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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jan 7, 2015

SlimGenix Pro is a UK-based weight loss supplement that’s claimed to combine a powerful blend of raspberry ketone, green coffee, superfruits, and antioxidants that can help you burn excess stored fat, suppress your appetite, retain muscle mass, burn energy, maximize your health, and prevent free radical damage. Whew, say that 5 times fast!

And because SlimGenix Pro is claimed to help you torch fat and transform your body using just 2 daily capsules, the manufacturer claims it can help you sculpt a tight body and finally achieve thinner legs, a firmer butt, and tighter abs, in addition to boosted energy.

In reality though, you probably knew all of this, and came here looking to know if SlimGenix is the real deal. So we’ll get right to the matter at hand and state, in our opinion, it’s not. And here’s why:

Are SlimGenix Pro’s Ingredients Clinically Proven to Help You Lose Weight?

In short, no. This is because, although the SlimGenix Pro website doesn’t provide a product label or a full list of ingredients, raspberry ketone and green coffee bean have essentially zero clinical evidence showing that they can help individuals lose weight, or provide any other meaningful health benefits. It really is that plain and simple.

As such, at least based on the ingredients we’re informed about, it’s all but certain that the ingredients contained in SlimGenix Pro will not provide you with any weight loss benefits.

The Psychology Behind SlimGenix Pro

Perhaps because there’s nothing in the way of clinical evidence supporting their claims, the SlimGenix Pro website is set up in such a way as to elicit an emotional response from you, instead of a rational, informed one. This is something we discussed in-depth in our How Weight Loss Ads Convince You to Buy article.

In short, we can see this in play on the SlimGenix Pro website as our eyes are immediately drawn to an image of an attractive model in the upper left-hand corner of the home page, making us think, “Wow! I’d love to look like that!”

Then, our eyes are drawn to the middle of the page where we learn that SlimGenix Pro can “Melt Away Fat,” and then to the top where we become alarmed, because:

Thankfully, SlimGenix Pro relieves this sense of distress by providing a form where we can immediately order our trial.

Taken together, this takes us on an emotional roller coaster by making us want to look fit and slim, learning that we may not be able to, and then suddenly finding out we may have a shot at getting our hands on SlimGenix Pro. Obviously, this is all nonsense, but it definitely tugs at our emotions if we allow it.

What Kind of Weight Loss Results are Consumers Having with SlimGenix Pro?

SlimGenix Pro appears to only be sold through independent affiliates, who earn commissions from each sale they refer. In order to make as many sales as possible, these affiliates will often resort to less-than-stellar marketing tactics, such as creating fake review websites. In a very real way, these sites are intended to make you think you’re making an informed decision, when they’re really just more marketing hype.

Outside of these affiliate websites, there weren’t any legitimate online customer reviews available for SlimGenix Pro at the time of our research. And because the company is based in the UK, they are not listed with the Better Business Bureau.

SlimGenix Pro Pricing & Refund Policy

Important note: As of the time of this writing (1/21/15), SlimGenix Pro was only available for UK residents, or those with a UK postal address.

SlimGenix is only available via a 14-day trial, which will cost $3.95 for S&H and will begin on the date your order is placed. According to the supplement’s Terms, you order should arrive within 5-7 business days. 

After your trial has expired, you’ll be billed £94.99 (about $143 as of the time of this writing) for the full price of the product. Then, you’ll be enrolled in the company’s autoship program, which means you’ll continue receiving a fresh supply of SlimGenix Pro once every 30 days, and your credit card will be charged about $143 each time.

On top of this, you’ll also be enrolled in SlimGenix’s Insider Health Secrets Newsletter for an additional 29 pence (about $0.44) per month.

Note: As we’ve mentioned countless times, it’s our opinion that free trials and autoship programs are more about taking as much of your money as possible than they are about providing you with any kind of benefits. As such, it’s our recommendation that you be leery of any products sold using these tactics.

With this said, SlimGenix Pro comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. You will be required to return the bottle to the manufacturer, even if empty.

In order to request a refund or to cancel your autoship enrollment, you’ll need to contact customer service at 0808-169-2023 for an RMA (keep in mind that international charges may apply).

Is SlimGenix Pro Your Answer for Effective Weight Loss?

Chopping to the Point: Considering the utter lack of clinical evidence showing the ingredients (that we’re informed about) contained in SlimGenix can provide any kind of benefits—weight loss or otherwise, as well as the fact the supplement is only sold through a trial and subsequent autoship program, it’s our professional opinion that SlimGenix Pro’s very high price is far out of line with any benefits you can expect to achieve from using it.

In fact, the only effective method of losing weight and keeping it off is eating a sensible diet and regularly exercising, so the likelihood that SlimGenix Pro or any other natural weight loss supplement will provide meaningful, long-lasting results is slim to none (no pun intended).

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    This is a scam, don't buy, there's no free trial

    • London United Kingdom ,
    • Jul 31, 2015

    I stupidly fell for this free trial offer only to receive the products with a leaflet. Was meant to be free trial and only pay for postage, however in the leaflet it is advised I will be automatically billed £94.00 after 14 days. You can only return product after trying to ring number to get RMA, but they don't answer. Don't be fooled, it will cost you big time. There are websites warning of this scam so please check them out.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • SlimGenix Pro

    • London,
    • Jul 15, 2015

    Do not buy. It is a scam that will cost you £100 a bottle. Do not do it.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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