What Is SlimForia Forskolin?

By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff
Published on: Aug 26, 2017

SlimForia Forskolin is a weight management dietary supplement formulated with all natural ingredients—including 60 percent HCA—that promise to help jumpstart your metabolism, balance food cravings, increase serotonin levels, and leave you looking great and feeling amazing.

In addition, the website indicates the supplement is carefully produced in the company’s GMP certified lab, without the use of fillers, binders, or chemical additives.

If you’re looking for some kind of magic weight loss pill, based on how the company pitches it, SlimForia Forskolin might meet the definition. But in reality, is this what you’ll experience?

The HighYa team has spent a lot of time investigating supplements like this, so we’ll provide some research-backed details you can use to make a more empowered purchase.

First, How Does the Body Gain & Lose Weight?

There are obviously many ways to gain weight, whether due to natural growth, exercising and lifting weights, retaining water, and so forth. But when people use this term, it’s frequently related to gaining fat. How does this happen?

If you consume more calories than your body can expend through physical activity (whether doing day-to-day stuff or more intense workouts) and essential biological functions (heartbeat, breathing, digestion, etc.), this excess is stored as fat inside specialized cells called adipocytes; aka fat cells.

While ScienceBlogs reports that our total number of fat cells is designated at birth, if this excess calorie consumption continues for long enough, these cells can collectively fill up to the point where they start creating bulging fat deposits in different areas of the body.

The bad news is that, outside of procedures like liposuction, we can’t decrease our number of fat cells. The good news is that we can force our body to use the fat they contain as energy, by expending more calories per day than we consume (known as a calorie deficit).

Doing this, the Centers For Disease Control reports that most people will lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Comparatively, how does SlimForia Forskolin work, and will it deliver improved weight loss results over creating a calorie deficit based on a healthy diet and regular exercise?

Are SlimForia Forskolin’s Ingredients Clinically Proven?

In this specific instance, the answer to the question might be a bit more nuanced than you're expecting. Stick with us, and we'll quickly break it down:

What’s in the SlimForia Supplement?

No label was listed on the SlimForia website at the time of our research, so we reached out to three different customer service representatives looking for a supplement facts label, including dosages.

However, each of the reps we spoke with emphasized that they provide support for hundreds of different supplements—including some forskolin options, but that there was nothing in their system with that exact name.

Granted, it might seem like common sense that the ‘forskolin’ in the supplement’s name could provide some insight into what it contains. But again, this might not be exactly what it seems.

Forskolin vs. Garcinia Cambogia: What’s the Difference?

Briefly, Coleus forskohlii is a member of the mint family that’s commonly found in Southeast Asia and East Africa. It contains a chemical named forskolin that was clinically shown in the 1970s to help decrease blood pressure and muscle spasms.

On the other hand, garcinia cambogia is a pumpkin-shaped fruit also found in some parts of Asia and Africa that contains a chemical called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). In some studies, it’s been shown to inhibit citrate lyase from turning glucose into fat, while boosting serotonin production.

Either way, as we outline in The Great Forskolin Hoax and The Truth About Garcinia Cambogia, sites like the Natural Medicines Database, WebMD, and Examine.com indicate there’s insufficient overall clinical evidence indicating that either of these substances can help humans lose a measurable amount of weight.

Here’s the catch: You probably noticed that garcinia cambogia isn’t mentioned anywhere on the SlimForia website. So why discuss it?

While the name contains the word forskolin, the supplement’s site doesn’t address this ingredient specifically. Instead, all the text describes garcinia cambogia (even referencing its pumpkin shape and HCA content).

Again, the three customer service reps we spoke with weren’t able to provide any additional insight. We also found two hyperlinked studies at the bottom of the SlimForia website, although clicking them only brought us back to the top of the home page.

Will SlimForia Forskolin’s Ingredients Cause Side Effects?

These same authoritative sites report that for more customers, forskolin and garcinia cambogia (assuming either of these ingredients are actually found in the supplement) won’t cause anything worse than mild, temporary digestive upset.

