What Is the Spin Plumber?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Nov 18, 2017

The Spin Plumber is a drill attachment that promises to provide an easy, fast and chemical-free way to clear out any drain that’s been clogged with hair and other debris. The manufacturer states that the product can connect to any handheld power drill, and they mention that attaching and using it is an extremely simple process.

According to the product’s commercial, it can reach up to three feet down into your drain using its flexible, slimline nylon design, allowing it to reach even the most troublesome clogs. The device uses the RPM and torque from your drill to spin rapidly, creating a small “tornado” that tangles with hair and debris.

The creators of the Spin Plumber position it as an environmentally friendly alternative to harmful chemicals, as well as to messy plungers and other, more conventional devices. They state that it can potentially save you hundreds in plumbing bills over time, allowing you to take care of the issue yourself.

On the surface, this certainly seems like an innovative way to keep your drains free and clear of all that excess hair, but exactly how does the product work in practice? Is it truly as straightforward as they say?

How the Spin Plumber Claims to Work

The makers of the Spin Plumber claim that using the device is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Attach the device. The magnetic hex tip insert should fit any standard handheld drill, allowing you to use the one you (hopefully) already own.

  2. Slide the hose into the drain. They state that any drain can work, as the Spin Plumber’s slim design allows it to bend and contort as necessary to get down into the heart of the clog.

  3. Remove the hose and wipe away debris. Once you’ve revved the drill a few times in order to entangle any debris, you can simply pull the device back up, wiping it away and into the trash can. From here, the product is ready to go again.

So, using the Spin Plumber, is it realistic to say that the product can remove even the most difficult clogs?

Can the Spin Plumber Truly Remove Any Debris?

Before we go any further, we need to make it clear that we haven’t actually tested the Spin Plumber ourselves; everything that follows is conjecture based on the information we’ve been given from the manufacturer.

Looking at how the device works, it certainly seems as though it could realistically handle most of the everyday clogs that you experience in your home, provided a few things are in place first. For one, you need to actually own a power drill; this is a pretty common item, but even so, we’d venture to say that many households may not already own one, negating much of the convenience this particular product offers.

Another factor is the physical layout of the drain you are looking to unclog. Drains come in all shapes and sizes, and though the Spin Plumber certainly looks small enough to fit into the majority of drains out there, there are almost certainly some that are simply too narrow, or too awkwardly-shaped to fit the device down into.

In addition to this, we can also imagine a scenario wherein a clog was further than three feet into a drain. Without being able to reach any deeper, the Spin Plumber would not be able to help out here, whereas a chemical solution likely would.

To be completely fair, these are extenuating circumstances, and likely do not represent the good majority of the clogs you’d need to take care of using the Spin Plumber. All the same, they are worth mentioning in order to provide you a full picture of how effective a product like this might be for you.

Spin Plumber Pricing & Return Policy

As of the time of our research, the Spin Plumber was exclusively available on the product’s main website. The device is offered as a buy one, get one free package, meaning that you’ll receive two Spin Plumber hoses for $14.99 plus $4.99 P&H. In addition, you’ll also receive six drain freshener sticks, which the manufacturer says can get rid of any foul smells coming from your pipes.

As for the return policy, the terms lay out that each order is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, minus any P&H fees. In order to process this return, you’ll need to reach out to customer service in order to obtain an RMA number by calling them at (866) 595-2513.

Spin Plumber vs. Similar Alternatives

We’ve established that the Spin Plumber provides some fairly unique functionality, but are there any other products on the market today that utilize similar designs?

As it turns out, checking on Google and Amazon for “drain-clearing drill attachment” brings up dozens of different results, as well as a few that do not require a drill to operate at all. Based on the products we encountered, it looks as though they fall into three distinct categories:

  • Hand-crank
  • Standalone hand-operated
  • Drill attachment (Spin Plumber)

Let’s briefly take a look at all three, including what each of their relative pros and cons may be.


Shown briefly in the Spin Plumber’s commercial, these products operate in a manner similar to the drill-attached varieties, allowing you to snake a hose down into your drain in order to clean them out. The key difference is that these devices are manually powered by hand-cranking them, allowing them to tangle up hair and debris in order to clear them away.

The main potential benefit of this style is that based on the products we encountered during our research, they seemed to be the longest, with most models extending anywhere from 10 feet to 25 feet and beyond. Compared to the Spin Plumber’s three-foot limitation, this is a fairly drastic difference (but one that may not be necessary, depending on your individual needs).


These products are far and away the simplest (and cheapest) options available for drain-clearing purposes. They tended to be shorter than both the hand-crank and drill-attached products we found, limiting their effectiveness to more shallow drain clogs.

Crucially, they also lack the spinning motion that enables the other devices to quickly entangle hair and other debris, which is important to consider going into your purchase.

Drill Attachment

We found a number of products similar to the Spin Plumber during our research, many of which featured the same hook-end design and hex tip drill compatibility. Interestingly, we also found several different lengths available in this category, ranging from around three feet (with the Spin Plumber) to up to 25 feet with a product like the Drill-Snake, which currently goes for about the same price as the product at hand.

You may not need any longer than three feet depending upon your drains, but this nonetheless highlights an important consideration to be made before pulling the trigger on any particular product.

Our Bottom Line on the Spin Plumber

Whirling together everything that we’ve learned about the Spin Plumber, can you really expect it to handle any clog in any drain, including even the most difficult and hard-to-reach areas?

On the one hand, the device’s functionality is very straightforward, and even without testing it ourselves, we can certainly envision it being very effective at handling clogs within three feet in most of your drains.

All the same, we can also foresee many users needing a longer extension in order to reach those more difficult areas where hair and other debris can sometimes collect. In these cases, a longer product may be ideal. Also, as we covered above, several of these extended options are around the same price as the Spin Plumber, making this a crucial deciding factor to settle on before determining which product to go with.

As for those who don’t own a power drill at all, this obviously makes a hand-crank or standalone product a more appealing alternative. With all of the above said, as consumers ourselves, we feel as though the Spin Plumber could certainly end up being a useful tool in your drain-clearing arsenal, even if not the “be-all, end-all” solution for the job.

If you’d like to give it a shot, just remember that you’ll be able to take advantage of the 30-day return policy, should you decide that it doesn’t suit your needs in the end.

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