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Have you always wanted a Clarisonic facial brush, but didn’t want to drop the cash? Spa-fx offers a similarly spinning facial brush that can be used with your favorite cleanser and claims to provide all skin types with a flawless, healthy complexion.

Spa-fx isn’t just a single-use device, but a “Deluxe Skin Care System,” the cornerstone of which is a battery-operated, waterproof handle. The handle itself is simply designed and features only a power button.

What makes Spa-fx a “system” is its four different head attachments, including:

  • A synthetic bristle facial brush, which is used to cleanse your face.
  • A body brush, which looks similar to the facial brush, but with a larger diameter.
  • A facial sponge, which appears to have the texture of a blending sponge.
  • A pumice stone, which can be used to smooth rough areas, such as your heels.

For those who aren’t familiar with rotating facial brushes, each of these attachable heads pops on and off with a gentle twist.

With the exception of the facial sponge, each of Spa-fx’s detachable heads are intended for use in or out of the shower. (Although we wouldn’t suggest submerging the device in a bathtub.) The brand claims that cleansing with a Spa-fx brush massages and exfoliates your skin, allowing for deeper cleansing, as it whisks away dirt, oil, and dead cells.

So, what’s the facial sponge for? The product’s website claims that this attachment helps your skin better absorb your favorite moisturizer.

According to Spa-fx, regular use of their rotating facial brush leads to softened fine lines, minimized dark spots, and cleared pores.

Spa-fx Pricing & Refund Policy

Spa-fx is an As Seen On TV product that isn't available in stores. Instead, the device can only be purchased through its official website.

The Deluxe Skin Care System, including the Spa-fx waterproof handle and four attachments, is available for $19.99, plus $6.95 packaging and handling. (This totals $26.94.) Considering purchasing more than one? If you purchase two or more Spa-fx devices, shipping is free.

Spa-fx orders are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee (less shipping costs). If you're not happy with your device, return it to the address listed on your receipt, and include your name, address, telephone number, and email. Any questions regarding returns can be directed to CustomerService@AsSeenOnTVGifts.com.

How Does Spa-fx Compare To Similar Spinning Facial Brushes?

We mentioned Clarisonic right off the bat because the big-name brand once known mainly for their electric toothbrushes was the first to introduce similarly spinning facial cleansing brushes to consumers.

Although it's unfair to categorize Clarisonic as a "spinning" facial brush, as the brand's devices are only available to use their patented movement, which kind of shimmies back and forth instead of rotating in a single direction.

That being said, Clarisonic's facial brushes have been wildly successful—and remain wildly expensive with basic models starting at $99.

To meet consumer demands, multiple copycat devices have appeared. Some are offered by better-known brands, such as Olay, and then there are one-offs, like Spa-fx. After comparing multiple models, I, personally, ended up purchasing the Olay version because of its budget-friendly price of about $34.

However, before buying, I did go so far as to test both Clarisonic and Neutrogena-brand brushes, and what I learned relates to the Spa-fx as well: They're all pretty much the same.

Sure, there are minor variations in motor strength. However, these devices aren't intended to be forcefully pressed against your skin, as doing so would most definitely cause irritation and damage.

Instead, I can say that each works pretty much as advertised: They do make cleansing your face foamy and fun. Additionally, the rotating action of the brushes does feel like a mini face massage.

A few differences that are important? Attachments and operating speeds.

That the Spa-fx comes with four different attachments is appealing at first. Having personally attempted a whole-body scrub with the face brush, I can attest that it's a little too time consuming. However, it's also not particularly beneficial—especially when compared to a nice loofah or one of those scrubby gloves that you can get for $5.

That being said, the novelty of multiple attachments wore off pretty quickly. While I haven't tried the Spa-fx specifically, I can't imagine my Olay brush being strong enough to deliver a good foot scrub.

Additionally, my Olay brush does come with a face sponge, and I've found using it to be a total waste of product, as the attachment simply sops up my moisturizer instead of delivering it "deeper into my skin" as promised.

When it comes to operating speeds, the Spa-fx doesn't mention multiple settings. This leads me to believe that it's simply on or off. In my opinion, that's a knock against the product, as being able to choose between two different speeds has been a nice option depending on if I want a deeper scrub or if my skin's feeling a little sensitive.

Is a Spa-fx The Right Spinning Brush To Help Your Skin Glow?

That depends on how much you'll use the device and whether or not similar models are available locally.

Regarding the first point: As great as my facial brush was when I took it out of the box, regular usage soon fell by the wayside. Sure, I pick it up every once in awhile. But, for the most part, it sits on my counter.

It's worth noting that I don't regularly wear makeup, so your usage needs might differ. However, my brush it is great for those times when I want to scrub cosmetics off my face, but don't want to risk getting my hair wet in the shower. If you similarly set your hair in a style that you hope to last for several days and fear blasts of water, a spinning facial brush might be just the thing to help your skin feel clean.

Regarding the Spa-fx specifically, I hesitate to recommend it, not because it's a "bad" product, but for two reasons: First, the brand doesn't state if the device operates at multiple speeds and, as I mentioned above, I've found this to be a nice aspect of my Olay version. Secondly, you can probably purchase a similar device without paying for shipping.

Bottom line: If you're considering a spinning facial brush, they're definitely worth a shot. I can't say that I've noticed any substantial differences in my skin tone or texture. But using one definitely feels nice and, as I mentioned above, can be super helpful if you want to keep any style-ruining shower spray away from your hair.

However, you can find similar devices pretty much everywhere, including Rite Aid, Walmart, CVS, and Target. For that reason, it's difficult to recommend that you pay for shipping—and possibly endure a lengthy return process—when a similar device is likely available at a store just around the corner.

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  • Poorly designed

    • Friendswood, TX,
    • Jun 7, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    Unlike the article, I bought mine at Wally World (don't know if I can say the actual store name), and it was not a deluxe package, but came with one brush for the face and one brush for the body. I used it daily on my face. I think it helped to some degree. I'm turning 50 in July, and I do not look it. It isn't because of genetics, I can promise you that. I cleanse, moisturize and do what I can to keep my face looking youthful.

    Back to the cleaning brush. It is poorly designed. The instructions warn you to pull your hair up as it can easily get tangled up in the spinning head. This is true. I always pulled my hair up/back, but sometimes, it would still get caught around my face and wrapped up. Thankfully, it was easy to turn it off and pull the brush head off of the unit and thus unwrap your hair. (I've since purchased another unit and due to the design, it is not as easy for your hair to get caught, as the brush head sits inside of a spinning mechanism, as opposed to on top of the unit itself.)

    Another poor design is the battery compartment. It easily comes open while you are using it, whether your hand is wet or dry, soapy or not. Then the batteries are free to fall out and you have to stop, dry your hands, and reinsert the batteries and put the end back on it.

    It is not sealed well where the battery compartment is. So water has gotten inside of it. So the inside is rusty and gross.

    As I mentioned, I've purchased another brand now. It operates on two batteries rather than four, and it has two speeds. But I liked the brush bristle length better on the Spa-fx, and I liked the single speed better on the Spa-fx. Even though the new brand I bought has two speeds, I think perhaps because it only uses two batteries, it just doesn't operate as well as the Spa-fx.

    My intentions when I got on the internet was to contact the manufacturer of the Spa-fx, but I haven't found a website for them yet.

    Oh, and I think I purchased the Spa-fx for $20, but it might even have been as little as $10, it's been months since I purchased it and I don't recall.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 10 out 14 people found this review helpful

    Not good

    • Connecticut,
    • Dec 13, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    Cheap and only goes one speed. Works very slow even with new quality batteries. It is worth about $5.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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