About Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush

Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush is a portable sonic toothbrush that comes in a fancy-looking case they say you can take anywhere, and boasts 22,000 brush strokes per minute that can make your teeth up to 2 shades whiter.

But is this flashy toothbrush really going keep those pearly whites healthy and clean? Let’s take a closer look…

How Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush Works

Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush is a sonic toothbrush that’s claimed to be smaller and more convenient than the “bulky” sonic toothbrush you have at home sitting next to the sink. Despite its size, the manufacturer claims the Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush has the same power as a full-sized sonic toothbrush, although they neglect to include any information about its actual size, battery life, or if it can be recharged (we’ll talk more about “sonic toothbrushes” in a moment).

Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush comes in a glittery case in “Elegant Pink” or “Sunset Gold” colors, so it looks like an elongated tube of lipstick (they are obviously trying to appeal to women with this product). They tout that it features 22,000 brush strokes per minute and that it can taken with you to the gym, office, or a night on the town dancing. Whenever you feel the need, pull out the Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush and brush away!

What is the Difference Between “Sonic” and “Ultrasonic” Toothbrushes?

There are actually two different levels of electric toothbrushes: sonic and ultrasonic, although there’s no indication on the website which of these the Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush is. Both types either move side-to-side or have a rotating head; if the head rotates you simply move your brush tooth-to-tooth, if it moves side-to-side, you brush like you would normally.

The main difference between “sonic” and “ultrasonic” is speed. Ultrasonic toothbrushes, as the name implies, move very rapidly, somewhere in the range of 192,000,000 brush strokes per minute at 1.6 MHz and usually also generate an ultrasonic vibration, which has been shown to help speed healing, remove plaque, and reduce gingival bleeding. Ultrasonic toothbrushes must be approved by the FDA.

A sonic toothbrush, on the other hand, rotates much slower, with most hovering around 30,000 to 40,000 brush strokes per minute. The Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush is claimed to feature 22,000 brush strokes per minute, which, in comparison with the others, suddenly seems a lot less impressive. (A regular “electric” toothbrush moves even slower, and, of course, manual moves only by hand.)

Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush Pricing and Returns

Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush sells for $10 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. At checkout, you’ll also be able to add another Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush for an additional $6.99 in shipping.

After purchasing, you have 30 days to try your new toothbrush. If you don’t find it as convenient as they say, or for any other reason, you can return it for your initial $10 back, less S&H charges. Note that you must include a detailed, written explanation or they could nix your request.

Bottom Line: Is Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush Something for You?

First, let us say that we are all for good dental hygiene. If having a cute, shiny toothbrush at the ready helps, that’s great. But there are several things you should consider before buying the Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush.

First, it’s sold by a company called Telebrands. And while you may not have heard of them, you’ve almost certainly seen their “As Seen On TV” products – in fact, they created the now ubiquitous As Seen On TV logo. This company markets hundreds of products, most of which look like a great idea upon first glance, but in reality aren’t that useful (and we’re including the Sparkler Sonic).

Who's the Company behind this Toothbrush?

Telebrands has had more than 1200 complaints over the last 3 years due to issues with their advertising, billing, or the products themselves, which has led to their C rating with the Better Business Bureau. In fact, the company was investigated by the NJ State Attorney General in 2014 for allegedly violating the Consumer Fraud Act. In addition, their privacy policy states that if you buy Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush, they may solicit you with other products or give your personal information to other marketers.

Charging Capabilities

Second, there is no charging/recharging information. Sparkler Sonic doesn’t appear to come with any charging apparatus, so we suspect it has a limited life. How long that is, they don’t say.

What about Speed?

Third, it’s not all that fast. As we mentioned above, ultrasonic and even most sonic toothbrushes on the market, vibrate/spin faster than the Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush. They also claim that it will make your teeth up to 2 shades whiter but they have no data to back this up, just a “Before and After” photo that could have been Photoshopped.

Are Sonic Toothbrushes Even Effective?

Most importantly, you are probably wondering if this sonic toothbrush will clean your teeth any better than a regular toothbrush? The answer is: probably not. Studies have shown that it’s the length of time and manner in which you brush that affects your results more than the type of the toothbrush you use. You can read for yourself:

In other words, you are probably going to have the same amount of effectiveness with a regular, cheaper manual toothbrush in your purse, so long as you brush for at least 2 minutes. PS – don’t forget to floss!

What do you think? Have you purchased the Sparkler Sonic Toothbrush? Did you have a good or bad experience?

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