Softology Review: Achieve a Better Night's Sleep?

By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff
Published on: Apr 10, 2019

Softology heat-regulating bed sheets are made with breathable, moisture-wicking athletic material the manufacturer says releases trapped body heat, keeps you dry throughout the night, and helps you sleep better.

Compared to traditional sheets that bunch up and detach from the corners of your mattress, the website advertises that Softology’s Never-Crease technology and laser-measured manufacturing process help them stay put and always look crisp and clean.

Together with a lightweight feel that’s smooth to the touch—“like sleeping on air,” the manufacturer claims—are these super-soft, stay-cool bed sheets the best way to improve how you sleep at night? We’ll quickly help you find actionable answers to this important question.

How Does Softology Work?

Based on the details provided on their website, Softology sheets use an athletic-like material that draws moisture away from your skin, releases trapped body heat, regulates your body temperature, and promotes greater comfort while you sleep.

We contacted customer support about this and they advised us that this material involves a polyester and spandex blend. Although we were told that because it’s proprietary, they couldn’t share with us the exact percentages of materials used.

With these details in mind, SFGate’s Aiden Summer explains that polyester is a durable fabric that can last for years, it’s easy to wash, dries quickly, and is highly wrinkle resistant.

On the other hand, it “does not absorb water, enabling it to trap moisture and heat in hot environments, which can make for sweaty and uncomfortable nights,” he says.

Is there anything else you can do to potentially boost the cooling power of Softology’s primarily polyester sheets?

Other Methods to Use With Softology to Help You Sleep Cool

As we discuss in 25 Hot Sleeper Solutions, the combination of factors that causes you to store excessive heat while you sleep is likely different for you than someone else.

Still, Bart Zoni, managing partner and product specialist at mattress company Chiromatic, explains that overarching factors include, “ambient room temperatures that are too high, restrictive or insulating clothing, and/or bed, pillow, or linen materials that reflect, retain, or absorb heat.”

To improve the situation, he recommends “lowering your thermostat and getting some air moving, keeping your bedclothes loose and light,” and focusing on “sheets that help wick moisture, draw away heat, and don’t form pockets of hot air that get trapped against your body.”

Additional recommendations outlined in our article include choosing bedding with minimal fill, using a foam block pillow instead of a down pillow, and carefully researching memory foam mattresses before purchasing, since they’re notorious for trapping heat.

You can also adequately hydrate before going to bed, take a shower and even place a cool water bottle or compress at your feet underneath the covers.

How Much Does Softology Cost?

Softology sets (two sheets and four pillowcases) are available in white, grey, or beige, priced as follows:

  • Twin: $159
  • Queen: $179
  • King: $199

Regardless of the size you order, you’ll also pay an additional $19.99 fee for shipping.

Bulbhead—a division of ASOTV giant Telebrands—offers a 30-day refund policy for Softology sheets, less shipping charges. You can call customer support at 855-668-1655.

Softology vs. Competing Heat-Regulating Sheets

The good news is that if you’re in the market for a set of premium, moisture-wicking, stay-cool sheets, there are perhaps hundreds of options from which to choose between online and local retailers.

Like Softology, they typically advertise many of the same features, including breathable materials that don’t trap heat, fitted designs that remain in place, anti-crease and anti-wrinkle construction, and even light-as-air claims. Most also come in four-piece sets that include one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

Here were some of the top-rated options on Amazon at the time of our research, and how their core criteria compared:

Brand Pricing/Sizing Materials Color Choices
Softology Twin: $159, Queen: $179, King: $199 Polyester/spandex blend 3
Design Weave Outlast All-Season Temperature Regulating Sheet Set Twin: $54, Full: $139.99, Queen: $111.92, King: $139.99, CA King: $92.67 40% Outlast, 60% cotton sateen weave 8
Peru Pima - Temperature Regulating Sheets Twin: $69.99, Full: $104.99, Queen: $109.99 King: $122.99, CA King: $126.99 Premium extra-long staple Peruvian cotton sateen weave 4
LINENWALAS Moisture Wicking Bedding Twin/XL: $59.99, Full: $69.90, Queen: $79.95, King: $89.89, CA King: $99.99 Bamboo sateen 11
PeachSkinsSheets Night Sweats Twin, Full, Queen, CA/King: $89.95 Athletic-grade SMART fabric 19
Sheex (another ASOTV brand) Twin: $159, Full: $169, Queen: $179, CA King: $199, Split King: $219 Unknown 8
Columbia Moisture Wicking Temperature Regulating Sheet Set Twin: $49.99, Full: $59.99, Queen: $65.99, CA/King: $77.99 High-performance polyester 7

We discussed earlier that the combination of factors leading to your hot sleep is unique. As such, no single set of sheets will help everyone rest cooler at night, and it might take some trial and error before landing on a solution.

From a high-level perspective, though, we can see in the table above that the purchasing process could come down to the combination of available sizes, price, materials, and additional factors like sheet count and color options that meet your needs.

Looking at the situation through this lens, Columbia offers the lowest-priced sheet set above, followed closely by LINENWALAS and PeachSkinsSheets. At the other end of the spectrum, we have Softology and Sheex, which are priced more than three times higher.

Columbia is also constructed from polyester fibers, although their sheet sets are available in seven colors, whereas Softology is only available in three—the least among close competitors. On the other hand, PeachSkinsSheets are available in 19 different colors, LINENWALAS 11, and Design Weave and Sheex in 8 colors.

What about the material? PeachSkinsSheets, Columbia, and Softology all feature high-performance, athletic-type polyester, whereas Design Weave and Peru Pima are primarily constructed from cotton, and LINENWALAS from similar bamboo viscose. Is one option better than another?

Chiromatic's Zoni emphasizes, “natural, 100% cotton is very good at wicking moisture from hot, sweat-prone sleepers,” as is another naturally-derived fiber named Tencel, which maintains a consistently cool feel.

“Materials to avoid include flannels, jersey-knit cottons, and certain polyester blends,” he warned, since they typically feature denser weaves that are more likely to trap heat.

Finally, if sizing is a concern, Softology’s sheets are available in three sizes, while all of their close competitors are available in at least four.

Let’s pull together everything we’ve discussed so you can make a more informed decision.

Our Opinion: Coming to a Conclusion About Softology Sheets

At between $159 and $199 per set, Softology sheets are the most expensive among popular heat-regulating sheets on Amazon, even before factoring in their extra $20 shipping charge.

In fact, if price and material are your main focus, you could purchase two PeachSkinsSheets king sets—made from a seemingly similar athletic-grade material—for $30 less than the price of one Softology set. And you could get almost three Columbia sets, which feature polyester construction.

Not only this, but PeachSkinsSheets come in 19 colors, while Columbia’s are available in seven, potentially aligning better with your design preferences.

Just keep in mind that, depending on the fiber quality and density, polyester tends to trap heat and wick moisture less effectively than cotton, which could be detrimental if you sleep hot.

Considering their meaningfully higher price, fewer color choices, and limited sizing options, it’s difficult to see how Softology could provide you with a better overall value than similar heat-regulating sheets from third-party manufacturers.

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