, SizeSlim recommends mixing one scoop with 12-16 ounces of water. On non-training days, it can be used “anytime between meals to enhance muscle recovery.”

SizeSlim Focus

SizeSlim’s Focus supplement belongs to a class known as nootropics, which they claim will improve mental function, increase productivity and focus, manage and reduce stress, improve memory, and more. All using the following ingredients:

SizeSlim Proprietary Focus Blend 420mg: Acetyl Carnitine, Bacoside A, Theobromine, TeaCrine Theacrine, Noopept, Huperzine A 1%

To achieve these benefits, we’re told you should take two capsules twice daily with food.

Burner & Energy Fat Burner (aka Weight Loss Support)

When it comes to their Burner + Energy supplement, SizeSlim claims its blend of natural, botanical ingredients can provide a natural source of energy, suppress appetite, and enhance metabolism, without side effects. These include:

Take 2 capsules twice daily 30 minutes prior to breakfast and dinner.

SizeSlim Detox

Inside SizeSlim’s Detox supplement, we’re told you’ll find a blend of ingredients that can improve waste control, strengthen the immune system, improve the condition of skin, boost energy, and improve weight loss:

To achieve this, you’ll need to take three capsules three times daily.

Now that we’ve talked about SizeSlim’s supplements, let’s find out how much you’ll pay for them.

How Much Do SizeSlim Supplements Cost?

SizeSlim’s supplements are priced as follows:

  • Protein: $39.99 per month, $59.99 one time order
  • Pre-Workout: $31.50 per month, or $49.99 one time order
  • Replenish + Rebuild: $34.50 per month, or $59.99 one time order
  • Focus: $45.50 per month, or $57.99 one time order
  • Burner & Energy/Weight Loss Support: $31.50 per month, $54.99 one time order
  • Detox: $24.99 per month, $57.99 one time order

SizeSlim also sells their supplement in various combos, which are priced between $104.98 and $154.97.

Shipping is charged based on weight and location, although all orders come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H and a 10% restocking fee. However, keep in mind this only applies to unused products in their original packaging.

To request one, SizeSlim’s customer service department can be reached at 502-536-7546 or info@sizeslim.com.

Are SizeSlim’s customers finding these prices in line with their supplement’s performance?

What Can We Learn From SizeSlim’s Customer Reviews?

We didn’t find a whole lot of online feedback for SizeSlim’s supplements at the time of our research. In fact, we only found reviews for the company’s Burner + Energy supplement on Bodybuilding.com, where it earned a 10 out of 10 rating.

There, most compliments seemed to reference a clean, long-lasting energy boost and effective appetite suppression, without jitters or itching. The supplement also had a 5-star average rating based on 7 reviews on Amazon, where most of the same compliments were noted.

From a company perspective, not much else was available from third-party resources, and SizeSlim wasn’t listed with the Better Business Bureau. However, according to their website, co-founder Matt Collins was a highly competitive college baseball player, who is also a type I diabetic, which to him, means that living healthy is a requirement, not and option.

SizeSlim’s other co-founder, Adam Lamb, gained his desire to compete early on from skateboarding, snowboarding and BMX racing. Eventually, Adam became a personal trainer and got into competitive fitness, and now helps others reach their health and fitness goals.

Are SizeSlim Supplements Effective?

We didn’t test and of SizeSlim’s supplements firsthand, although based on the available clinical evidence, it appears that schisandra A may be effective for improving concentration, attention, and speed of thinking.

Beta alanine is listed as possibly effective for improving some aspects of physical performance, including delaying muscle fatigue and increasing strength. However, the 1g in the Pre-Workout supplement may not be enough to deliver results.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are listed as possibly effective for reducing muscle breakdown during exercise, while alpha lipoic acid (ALA) might help some individuals reduce body weight.

From a brain perspective, acetyl-l-carnitine may be effective for improving blood flow and addressing some symptoms of Alzheimer’s, but it doesn’t seem to provide any benefits for individuals with otherwise healthy brains.

However, 300mg daily of bacopin may help improve memory, 30-200mcg daily of hyperzine may address dementia and memory, and tyrosine may improve some aspects of mental performance, although it seems to work best under stressful situations, such as military training.

Outside of these, there isn’t enough clinical evidence to say with any certainty that you’ll experience any of the benefits promoted by SizeSlim. And even among ingredients with sufficient clinical evidence, the real-world effects will likely be minimal.

What About SizeSlim’s Side Effects?

Fortunately, if you experience any side effects at all from SizeSlim’s supplements, it likely won’t be anything worse that mild digestive upset. Beta alanine can also lead to tingling and flushing.

However, we can’t say the same for SizeSlim’s stimulants. This is because each dose of their Pre-Workout supplement contains about as much caffeine as a large coffee, as well as bitter orange, another powerful stimulant. Even WebMD warns:

“… bitter orange is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken as a supplement for a medical purpose such as weight loss. Bitter orange, particularly when taken with stimulants such as caffeine or caffeine-containing herbs, increases the risk for high blood pressure, fainting, heart attack, stroke, and other severe side effects.”

Should You Order SizeSlim’s Supplements?

After watching several of SizeSlim’s videos, it appears they put some thought into the formulation of their supplements, so that they could maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects (tingling and itchiness from too much beta alanine content, for example).

On the other hand, some supplements like their Detox fly in the face of conventional medical wisdom, since most physicians note that your body doesn’t require a “cleanse” in the first place.

However, the reality is that you can find hundreds of whey protein, pre-workout, brain health, and weight loss supplements online and in local stores, and there doesn’t seem to be anything especially unique about SizeSlim’s formulations. One top of this, their one-time purchases (without enrolling in their autoship program) are meaningfully more expensive than some of the competition.

So, will SizeSlim Supplements work as advertised? Ultimately, there’s no way to know without giving them a try. Just remember that as soon as you open your bottle, you can no longer process a return.

Have you used SizeSlim Supplements? If so, which ones? Did they deliver on their promises? Tell us all about it in your review below!

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