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By HighYa Staff

Snake Bit is an extender for a ratchet driver or drill the manufacturers say allows you to install or remove bolts and screws that are in hard-to-reach areas. They promise you can bend Snake Bit around corners and extend your range up to 12 inches making those difficult mounting jobs much easier. Phew!

Snake Bit is sold by Spark Innovators, who market a variety of household/grooming items in the “As Seen On TV” market. Currently, they have an F rating from the BBB; this is because the BBB says there isn’t enough info on the company and they failed to respond to 2 complaints.

How Snake Bit Works

Snake Bit Is a 12-inch bendable extension they say is made of steel and covered in black rubber. They say its secret is the linkage that turns inside the rigid “snake” shell; they add it locks in place and works at a 90-degree angle. They state you can use it with your power drill or with the ratchet that comes with your purchase.

They tout it’s as easy-to-use as 1-2-3; slide the Snake Bit into the drill or ratchet, choose your head for screws, bolts, or nuts (also included) and then get to work! They assure you that the shelving unit with the awkward mounting screw, the ceiling fan just out of reach, or even the bolt behind the flywheel of your ’57 Chevy is now easily accessible with the Snake Bit.

Snake Bit Pricing and Returns

The Snake Bit has a list price of $14.99 plus $7.50 S&H but they automatically charge you another $7.50 in fees for the “free” 27-piece kit making the true total $29.99. They offer a 30-day guarantee, which means you can return the Snake Bit for your $14.99 but not the $15 in S&H and you have to pay to ship it back yourself.

Each Snake Bit Order Includes:

  • Snake Bit Universal Extender
  • 10 Hex and Star Tips
  • 6 Phillips and Flat Tips
  • 6 Sockets
  • Ratcheting Driver

Bottom Line: Is Snake Bit a Scam?

We’ve all been frustrated by a screw or bolt that is in an awkward place and the Snake Bit seems promising from that “angle.” But there are a few red flags we’d like to point out. First, Spark Innovators has an F rating from the BBB. True, it’s for just a very few number of complaints but the BBB says there is also not enough information on the company itself or how long it’s been in business. In addition there have been a few postings elsewhere from consumers regarding deceptive billing and upselling on other Spark Innovators products during the ordering process.

Second, whenever the shipping/handling fees on a product are equal to or greater than the list price of the item itself, that means they are going to make money off of your purchase even if its returned.

Third, aside from your 30-day money-back guarantee, there is no other warranty for Snake Bit itself. And finally, if/when you do purchase this product, the privacy policy states they may solicit you with phone calls, emails, or snail mail regarding other products and “from time to time” give your information to third parties as well. (They say you may individually opt-out of these.)

These are just a few of the things we feel you should consider before your purchase of Snake Bit.

What do you think? Did you buy Snake Bit and did it help you around the house or do you feel it was a waste of your money? Let us know

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