About Skin Logic Skin Care

“Better than Botox”

“Amazing New Hollywood Secret”

“Injection-free solution for younger looking skin”

“Real people. Amazing results!”

What do all these claims have in common?

They’re all featured on the Skin Logic Skin Care website, an anti-aging cream that wants you to believe it can help you look “years younger” simply by washing your face and applying it twice daily.

But did you know that these exact same claims—word for word—are also featured on dozens of other websites for identical anti-aging products? It’s true! What does this mean for you?

In this review, we’ll answer all your important questions about Skin Logic Skin Care, and explain why we think you should avoid it at all costs.

First, let’s take a more in-depth look at this website issue.

Skin Logic Skin Care’s Website, & Dozens Just Like It

In Avoid These Anti-Aging Websites Like the Plague, we discussed how dozens (perhaps even hundreds) of anti-aging creams like Skin Logic use the exact same website template to sell their products. The only thing that’s different is the website address, the product name, and the product image.

You can see for yourself by comparing Skin Logic’s website with New Age Serum, Encante Cream, Dermexquis Face Serum, MiraVie Skincare, and many others. But why do they do this?

In our opinion, most of these products are offered by a small group of companies who, once the public figures out they’re being scammed, simply shuts down one website, changes the name of the product, and starts scamming anew.

What’s going on that’s causing customers to feel scammed? It all involves free trials and autoship programs.

Skin Logic Skin Care’s Free Trial & Autoship Program

Like all of these other “scammy” anti-aging products, Skin Logic is only available through a “free” 14-day trial, which begins on the date your order is placed (we’ll come back around to this in a second).

At first, you’ll only pay $4.95 to cover S&H charges and will receive a full 30-day supply of the cream. But once your trial expires (you may have only had a couple days to try it by the time it arrived at your door), you’ll be charged some outrageous price (in the instance of Skin Logic Skin Care, it’s $94.90!).

And to add insult to injury, you’ll also be enrolled in a recurring auto-shipment program, which means you’ll continue receiving a new container of Skin Logic once every 30 days, and your credit card will be charged $94.90 plus S&H each time.

Of course, Skin Logic’s manufacturer would like you to believe you can cancel your trial, request a refund, or stop your automatic shipments by calling customer service at 888-959-6072. But we think you’ll probably experience purposefully poor service that’s intended to make you throw your hands up in frustration before ever getting what you want.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself: “What about all those big, “clinically proven” claims for Skin Logic Skin Care? Don’t they mean anything?”

Great question! That’s exactly what we’ll cover next.

Skin Logic’s Ingredients & Big Claims

According to the Skin Logic Skin Care website, in a trial involving several hundred women, the anti-aging cream caused an 84% decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, a 95% increase in collagen production, and a 73% decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, like all the other trial-based anti-aging products we’ve reviewed, Skin Logic’s manufacturer provides zero evidence to back this up. And considering how much credibility a clinical trial would provide, it’s our opinion that these numbers are completely made up.

As far as Skin Logic Skin Care’s ingredients? It doesn’t get any better.

There isn’t a product label provided, so the only ingredients we’re told about are a face-firming peptide, topical immune boosters, essential vitamins, and antioxidants. Overall, these are so vague that they’re essentially meaningless.

Even more reasons why we think products like Skin Logic should be avoided! But don’t take our word for it. Let’s find out what consumers are saying about products like Skin Logic Skin Care.

Customer Feedback for Trial-Based Anti-Aging Products Like Skin Logic

Trial-based anti-aging products almost always come with very poor feedback from customers, primarily related to:

  • Poor customer service. Whether they’re attempting to cancel trials, request refunds, or cancel autoship programs, nearly everyone claims that customer service is unwilling to help, and will even hang up on you if you push them hard enough.

Because of this, we can’t count the number of times consumers have been forced to deal with their credit card company in order to handle the situation.

  • Failure to work. Not only are the tubes of cream extremely small, many customers complain that it burns or dries out there skin. Some have even experienced allergic reactions.
  • High prices. Considering the fact that these products generally don’t work, their astronomical prices provide little value for your money.

What do we think? Will you experience much of the same with Skin Logic Skin Care? In our opinion, it’s almost certain.

Given all of this, our final recommendation about Skin Logic cream should come as no surprise.

Bottom Line: We’d Recommend Staying Away from Skin Logic Skin Care

We review a lot of products here at HighYa, and in our mind, nothing represents underhanded, scammy tactics quite like trial-based anti-aging creams such as Skin Logic Skin Care. These companies really do have it down to a science, and they almost certainly make millions from unsuspecting customers in the process.

But HighYa’s on your side to keep you informed about these (and hundreds of other) tactics, so you can hang on to more of your hard-earned money and don’t become another statistic.

If you got your hopes up for Skin Logic cream, don’t let this deter you though. Instead, learn what to look for (and be wary of) next time you’re buying a skin cream, as well as how to avoid overpaying for anti-aging products!

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  • Good results with neck wrinkles

    At age 70, I began using Skin Logic neck wrinkle cream. After 2 months, I noticed a reduction in the wrinkles on my neck. Since I am allergic to many skin products, I was relieved that my skin was agreeable to the product.

    After 4 months, I had accumulated too many jars of neck cream. I called the company to cancel the auto ship and the rep offered to reduce the price several times before I agreed to continue auto ship. He said, "if you have product at the end of the month, you are not using enough." (Well, I am pleased with the results so why should I use more cream.) Anyway, I now have 4 extra jars of cream so will call the 1-800-888-959-6072 to cancel the auto ship order. I would like to cancel auto ship without being questioned why I choose to cancel. I do feel the product has helped my problem so I would reorder when I need product.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • Terrible product

    First off, the free sample is only about 1 1/2 tablespoons (not the 30 day supply they advertise). Then by the time you actually receive the product, your 14 day free trial is almost gone.

    When you call to cancel the product, you are still billed the 94+ dollars with an explanation that you have to pay for the 30 day supply but no further payment will be required after the cancelation. When you point out the fact that the container only held about 1 1/2 tablespoon of product, they quickly change the subject and will not answer your questions further.

    Keep in mind you are still billed the entire 94+ dollars BESIDES already paying the $4.95 shipping on the trial order.

    Don't waste your money. This does not work. I used it twice a day as recommended and NOTHING changed!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • Very disappointed

    • Jackson, Michigan ,
    • Mar 5, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    I feel very scammed by this company. To be perfectly short and Sweet, just don't trust them for one minute. I came across their "new trial products" on Facebook, and after taking a brief survey, I qualified for a free trial only having to pay S/H for each item, that's all the information provided to me. I was confused as to to the terms but did not see anything nor was I directed to any websites for term/conditions.

    So I paid only for shipping & handling but I never even got an email confirmation that the products shipped. However, five days later the products arrived with no paperwork what so ever. The shipment included no invoice, shipping paperwork, nor any other general info on the product I received! It was very disappointing.

    So I thought to myself, “Ok, that's it, a free trial”. Well much to my surprise, a few days later there was a ridiculous charge on my bank account! I immediately called the 800 number on my statement in which I got a very rude customer service agent who told me It was a 14 day trial, and I had to cancel before the fourteenth day or else it's $95 for each item! I was so upset, I never saw any information stating this anywhere.

    This a total scam! And I recommend everyone be very careful of this Skin Optics free trial gimmick, they want you to fall for the scam like I did, that's why there are no email confirmations, no instructions to website terms, and no paperwork with the order. So please be aware that this company is one expensive scam.

    Oh, and I'm not impressed with that crap they sent my anyway.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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