In some instances, however (no specifics listed), the Natural Medicines Database indicates that garcinia supplementation may be linked with liver damage within as little as one week of use.

How Much Does SlimForia Forskolin Cost?

The only way to purchase SlimForia at the time of our research was through a 15-day trial, for a total price of $4.95 in S&H charges.

15 days after placing your order, you’ll be charged the full price of $89.65 for the 30-day supply you already received. You’ll also be signed up for the company’s recurring shipping program, which stipulates that you’ll receive a new bottle once per month and charged $89.65 each time.

Important: Per the website’s terms, customers must call at least one day before the end of their trial in order to be eligible for a refund. After the trial has expired, it also advises that no refunds are available.

Slimforia Forskolin Checkout ScreenshotAnother important point is that, when checking out, the site indicated our shipment wouldn’t be sent for 7 days, leaving very little time to try SlimForia Forskolin before paying full price. (The above screenshot was taken on August 25, 2017.)

To stop your trial or your automatic shipments, customer service can be reached at 888-308-0756 or support@tryslimforiaforskolin.com.

A Quick Note About Arbitration

Arbitration agreements aren’t anything new. In fact, many modern products and services utilize them.

However, they do eliminate your right to traditional legal processes like a trial by jury or joining a class action lawsuit. Instead, you’ll be subject to binding third-party arbitration to settle any disputes.

Keep this in mind, because as soon as you place an order for SlimForia Forskolin, you’ll be bound to one of these arbitration agreements.

Are There Other Weight Loss Supplements Like SlimForia Forskolin?

Whether you’re looking for forskolin, garcinia cambogia, or a combination of the two, a quick online search revealed there are perhaps hundreds of weight loss supplement containing these ingredients and competing for the same customers as SlimForia.

Not only this, but prices ranged from less than $7 to well over $60, putting the supplement in question far above the upper end of the spectrum. Is it worth the higher price?

While we didn’t test it ourselves, one of the most important tips we’ve learned over our years researching all manner of dietary supplements is this: According to organizations like the National Institutes of Health, otherwise healthy, nondeficient individuals do not need to take vitamins or dietary supplements.

However, if you’re set on taking one, be sure to speak with your doctor first. They’ll be able to make science-based recommendations centered on your diagnosis, and whether or not this includes supplements like SlimForia.

From there, look for:

  • A complete supplement facts label, including dosages, with no proprietary blends
  • A manufacturer that’s clearly listed, including contact information and refund details
  • Friendly customer support that’s able (and willing) to answer any questions you might have
  • A competitive price and refund policy that’s more or less in line with other supplements
  • A straightforward pricing structure, with no mandatory free trials or recurring shipping programs

Does all of this bode well for SlimForia?

Our Bottom Line About SlimForia Forskolin

According to the Obesity Action Coalition, a 2005 report from AC Neilson indicated that Americans spent more than $322 million on weight loss supplements, including bars and shakes, that year alone. This is a number that has almost certainly only increased since then.

When referencing SlimForia Forskolin specifically, though, our experience researching this product revealed several potential red flags: We’re not told what’s in it (even after speaking with support several times), and its advertising messaging seems confusing (forskolin in the name but describing garcinia cambogia on the site).

Furthermore, the only way to purchase it is through a free trial, its price is exceptionally high compared to the competition, and we have no idea which company is behind it. In fact, none of the customer support reps we spoke with could even locate the supplement in their system.

Combined, it seems that SlimForia Forskolin customers are paying a heck of a lot of money for a completely unknown substance, which comes from an anonymous manufacturer.

Given these big concerns and everything we learned from the authoritative websites and professionals above, we’ll reiterate that we think you should speak with your doctor before ordering SlimForia, or any other weight management supplement.

See Also: How Walking 30 Minutes a Day Can Benefit Your Health in a Big Way

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  • 4 out 4 people found this review helpful

    Total scam! Do NOT purchase!

