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SodaBoss is an ASOTV countertop device that’s claimed to help you make your favorite soda at home by turning ordinary tap, filtered, or bottled water into freshly carbonated beverages in seconds; just “twist and fizz.”

Whether you enjoy healthy drinks or delicious cocktails, SodaBoss is claimed to only use individual CO2 canisters to infuse your beverages with carbonation, which means it’s cordless and doesn’t use any power, so it can be taken with you anywhere. According to the manufacturer, your SodaBoss order will include enough cola and lemon-lime flavors to make over 100 servings.

With all the talk about how unhealthy sodas are, including the high sugar content and unspeakable chemicals (such as aspartame), along with their high prices, you want to know if SodaBoss can help you give your family delicious carbonated beverages, but that are also healthy and priced much lower. So can it? Perhaps, but consider the following:

“Taste” May Not Be As Simple As it Seems

Regarding SodaBoss’s primary claim that it can help you make “your favorite soda at home,” keep in mind that recipes for most iconic sodas such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Barq’s Root Beer, and many more, are proprietary, closely guarded secrets. In fact, people have been trying to discover Coke’s secret recipe for decades, with limited success.

Among other things, this means that without a great deal of research, trial, and error, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to closely mimic your favorite soda’s taste. Granted, this doesn’t mean that the SodaBoss won’t allow you to come up with some great tasting flavor combinations, but they almost certainly won’t be close to “your favorite soda.”

DIY Sodamaking

When it comes down to it, underneath all the shiny plastic, SodaBoss basically just houses a valve that releases CO2 from individual cartridges, and then routes this CO2 into a water-filled bottle underneath. In other words, SodaBoss is simply a carbonation machine.

And as with home brewing, there is an entire sub-industry set up that caters to at-home sodamakers, including syrups, flavorings, carbonation units, and much more, many of which are priced lower than the SodaBoss. In fact, if you have the time and the technical know-how, you can even build your own DIY carbonation machine for much less than the SodaBoss.

With this said, although the SodaBoss website doesn’t outline how long a single CO2 cartridge will last, they’re typically “one shot” options, meaning that once they’re open they can’t be resealed. As such, it’s unclear how you could choose the level of carbonation your beverage contains.

Is the SodaBoss a Healthy Option?

Although the beverages you make with SodaBoss have the potential of being healthier than store-bought options, keep in mind these drinks will only be as healthy as the ingredients you put in them. In other words, if you load your beverages down with syrup and other sugared flavorings, it could end up be just as unhealthy as traditional soda (note: there’s no information on the SodaBoss website about the ingredients contained in the included syrups).

SodaBoss Consumers Are Hearing Crickets

SodaBoss was a very new product at the time of our research, and didn’t have any online consumer reviews available.

However, SodaBoss is manufactured by Emson, Inc., who’s responsible for many other popular ASOTV products, including the XHose, Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer, Bell + Howell Solar Charger, and Personal Pedi. Among these products, HighYa reviewers have given them an average rating of 1.5 stars, with some of the most common complaints citing poor quality products that don’t work as advertised and high S&H charges.

From a company perspective, Emson (a sub-company of E. Mishan & Sons) holds a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on nearly 100 closed complaints (as of 1/26/14). Most of these appeared to reference defective products, difficulty processing warranty claims, and poor communication from customer service.

SodaBoss Pricing & Refund Policy

SodaBoss is available in black, red, and white colors, and in 2 purchasing options:

  • 30-day trial for $14.95, after which you’ll be billed 3 consecutive monthly installments of $33.33, bringing your total to $114.94.
  • Alternately, you can make a single payment of $99.99 and receive free shipping.

You SodaBoss order will also include a BPA-free reusable bottle with “FizzSaver” lid, 100 servings of cola and lemon-lime soda mix, an easy to use syrup measuring cup, 10 CO2 cartridges, a mixologist guide, and 20 recipes created by Russell Davis. According to the manufacturer, additional syrup flavors are available, including diet cola, orange, grapefruit, and energy, although no prices are provided.

SodaBoss comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to begin the refund process, you’ll need to contact customer service at 855-870-3709.

Is SodaBoss an Easy & Healthy Way to Make Sodas at Home?

Chopping to the Point: Although SodaBoss is a new product and didn’t have any customer reviews available to gauge quality or satisfaction levels, it seems like a simple concept that could infuse water with carbonation. However, how tasty or healthy these end up being will depend largely on personal preference.

Ultimately though, you can make your own sodas using a variety of methods, so you may want to explore all your options before dropping $100 of your hard-earned money on SodaBoss.

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