About Spinning Cool Cafe

Spinning Cool Cafe claims to use a patented spinning system with cold water to remove coffee’s bitterness and deliver delicious iced mochas, frappes, and smoothies. They state coffee’s acidity is reduced by 70% using this method, so it’s also easier on your stomach.

There is no information about the company or people behind Spinning Cool Cafe, other than the fact the website was created by Digital Target Marketing, a for-hire firm specializing in selling unique gadgets on the web.

How Spinning Cool Cafe Works

The Spinning Cool Cafe carafe appears to be similar to a French Press coffee system, except with a blue plastic spiral blade that spins inside. To use Spinning Cool Cafe, they say to fill the top with scoops of your favorite coffee and fill the basin with cold water. Then, press the button on top, which appears to set the blade spinning. When it reaches the desired consistency (light, medium, or dark) they say to use the press to push the grounds to the bottom and out of your drink.

They claim this will make 60 oz of cold-brewed coffee quickly, without the bitterness associated with hot brewing methods. They state it is so smooth and flavorful you won’t need to add cream and sugar.

They say because your coffee is already brewed cold, it won’t get watered down with ice. They also tout that the coffee will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 14 days. They add that Spinning Cool Cafe saves you money – they claim an iced coffee at a coffee shop can cost up to $6, while Spinning Cool Cafe coffee is just 24 cents per cup.

Spinning Cool Cafe includes:

  • Spinning Cool Cafe (with spinning lid and press lid)
  • Coffee On Ice recipe book

Spinning Cool Cafe Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Spinning Cool Cafe retails for $29.99 plus S & H. They claim to have a money back guarantee, but there is no further information provided at the time of this writing since it appears that the company website was recently launched.


  • Cold brewing produces coffee that is less bitter tasting
  • Brews 60 oz at a time


  • Not much different than traditional (cheaper) French Press
  • Very little company information at the time of this writing

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