    I ordered this product as a 30-day trial for $4.95 only to find out that they charged my bank account $89.65. Nowhere in any of the product ordering info did it say that there was only a 14-day trial period and that I had 14 days to cancel it before I was charged "full price."

    I would never have ordered this if this were the case. I spoke to five different representatives that all told me the same thing..."we can refund you only 50% of the total cost of the product." After much frustration, and a month later, they told me that they would guarantee a 50% refund. I've been waiting now for four months and still NO REFUND! I even took off work to sit down with a representative from my bank and have a three-way conference call to prove to them that I never received a refund. They gave me a "refund track number," but my bank clearly said that they never received that number in their system. All lies. After my bank representatives asked a few questions, their rep hung up on us. I called back and I asked to speak with a supervisor, they said: "we can't give out that information." What?! "He's on vacation."

    I can't tell you how horrible this is, to lose your hard earned money to a total fraud of a company. What is even worse is to be lied to by people that are working for this company.

    This is a total scam! They're faking refunds. There is no "email support." Don't purchase anything from this company.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 9 out 9 people found this review helpful

    Horrible company!

    DO NOT order this product! Save your money. Not only does it not work, I was so mad when I saw money getting taken out of my bank account for a subscription that I didn't even know I signed up for (read the small print!). I thought I was ordering just one bottle. They have already charged me again for another bottle of pills I haven't even received yet, and even though I have canceled my subscription they will not let me return them when I get them, even if it is in the original packaging and has not been opened! Customer care is clearly on the bottom of this companies list.

    And their claim of "try risk-free" is NOT the TRUTH. You will be risking lots of money for something you don't even want. I will be paying close to $150 for the package they sent out, and I already told them I didn't want it and they just said: "it has already been shipped out and you don't qualify for returns."

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 6 out 6 people found this review helpful

    Don't try this product!

    This is a total sham! I didn't realize that the free trial (which costs approximately $10.00) locks you into this (one business day before the end of the fourteen 14-day trial period):

    "We will charge $89.65 USD, which includes shipping and handling, the day after the trial period ends to the card you provided at checkout and you will continue with the recurring shipping program. Approximately every thirty (30) days after the trial period ("Subscription Term"), we will automatically charge $89.65 USD to the same card you provided when you signed up for the trial offer."

    Don't sign up for this and when you do want to cancel they make you jump through hoops! I emailed and requested it be canceled, but they won't allow me yet. They gave me this number, 866-439-2001, and can't cancel until the 14th or 15th of this month.

    Please be very careful and don't get scammed!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 7 out 7 people found this review helpful

    Warning: do not try free trial!

    I came across this product on Facebook, which said try a free 30-day trial, just pay for shipping and handling. When I was in the ordering process, I was tricked into also purchasing SlimFire Garcinia. The total was less than $10, so I figured no big deal.

    I ordered these products on 1/8, and I received them several days later. On 1/23 I was then charged $69.95 for the Forskolin and $79.95 for the Garcinia (which I did not even want in the first place!). I never received any sort of email to address the fact that I had money withdrawn from my account, I just so happened to find out on my own when I looked over my statement.

    I called customer service at 877-750-3502 (I had to search for this number). Apparently, you are agreeing to a 14-day trial that begins on the day of ordering, not the day you receive the product. You are then expected to call within those 14 days to cancel the trial if you find that you don't like the product, but how do you know if the product works after just a few days?! If you don't call and cancel, then you will be automatically charged for the full price of the products that you have already received. You will then be charged AGAIN for the next month's products.

    This is obviously not clearly stated or nobody would participate in this "free trial." It is figured that this is a legit offer because it has been advertised and talked about by professionals, but do not fall for it. I was on the phone with customer service for almost 40 minutes. I immediately had my account canceled and will no longer receive or be charged for any products. I then argued for a full refund. I was offered 30%, then 50%, then 75% and finally they gave me a full 100% refund with email confirmation. They will tell you that they can't offer a full refund and give many excuses, but just keep arguing.

