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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Aug 25, 2015

What’s all this talk about Snapbac’s compression and hot/cold therapy? Montel Williams claimed it helped relieve his chronic pain, but will it work for you too?

Here, we’ll take an in-depth look at Snapbac’s claims, so you can figure out if it’s the right pain management tool for you.

Snapbac Wearable Pain Relief Technology

Compared to other hot/cold compresses, Snapbac’s line of wearable pain therapy is different in two primary ways: 1) it uses compression to reduce swelling, pain, and stiffness, while also improving blood circulation, and 2) its patented hot/cold therapy pods fit snugly in the mesh compartment, conform to your body, and provide up to 40 minutes of relief.

This means that Snapbac might be able to reduce pain associated with sports injuries, neck or back injuries, migraines and headaches, aging, or any other types of aches and pains.

Each Snapbac garment is made from a sweat-wicking, breathable, polyester spandex material that provides “next to skin feel,” which means it can be worn comfortably all day long; even in your sleep.

Ultimately, the company claims Snapbac can keep you mobile, while providing active pain therapy right where you need it.

Pro tip: Before deciding if Snapbac works as well as the manufacturer claims, you first need to understand the source of your pain.

What’s Causing Your Pain? Where’s it Coming From?

Pain stinks. But this is how your body lets you know something is wrong, so it’s definitely beneficial.

Unfortunately, this pain isn’t very useful for telling us exactly what’s wrong, which makes all the difference.

For example: If you have shooting pain in your shoulder, this could be caused by many different things, including a muscle sprain, injury to your socket, or arthritis (among many others). Each of these will respond to treatment differently.

Of these, Snapbac’s compression and hot/cold therapy will likely address only muscle sprains and arthritis, although to varying degrees.

This is why, if you’re experiencing pain (chronic or otherwise), the first person you should speak with is your physician. They’ll be able to provide guidance based on your specific diagnosis.

Speaking of compression, how much does Snapbac provide?

Snapbac’s Level of Compression

In The Science of Compression Wear and Can Copperwear Provide You with Pain Relief, we learned that compression garments have been used medically for decades to improve circulation, boost muscle oxygenation, and speed up wound healing.

What’s the catch? These medical-grade products are only available through a prescription, and provide very specific levels of compression, depending on your needs.

On the other hand, consumer-grade products like Snapbac take a “one compression fits all” approach. Meaning that they may not provide enough compression to address your needs. In other instances, they might provide too much.

Ultimately, this means that if you’re expecting Snapbac to provide the same level of relief as medical compression garments, you might end up disappointed.

Now that we’ve discussed compression, let’s talk temperature.

What is Hot/Cold Therapy Good For?

Hot and cold temperatures do different things to your body, and should be used at different times.

Cold therapy reduces swelling by slowing blood flow and circulation, and is generally best within 24-48 hours of an injury. If you leave the cold compress in place for more than 20 minutes, you could actually aggravate your injury, so make sure to take 10-minute breaks in between sessions.

In contrast, heat therapy increases blood flow and oxygenation, and relaxes muscles and tendons, thereby improving flexibility. Heat therapy is best for chronic pain, although it shouldn’t be used if swelling or an open wound is present.

Whether you need hot or cold therapy, are there other options out there besides Snapbac?

Other Hot/Cold Therapy Options

If you search online for “hot/cold therapy,” you’ll find thousands of results. If you hop in your car and drive to your nearest big box retailer, you’ll probably find several more.

The point is that when it comes to relieving your pain using hot/cold therapy, you have a whole lot of options, in addition to Snapbac.

Granted, not all of these will feature the same pod technology, compression, and mesh holder as Snapbac, but some of these options might work better depending on your needs.

The point? Be sure to research all your pain relief options before making a decision. HighYa is a great place to start!

At this point, we’ve covered all the basics. Now, let’s cover Snapbac’s cost.

How Much Does Snapbac Cost?

Snapbac compression garments are available in sizes S through 2XL, in the following models:

  • Men’s Shirt: $59.95
  • Women’s Shirt: $59.95
  • Men’s Shorts: $59.95
  • Women’s Shorts: $59.95
  • Knee Sleeve: $29.95
  • Elbow Sleeve: $29.95
  • Calf Sleeve: $19.95
  • Therapy Pod (M and L only): $7.95

If you order one garment, you’ll pay $7.95 S&H. If you order 2 or more garments, shipping is free.

All Snapbac purchases come with a 30-day refund policy, and the company covers the shipping charges. To request a refund, you’ll need to call customer service at 844-229-0768.

Is Snapbac “Revolutionary" Wearable Temperature Therapy?

From a design perspective, Snapbac’s mesh enclosure and pod technology certainly seem to separate it from much of the competition. Exploring your options, you won’t find anything quite like it.

But does this mean that Snapbac will work better than other options? A lot of this depends on what’s causing your pain, which is why you should always consult with your doctor beforehand.

If you’ve explored other options and have decided that Snapbac is the right solution for you, the company seems to stand behind their products with a 30-day refund policy. We think it's pretty cool when a company stands behind their product by covering the shipping expenses for their customers should they not be satisfied for any reason.

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