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How well will SlabDini work? Can you expect it to work at all? Are there similar products out there? Is it worth the money?

If you just watched the SlabDini commercial, you’ve probably got a lot of questions. And if you’re here looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place!

SlabDini Promises To Fix Your Concrete

SlabDini repair caulk features built-in locking fibers claimed to create a permanent, flexible bond with concrete, allowing you to repair cracks in your sidewalks, driveways, and expansion joints—even on vertical walls.

SlabDini’s “rubber-like elastic formula” is also claimed to be water resistant, immune to heat and cold, and easy to apply (no caulking gun required!). This means you can protect your investment and “save you a fortune,” without fuss or mess.

SlabDini really does sound like “the fast, easy way to seal the cracks in concrete.” But what’s it made of anyway, and will your results live up to the company’s hype?

What is SlabDini’s “Rubber-Like” Formula? Are There Other Options?

We’re not given any indication of what SlabDini is made of, although it doesn’t seem much different from standard concrete caulk. Most of these (also known as concrete sealants) are either polyurethane or latex-based, both of which are water resistant, flexible, and resistant to heat and cold, just like SlabDini.

According to Mother Earth News, latex caulks are generally preferable for outdoor applications, since they withstand temperature fluctuations well, are resistant to tearing, and stick to most porous surfaces (like concrete). Silicone can also be a good choice for outdoor caulk, although it may not handle temperature changes as well as latex, and generally isn’t paintable or stainable.

Whether you’re looking for latex or polyurethane though, these are very common products available at almost any home improvement retailer or hardware store—many of which can be purchased for less than $5. Here, you can also speak with someone about the best type of concrete caulk for your needs.

We’ll talk about how this compares to SlabDini’s price in a moment. But first: is SlabDini an out of the box solution, or is more work required?

What’s Required to Use SlabDini?

When watching the SlabDini commercial, you might have noticed that the process involved more than just squirting the caulk in a crack and walking away.

If you’re dealing with a relatively small crack, you’ll first need to clear away any debris inside (you can use a flat head screwdriver and/or wire brush for help). Afterward, you’ll want to apply the caulk bead as evenly as possible to completely fill in the crack, while not creating a mess.

Here’s where SlabDini might create a disadvantage. Why?

Because it doesn’t come in a container that can be used with a caulk gun, which means you’ll have to use hand pressure to squirt the material out. This can cause it to come out too thin in some areas and too thick in others, leading to a potential mess (or uneven results, at least).

In either instance, you’ll want to finish everything off by running a trowel (or any other flat metal surface with an edge) over the top of the crack to make sure your surface is even with the surrounding concrete.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with a large crack in your concrete (those wider than ½ inch), then SlabDini may not be a viable solution. You’ll likely need a vinyl-based solution and to apply it over a base of sand or foam backer board. You might also be required to apply the material in layers, neither of which should be handled by a first-timer.

If this sounds like you, then it might be time to call in the professionals.

Now, how much does SlabDini cost?

SlabDini’s Price & Refund Info

One tube (no indication of size*) of SlabDini is priced at $9.95 plus $4.95 S&H, although you’ll be able to purchase a second tube for an additional $4.95 S&H.

*The manufacturer claims that one tube of SlabDini is enough to seal up to 30 feet of cracks. How wide? How deep? We’re not told.

The SlabDini website didn’t reference a refund policy, so we contacted customer service at  800-603-8003 to find out. There, we learned that the concrete caulk comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges, which means you could ultimately lose 50% more in S&H charges than you’ll receive as a refund.

Is SlabDini Your “New Age Solution” for Concrete Repair?

It’s perfectly understandable that you’d want to try repairing your concrete on your own before calling in the professionals (and their high prices).

Assuming that SlabDini works like other concrete caulks, it’s reasonable to believe that it probably performs as advertised, and could be an inexpensive solution for repairing smaller cracks. But will it provide a solid bang for your buck?

In our opinion, probably not. Why? First, there are thousands of nearly identical products available from local stores, many of which are priced lower than SlabDini and likely work just as well (if not better). Second, the product comes with ultra-high, non-refundable S&H charges.

What does all of this mean? While SlabDini might work, we’d recommend checking out local options before placing your order.

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    On August 23,2015, I ordered 2 tubes of SlabDini and the cost was applied to my card. It is now October 25, and I have still not received my order. My problem now is that I have no way to contact the company as they have no e-mail ,and their mailing address is conveniently missing.

    I contacted the BBB, however, they were unable to contact the company.

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