    They took my money without me knowing. Apparently, I should have looked further into the terms and conditions, but if I would have known what I was agreeing to, then I never would have tried the "free" trial. I claimed that I would report them to the BBB and FTC and said anything I could until they finally gave up and gave me a full refund.

    This product is not worth the money that is charged; you can buy similar products at Walmart. DON'T DO IT. And if it's too late and you have already agreed to the trial, then call and argue until you get your money back.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 12 out 12 people found this review helpful

    SlimForia scam

    • Ridgely, MD,
    • Jan 15, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    This company is an absolute joke. Unfortunately, I got suckered into buying the product since it popped up on my Facebook. After 14 days of ORDERING the product that was a trial, and not having it, I got charged $90 to my account. I asked for a refund and he wouldn’t do it. Even offering to send it back and the most their “system” would allow is half of it back. The only way I’ll be lucky to get it back is to dispute it. There was no way for me to email them, leave a review on a page, or even a Facebook. I had to get their number through my bank. I HIGHLY recommend you DO NOT order from this company unless you want money snatched from you.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 11 out 11 people found this review helpful

    They're crooks!

    This company is a scam! They are crooks!

    I did the one time purchase via the internet and paid for the shipping and handling. Two weeks later I receive a notice from my account that another payment of $90 each was taken from my account by the two commercial companies they use; Prime Glow Intensity and Clear Crest LLC 87751 on 1/6/18 at 4:13 AM. I had to put a stop payment on this, and when I called the company SlimForia, they told me that I agreed to a 14-day trial (of course I DID NOT), period.

    They are LIARS. Nowhere on the site did it say that! Not even in the Terms and Conditions. I am fighting to get my money back right now as we speak. They would only give me back 50% of my money that they STOLE back. YEAH, RIGHT. This is a scam to get your account information to get money from you over and over again!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 14 out 14 people found this review helpful

    Buyer beware!

    • Ponca City, OK,
    • Dec 28, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    First of all, they don't tell you anything about your account being charged in 14 days. For me, it wasn't even fourteen days from the time they charged me the initial $4.95. When I saw the charge, I immediately called because of the fact it was $89.65. I offered to return the product because quite frankly, I GAINED WEIGHT on it. And I was even eating properly; low carbs and low calories. They proceeded to tell me they can cancel my account and I won't get charged further, but they would not offer a refund. All this during Christmas. Thanks a freaking lot.

    I have filed a dispute with my banking institution, but I doubt anything will happen. This place is a horrible fraud, and I warn anyone to just diet and exercise normally. There is no quick fix. It's all a waste of money and especially when they scam you and bill your account like that.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 14 out 14 people found this review helpful


    So, I saw their ad on a website and decided to try it. I decided to buy one bottle, but while checking it out, it showed "people also buy this product in addition." I ignored it, but when I clicked "submit," I was charged for both items. I was like, "it's not a big deal, its just $9."

    After receiving the two products, I started using one after 10 days of receiving it and then, on the 15th day of buying the product, I noticed a pending charge of $87 two times. I called them immediately. The lady I spoke with said she was going to deactivate my account, which she did.

    However, on the next day, my charge of approximately $170+ was still on my account (completed). I called back immediately. The lady said they can't do anything about it, and when I asked to speak to the manager, she said that's not possible. I'm like, I have only used it 4 days worth of one of the bottles, not even both bottles. She did not yield. I finally cut the phone and called back again because the lady was really arguing with me. After calling back for the 3rd time, the 2nd lady offered a 10% refund. I am like, $17 out of $170?

    I told her I don't mind returning the bottles because I haven't even touched one. They totally broke me. I CRIED. Finally, she agreed to a 50% refund, which is still not good, but its better than $17.

    So trust me, if you don't want to deal with this unnecessary hassle, don't try them. It's not worth it. I'm not even sure if it works or not. It's just BAD.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 17 out 17 people found this review helpful

    Please do not order!

