What Is Sleepbox?

By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff
Published on: Aug 17, 2017

Dubbed a “sleep vending machine for public spaces and hotels” by the company, Sleepbox is a portable, all-in-one pod (or capsule) that provides users with the ability to relax, re-energize, nap, work, or enjoy a moment of privacy in otherwise public places.

These pods are built in the USA, feature highly customizable designs, and require as little as 45 sq. ft. and a regular electrical outlet to install. This way, the company claims they can help increase productivity and creativity in office environments, work as “sleep vending machines” where airport travelers can rest, and when combined, can even work as low-cost hotels.

Thinking about purchasing or trying a Sleepbox? Eager to find out if it really will enrich your life? Here, we’ll discuss what we learned during our research, starting with the company’s different models.

Which Sleepbox Models Are Available?

Currently, there are three different Sleepbox models, all of which are “intended to provide temporary rest and nap” and should be used indoors in a climate-controlled environment.

These pods are constructed of natural materials, MDF, and plywood and are finished with paint, laminate, or veneer. Smoke/fire detectors are installed in each Sleepbox, so no smoking is allowed, although they can be produced in any color you want.

According to their site, all construction materials and practices meet the International Building Code and standard best practices.

Sleepbox ModelsAll three Sleepbox models, as viewed from the outside. Image credit: Sleepbox

InnerSpace (Compact)

Dimensions: 8 ft. long, 4 ft. deep, 7 ft. high, and about 1,500 lbs.

Constructed with an ash veneer and features a durable carpet floor, front window, wall mirror, fan, reading lamp, main overhead lighting, and clothing hooks. Additionally, you’ll find a flip-out table above the bed, two regular power outlets nearby, a wireless stereo, electronic privacy tinting, and a door with a mechanical lock.

Sleepbox Innerspace InteriorInnerspace’s interior, which can be configured either as an office or a rest space with a bed. Image credit: Sleepbox

Sleepbox (Single)

Dimensions: 8 ft. long, 5 ft. deep, 7.5 ft. high, and about 2,200 pounds.

This includes many of the same features found on the compact model, in addition to a ventilation system and luggage space underneath the bed. The company’s website indicates that the system completely turns over the inside air 10 or more times per hour, in order to help maintain fresh, clean, cool air.

Alternately, Sleepboxes can connect directly to the building's main ventilation system, or equipped with their own air conditioning unit.

Sleepbox Single InteriorThe Single model gives users a bit more room to stretch out, including a ventilation system and additional storage. Image credit: Sleepbox

Sleepbox (Double)

Dimensions: 8 ft. long, 5.25 ft. deep, 8.25 ft. high, and a little more than 2,600 pounds.

Includes everything found in the smaller models, in addition to a cabinet and side table.

Sleepbox Double Interior.The largest model, the Double, offers enough space to accommodate two adult sleepers. Image credit: Sleepbox

How Do You Assemble, Install, and Maintain a Sleepbox?

According to their website, the company packages Sleepboxes for transportation, provides customers with detailed, easy to follow assembly instructions, and designed them to be easily assembled by two people in as little as one hour. However, based on the weights listed above, they note that you’ll need the help of a small boom lift.

If requested, they can provide training for an assembly team, supervise the process in person or online, or hire an assembly team for you. Once assembled, each Sleepbox pod features lockable wheels for easy relocation.

From there, maintenance will largely depend on the specific model and intended use. If in an office environment, it will be included in the daily maintenance routine, without any additional expense required.

In hotels or airports, however, a turndown service will need to occur between each use. Since all units are completely customizable, Sleepbox notes that additional features like UV disinfecting lamps and ozone air filtration are available.

Speaking of expenses, let’s discuss price next.

How Much Does Sleepbox Cost?

Considering the level of customization available, no prices were listed on their website for any of the Sleepbox models. Instead, the only option was to request a quote, which could be impacted based on the model, the total number of units ordered, and type of use.

However, we reached out to the company for a general (low and high) price range for each model, as well as refund/warranty information. We’ll be sure to update this article as soon as a response is received.

What Are Sleepbox Users Saying in Their Reviews?

While we didn’t encounter any direct customer feedback about Sleepbox specifically during our research, we did come across 70 reviews on TripAdvisor for their Tverskaya (Moscow) hotel, which consists entirely of the company’s sleeping pods.

Note: There are several other similarly named capsule hotels around the world, although none appeared to have any relation to the company in question.

There, most compliments appeared to revolve around the pods’ uniqueness, the value for the price, and attractive, modern design. On the other hand, common complaints were that they were too small and that they’re not soundproofed (you might be able to hear what’s going on outside).

From a company perspective, Sleepbox was co-founded by CEO Mikhail Krymov, who is also a research fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT) and Peter Chambers.

According to AmericanInno, the idea started as a side project for their architecture firm, named Arch Group, since both traveled frequently for work “and were constantly subjected to flight delays and layovers where all they could do was wish for a comfortable, private place to rest.”

After the concept was published, Krymov reported they started receiving order requests from all over the world, so they decided to transition into a commercial project.

Are There Relaxation Vending Machines Competing With Sleepbox?

We found several other sleep and relaxation pods during our research, the vast majority of which featured chair-based designs that didn’t completely seal users off from the outside world like Sleepbox. Examples included GoSleep and some of PodTime’s lower end models.

However, PodTime also manufactures two cylindrical pods that use either front or side entries, although they don’t appear to have any kind of ventilation system or luggage storage like Sleepbox. Prices ranged between £2,395 and £2,895 (about $3,087 to $3732).

Furthermore, although we found PodTime’s cylinders very attractive, they didn’t seem to offer the same sleek, modern design as Sleepbox’s options.

Outside of this, we also came across pod-based hotels in other parts of the world, although none advertised using Sleepbox’s pods, specifically.

Our Final Thoughts About Sleepbox

In the end, it seems like Sleepboxes are attractively designed, can fit a wide variety of needs, and their small, compact size might have the potential to address ever-growing space concerns, especially in urban areas.

As such, we could foresee them being especially useful in areas like airports (such as in airline clubs) and train stations, where travelers are often in need of a comfortable space to get work done in between travel, and/or rest without worrying about having their belongings stolen.

And while Sleepbox seems to have a much larger presence in Europe, since the company recently also set up shop in Boston, we can imagine that their brand recognition will only continue to grow. After all, capsule hotels (or micro-hotels) and “small living” are becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world, including in the U.S.

In the meantime, we reached out to the company with additional questions, like:

  • Many online reviewers complained of no soundproofing. How are standard Sleepbox’s soundproofed? When ordering, can customers increase insulation levels and soundproofing ability?
  • What new locations are currently underway? Can you provide details?
  • Can you discuss some of the things the company has in store for the future?
  • Other than turn down/general cleaning, are there other more involved maintenance requirements?
  • What are the warranty and refund details?
  • What are the general price ranges for each model?

Be sure to bookmark this page, as we’ll provide updates as soon as a response is received from Sleepbox.

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