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By HighYa Staff
Published on: Jul 11, 2018

Based on what we learned from the website, Snore B Gone is a comfortable, lightweight, easy to use, fully adjustable mouthpiece that promises to hold your jaw and tongue firmly in place and effectively reduce—or even eliminate—snoring.

Consequently, this could help you enjoy a full night of deep sleep, wake up refreshed and more energized, lower blood pressure, and increase oxygen levels.

You just have to slip the FDA-approved, BPA free, and latex free device into your mouth before you sleep, and its maximally efficient architecture will help ensure it remains in place throughout the night, regardless of how much you toss and turn. And if at any point it doesn’t fit perfectly, it’s easily remoldable.

With its relatively low price and big, medically proven claims of helping others “say goodbye” to snoring, you might expect a lot from Snore B Gone. Can you expect it to deliver value for the price? Let’s start there.

How Does Snore B Gone Work?

In A Step-by-Step Approach to Finding san Anti-Snoring Product That Works, we explain that the physical cause of snoring is often rooted in the relaxation of the tongue and throat muscles upon falling asleep. So relaxed, in fact, that they can often narrow the airway to the point where passing air can vibrate the surrounding tissue.

A wide variety of factors can make this physical reaction more likely to occur, including getting older, gender, level of physical fitness, alcohol and tobacco use, sedative medications, as well as your preferred sleeping position.

And if the situation continues for long enough, it can lead to side effects like excessive daytime sleepiness, mood swings and depression, difficulty concentrating, and frequent headaches. It can also be a signal for sleep apnea, which occurs when patients completely stop breathing for seconds or minutes at a time while sleeping.

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Anti-snoring mouthpieces like Snore B Gone (technically referred to as mandibular advancement devices) have been clinically proven over the years to help reduce the likelihood of this occurring by slightly moving the lower jaw forward. This tightens loose muscles and aids in preventing airway restriction and subsequent snoring, which is why the FDA must approve each one sold on the market.

Some mouthpieces (although this doesn’t appear to be the case with Snore B Gone) also feature a tongue stabilizer to help hold it forward and further prevent airway restriction.

How Much Does the Snore B Gone Mouth Guard Cost & Where Can You Buy?

If ordered directly from the manufacturer via the Snore-B-Gone.com website, customers will pay:

  • 1 Mouthpiece: $59.99
  • 2 Mouthpieces: $119.97
  • 3 Mouthpieces: $119.97 (yes, it’s the same price!)

All options include free shipping and a complimentary antibacterial container. They also come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H and a $9.99 per-mouthpiece restocking fee, which you can request by calling 888-317-5763 or emailing info@snore-b-gone.com.

We also found the Snore B Gone mouthpiece for sale on Amazon for $49.99, although it wasn’t eligible for free Prime shipping.

What Can We Learn From Online Customer Reviews for Snore B Gone?

Online consumer feedback for Snore B Gone was limited to three Amazon reviews, who had cumulatively given the product an average rating of 2.2 stars.

One customer reported that it helped reduce their snoring, while the other two claimed to have received a different item than what was advertised. One also explicitly mentioned that it wasn't adjustable, other than the boil-and-bite fitting process used by many other sports and anti-snoring mouthpieces.

Let’s carry this thought over to the next section.

Snore B Gone vs. the Competition: How to Choose an Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

If you quickly search online for different combinations of terms line ‘moldable snoring mouthpiece,’ ‘anti-snoring mouth guard,’ and ‘tongue retention devices,’ you’ll find there are perhaps hundreds of similar devices available.

While we didn't encounter anything designed exactly like Snore B Gone during our research, the bottom line is that most claimed to deliver the same result: moving the jaw forward and/or suppressing the tongue, thereby prevent airway constriction and resultant snoring. Price-wise, these mouthpieces typically ranged between $20 and $40, although higher-end models could exceed $80.

The HighYa team has reviewed many of the most popular options over the years, including American Sleep Union, Zyppah RX, NoZnore, and ZQuiet, to name just a few. How can you choose?

Returning to our snoring products buying guide, the first factor to emphasize is that because snoring is a medical condition (and can signal potentially serious conditions like sleep apnea), the first person you should talk to about the situation is your doctor. After diagnosing you, they can recommend medically sound treatment options.

If—after you’ve tried addressing lifestyle factors and physical attributes—your doctor suggests you explore third-party over-the-counter products, the next important factor to remember is that these mouthpieces are only intended to address those who snore through their mouth. If you’re a nose snorer, you’ll likely want to focus on alternatives like nasal strips, nose clips, or nasal expansion devices.

Important: Because adjustability was such a predominant customer concern on Amazon at the time of our research, we reached out to several customer support representatives and confirmed that Snore B Gone is not adjustable, outside of the fact that it can be boiled (and re-boiled, if necessary) to deliver a customized fit.

Finally, after researching dozens of anti-snoring products over the years, we’ve learned that you’ll want to focus on doing business with companies who:

  • Support their claims with quality clinical evidence
  • Stand behind their products with competitive pricing, at least 30-day refund policies, and no restocking fees
  • Come with mostly positive online customer feedback, which is usually a solid indication of what you might expect

Does all of this bode well for Snore B Gone?

Should You Choose Snore B Gone or Another Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard?

Even if you’ve already received the go-ahead from your doctor and have confirmed that you’re a mouth snorer, the reality is that no single anti-snoring mouthpiece will meet every consumer’s needs and preferences. After all, even a small difference in design could lead to vastly different functionality and overall comfort.

To this extent, we concluded our anti-snoring product guide by emphasizing that finding your ‘perfect;’ solution will almost certainly involve some trial and error. And while Snore B Gone’s manufacturer stands behind the mouthpiece with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, they also charge a $9.99 per-mouthpiece restocking fee, on top of whatever it’ll cost for you to ship the product back to them.

For these reasons, it might be valuable to explore all of your anti-snoring mouthpiece options before settling on Snore B Gone, including those that might come with a more competitive price and no restocking fees if they don’t meet your needs.

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