    This company is a total scam! I saw an advertisement on Instagram. There were claims that Dr. Oz supports this product and everything about the ad looked legit, and I am not easily fooled into these things. The ad made no mention of product cost, showed absolutely no terms and conditions, etc.

    It was supposed to be a simple 30-day trial, free product to try, and my only obligation was to pay for $5 shipping. During the check-out process, they snuck in a second product, which charged me a second shipping rate. Both charges came from two completely different companies, which had no mention of SlimForia at all.

    $10 later, and about a week later, I received the product. I have had the products in my position for a little over one week. First of all, it takes a minimum of one month to possibly feel any effects from a product, this I know because I have previously worked for a holistic health product company.

    In less than 2 weeks, I received TWO unauthorized charges (one for $89 and another for $87) from two completely different companies yet again! I have now been charged from four different companies for what was supposed to be a 30-day trial, risk-free, no commitment product!

    I called my bank immediately to dispute the charge. Fortunately, I was able to get both absurd charges reversed through my bank. But what was more alarming is when I called the number on one of the shipping invoices (from SlimForia), the employee (obviously in a call center) stated that it was MY obligation to call them after 2 weeks of receiving the product to cancel future orders. B.S! I had 30 days and it had only been 12!

    They refused to give me a refund and tried to offer me a "one time only offer of a 30% discount on another order." Being completely outraged, I told them that I had already disputed the charges and I do not consent to any future orders and that I just need to know if I should mail back the full bottles. They told me to keep it and that I should "be more careful when ordering stuff off of the internet and that it was my fault for not reading the terms and conditions," which by the way were never provided at any point during the online transaction.

    This company is a complete SCAM! They then told me that I will need to call back with my bank on the line so they can handle this and read the terms and conditions to my bank but that they still would not issue a refund. Why would I do that?! Why didn't they provide me with it in the first place?

    I ended up hanging up on them and canceled that debit card so they could no longer try to recharge me. I just thank God that I saw the charge right away and was able to get it reversed immediately and cancel that card. What a nightmare right before Christmas!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 10 out 10 people found this review helpful

    Highly do not recommend!

    • Colorado,
    • Dec 16, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I was wanting to leave a review on the actual page for SlimForia, but to no surprise, they don't have any place for you to leave a customer review!

    Just like everyone else, I was scammed into this "free" trial. DO NOT even think about starting the free trial because after "30 days" it will charge you $89! I even called to cancel the day I got the pills, but they supposedly have no documentation stating that I called to do so!

    After seeing my account was charged, I immediately called customer service and talked to a very rude lady. She kept saying my trial ended today, no yesterday, no the day before. She had no idea what she was talking about, so I waited on hold for 20 minutes to talk to a supervisor who was just as rude!

    $89 down the drain for a crappy product. I wouldn't ever recommend them to anyone!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 11 out 11 people found this review helpful

    Do not buy!

    Too bad I have to give them one star.

    After researching the reviews, I learned of the $89 charge I would be getting if not canceled within 14 days. I called customer service to cancel the subscription after about four days, and just as the recent reviews stated, she was rude to me, yelled over me and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, she said flat out NO because they were just going to tell me the same thing. We argued about talking to a supervisor for a while. They actually argue with you.

    She then said I needed to send back the unused portion if I wanted to cancel. REALLY? Do these people work from home unsupervised because they yell at you, hang up on you, are very rude and never note the account. I called back thinking I would get someone useful and it was like talking to the same person all over again. Well, needless to say, I told her I would have my bank handle it for me and hung up on her this time. I have never been treated so nasty by a customer service rep. Then a minute later they called me back and I would not talk to them.

    Beware, DO NOT purchase! Scammers!

    So they give you 14 days to cancel but when you call them to cancel they tell you the product may take four weeks or more to show results (they only send you a trial for two weeks). This is where they get you with the $89.00. You are up on your trial so they talk you into thinking you need to continue and scam you for the $89.00, most of the time taking it from your bank while you are unaware.

    I am glad I was able to take care of this myself, my way. You didn't get me!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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