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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 2, 2017

Created by King Conall, the Slim Down in 21 Days weight loss system promises to work as an ultimate guide that can help you melt away stubborn body fat and transform your body in just three weeks.

We’re told that everything in the Slim Down in 21 Days program is broken down into the simplest, easiest to follow method possible. In fact, it’s so easy to use that it only involves three parts: an exercise video, an e-book, and a goals checklist.

Despite its ease of use, King claims Slim Down in 21 Days can help you maintain a healthy, toned body and improve stamina all year round. All while exercising less and enjoying the foods you love—even if you’ve never exercised before and have no idea where to start.

Really? Is this what you can realistically expect to achieve in just three weeks using the Slim Down in 21 Days program? We’ll start answering your questions by taking a look at the system’s details.

How Does the Slim Down In 21 Days Program Work and Is There Anything We’re Not Told?

As mentioned above, the Slim Down in 21 Days program consists of three core parts:

1. Slim Down in 21 Days E-Book: According to their long-form landing page, this e-book will reveal how to help you reach your weight loss goals faster by learning the best exercises—without having to go to the gym.

You’ll also learn how to boost your metabolism, stay motivated, and control your cravings with less effort.

2. Slim Down in 21 Days Checklist: A step-by-step checklist that contains everything you’ll need to do on the program. It also features fill-in-the-blank goals for customization.

3. Workout Video: An illustrated tutorial video what can help show you the proper way to perform exercises that target different muscle groups.

Despite the length of Slim Down’s website, that’s about all we’re told—which leaves a lot of important questions on the table:

Where’s the Nutrition Information?

When talking with your doctor (which you should always do before beginning any new fitness program), they’ll almost certainly tell you that what you eat is equally as important—perhaps even more so—as the exercises you perform.

We didn’t test the program firsthand, but based on what we’re told, it seems like Slim Down in 21 Days almost wholly focuses on fitness, versus nutrition. In our mind, this means you’re only getting half the information you need to lose weight and keep it off for the long term.

And even if customers are provided with some level of nutrition information, no details are provided about customization to meet their specific dietary needs.

What Kinds of Exercises Will You Perform?

Speaking of exercises, King doesn’t tell us a single thing about what you’ll do in the Slim Down in 21 Days program. He does mention that you won’t have to go to the gym, but this still leaves a whole lot up in the air. For example:

  • Are all of these exercises based on body weight alone? Or, will you need additional equipment, such as free weights or resistance bands?
  • In order to boost metabolism and burn fat, you must increase your heart rate through cardiovascular exercise. Is this included in the program? If so, is it low-impact (easy on your joints)?
  • Can these exercises be performed by anyone? Even those with injuries or other types of chronic mobility issues?
  • If these are easy enough for someone with mobility issues to perform, would someone who’s more fit easily become bored?
  • It’s well known that writing down our goals has many benefits, but what exactly will you check off on Slim Down’s checklist? And how will it help you lose weight?

How Much Weight Can You Expect to Lose With Slim Down in 21 Days?

The Centers for Disease Control tells us that healthy weight loss is considered about 1-2 pounds per week. Why?

A pound of fat is equivalent to about 3,500 calories (what your body burns for energy). So, if you reduce your daily intake by 500 calories through a combination of diet and exercise, you’ll shed about 1-2 pounds per week.

This means that, if you’re planning to stick with a long-term weight loss goal, then you might reasonably expect to lose 3-6 pounds over the course of the Slim Down in 21 Days program.

While this is certainly something to be proud of and could help kick off your new look, we think it’s important to keep your expectations realistic—especially considering all the hyped-up claims presented on the Slim Down website.

Who Is King Conall?

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to know who King Conall is. What are his qualifications? Does he have any formal training in fitness or nutrition? Why is his advice deserving of your hard-earned money?

These important questions aside, how much will you pay for the Slim Down in 21 Days program?

How Much Does Slim Down In 21 Days Cost?

The Slim Down in 21 Days e-book is priced at $19.95 and is available for instant download in PDF and MP4 format as soon as your payment is processed.

You’ll also receive the following bonuses:

  • Boost Your Metabolism Manual – Helpful tips on how you can boost your metabolism.
  • 7 Secrets For a Slimmer You Handbook – Strategies that can transform your body into a slimmer you.
  • Fitness Guidebook – Shows you how to make fitness fun and enjoyable.
  • Private ‘Your Weight Loss Partner’ Facebook Group Access – A supportive community where you can ask other members for help, or any questions you may have.

If you don’t start dropping weight within 60 days, King tells us that you can return Slim Down in 21 Days for a full refund by emailing support@yourweightlosspartner.com.

Pro tip: Based on our experience reviewing e-books like these and reading feedback from customers, you might have better luck by contacting Clickbank (the online retailer) directly at 800-390-6035.

Let’s carry this thought over to the next section.

Are There Other Weight Loss E-Books Like Slim Down in 21 Days and Can We Learn Anything From Their Reviews?

There are hundreds—perhaps more—of weight loss and fitness-related e-programs competing directly with Slim Down in 21 Days.

In fact, if you type the phrase “slim down in 21 days” into any search engine, you’ll instantly find dozens of programs that claim to help you accomplish the exact same results.

We’ve even investigated a handful here at HighYa, including 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme by Beachbody, as well as completely free options like 21 Day Weight Loss Breakthrough by Dr. Oz.

How do they compare? Is King Conall’s Slim Down in 21 Days version more worthy of your hard-earned money?

Again, without trying it firsthand and without being told enough information on the website, there’s simply no way to know.

However, we can say that many of the other e-books we’ve written about over the years, including Fat Diminisher System, Fat Crusher System, Pound Melter, and E-Factor Diet, tend to come with lower-than-average ratings (generally two stars or lower). Why?

Overwhelmingly, most customers complain that the e-books don’t deliver the information promised—and if they did, it’s often the stuff you could learn in a few minutes searching elsewhere online.

Clearly, Slim Down in 21 Days comes to us from a completely different author who claims to deliver unique information, so we’re not saying you’ll experience the same. But given the frequency of this feedback, it’s our duty to report the information and leave it up to you to make the final decision.

Is Slim Down in 21 Days the Best Use of Your Money?

“Best” is a highly subjective term and, in this instance, depends on several different factors that we can’t know about: What’s your current fitness level? What keeps you motivated? Do you have any physical limitations? How much time do you have available to workout?

Not to sound like a broken record, but we didn’t test the Slim Down in 21 Days program ourselves. But based on the massive amount of important information their website leaves out (all the questions above, included), we’d have some serious reservations about handing over our money. After all, we’re consumers too!

Instead, we think you might get more value for your money by speaking with your doctor, or with a professional nutritionist or trainer.

In the meantime, we emailed the author to see if we could uncover any of this missing information. We’ll be sure to update this article as soon as a response is received!

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