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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 24, 2015

Skoother Skin Smoother is an ergonomic handheld tool that can help you precisely smooth away rough, callused skin on your feet, knees, elbows, or hands.

Using its flexible, waterproof silicon micro abrasion screen, which “allows fine particles of exfoliated skin to easily pass through without clogging,” Skoother can help you achieve smoother, softer, younger-looking skin. In fact, the company claims it’s “the best skin smoother you’ll ever use”!

All you have to do is use the Skoother Skin Smoother for a few seconds, and the simple, pain-free process will safely, effectively, and gently get rid of calluses and other imperfections. And you can forget about those other methods, because Skoother claims to work better than metal, stone, and emery smoothers, as well as motorized sanders.

Whether or not this is your first exploration into an As Seen on TV product, you’ve got to admit that these sound like some pretty tall claims. And if you’ve tried an ASOTV product before (especially within the beauty or skincare niche), you’re probably doubly skeptical—and for good reason.

But does the Skoother Skin Smoother break the mold? Will it perform anywhere near as well as the manufacturer claims? And finally, is it worth taking a risk on the Skoother?

Here, you’ll find just about everything you need to know to make a more informed decision about Skoother Skin Smoother. First, let’s learn how devices like this work.

How Does the Skoother Skin Smoother Work?

Have you ever used a metal callus remover before? The one with tiny holes that looks (and often feels) like a cheese grater?

Well, the silicon screen inside the Skoother Skin Smoother works using the same basic principle: As its small openings pass over calluses and dead skin on your body, they lift it away from your body. Then, this skin either falls to the ground or is trapped inside the Skoother (a process the company calls microabrasion).

The main difference is that these silicon screens are thought to be just as effective as harsher methods, but gentler on your skin with less (or even no) pain.

But just because it might provide pain-free operation, does this necessarily mean that the Skoother Skin Smoother is your best option?

Similar Products To Skoother Skin Smoother

When researching the Skoother online, we didn’t find anything similar until we entered the search term “callus remover screen,” which pulled up results for something known as the Sof’Feet Callus Remover.

While it certainly has a different design than the Skoother, it features the same silicon carbide mesh screen and same essential function. What’s going on here?

We’ve reviewed hundreds of ASOTV products here at HighYa, and most of the time, we find that they’re simply slightly redesigned versions of already existing products. Basically, these companies copy the functionality of other products, but not their design, and then try to undercut their price.

In other words, they likely want consumers to think, “Hey, here’s an almost identical product, but at a lower price!” Speaking of which, how much does the Skoother cost?

Will the Skoother Smooth Your Bank Account?

One Skoother Skin Smoother (along with 2 bonus smoothing screens) is priced at $10 plus $6.95 S&H.

With your purchase, you’ll also receive a certificate for replacement screens for life.

There wasn’t a refund policy listed on the Skoother website (most ASOTV products come with 30-day refund policies though), so we called Harvest Direct’s customer service at (781) 763-7333 to get some clarification.

Unfortunately, no live support was available, and the only option was to leave a message (be sure to keep this in mind if you need support or would like to request a refund!).

Now, compared to the Sof’Feet’s price of around $10 (with a 5-count of replacement screens priced at about $8), it might seem like the Skoother offers more bang for your buck. But are their customers happy?

What Are Customers Saying About the Skoother Skin Smoother?

Although we found several affiliate websites for the product, we didn’t come across any legitimate online customer reviews for the Skoother at the time of our research. It was a very new product, so this made perfect sense.

But what are people saying about similar products, like the Sof’Feet Callus Remover? After all, they basically works the same, right?

On Amazon, the Sof’Feet had an average rating of 4.5 stars based on 379 reviews (as of 12/22/15). There, almost all customers were pleased with its ability to remove calluses and smooth skin, although more than one claimed that you can still cut yourself if you apply too much pressure. On the other hand, the most common complaint was failure to experience any results.

On other sites like FootSmart.com, the device’s overall rating and customer feedback mirrored pretty much everything found on Amazon.

Granted, none of this means you can expect to experience the same with Skoother Skin Smoother, since these products feature very different designs and come from two different companies (along with different manufacturing processes, quality, etc.). But at least this should give you a better idea of what customers are saying about essentially identical technologies.

Speaking of companies, before wrapping things up, let’s quickly talk about Skoother’s manufacturer.

The Company Behind Skoother Skin Smoother

Skoother Skin Smoother is brought to you by Harvest Direct, a mid-tier As Seen on TV company based out of Norwell, MA who makes several other popular products, including Breathe Active.

Harvest Direct had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau at the time of our research, based on 90 closed complaints. Most of these appeared to reference products that didn’t work as advertised, difficulty reaching customer service (we had this same concern too!), and being charged much more than anticipated.

Will you experience the same with Skoother Skin Smoother? Let’s go ahead and bring it home so you can make a more informed decision.

Will Skoother Soothe Your Skin, Or Just Irritate Your Attitude?

To help round out all the information above, let’s quickly run 2 different scenarios here.

Scenario #1: Skoother Skin Smoother

If you decide to purchase the Skoother system, you’ll pay $10 plus $6.95 S&H, for a total of $16.95.

However, let’s say you didn’t like how it performed (or that it arrived broken). So you call customer service and request a refund, which you have 30 days to do.

Even if everything else goes perfectly, you’ll immediately lose roughly $7 in original S&H charges, and you’ll probably have to pay $3-$4 to ship it back to the manufacturer (depending on your location, of course).

So overall, you’d lose $10-$11 by sending it back, which is equal to (or more than) the original cost of the product. With Skoother, in a best-case scenario, you’ll break even in the transaction.

Scenario #2: Look For Options Elsewhere

On the other hand, if you purchased the Sof’Feet through Amazon, you’ll pay $7.97 plus about $4 in shipping. If we were to add on a 5-pack of replacement screens (getting as close as possible to an apples-to-apples comparison), this would add another $7.99. In total, we’d be at $19.96.

Basically, this option will cost you $3 more up front. But if you were to request a refund and include all the associated costs, you’d still probably get back about $10, which puts you way ahead of the Skoother.

Add to this that the Sof’Feet comes with very high online customer feedback (versus an As Seen on TV company, which as an industry, doesn’t exactly have a solid reputation for quality), and you’ve got a decision to make!

Pro tip: All of this only references products that use silicon screens. If you’re willing to explore more conventional products with metal screens, or even powered buffers, you’ll have more options to choose from! Many of these types of products (including gloves, creams, and more) are even available locally, which can save you time and money in S&H charges.  

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