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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Nov 26, 2013

At just 2.3 pounds, Squeeze Reliever is a patent pending device that’s claimed to use customizable pressure, speed, height, and vibration to provide immediate relief of pain caused by bunions, sore feet, arthritic/sore hands, sore muscles and elbows, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, the company claims that Squeeze Reliever might even help calm autistic individuals.

In order to accomplish this, Squeeze Reliever is claimed to use two facing “air pillows” that inflate and deflate, with adjustable pressure and vibration, to provide a “deep joint and tissue massage” that relieves muscle tension.

But once you sweep all the marketing hype aside, will the Squeeze Reliever really provide you with pain relief that’s worth your hard-earned money? Consider the following:

What is Pressure Therapy? Does It Provide Pain Relief?

When searching online for “pressure therapy,” you’ll encounter several different types:

  • Negative pressure therapy, which “is a therapeutic technique using a vacuum dressing to promote healing in acute or chronic wounds and enhance healing of first and second degree burns.”
  • Pressure point therapy (also known as acupressure), which is intended to “trigger points to release tension and increase the circulation of blood, heightening the body's vital life energy to aid healing.”
  • Deep pressure therapy, which is “a sensory therapy involving the application of a tactile stimulus to provide the feeling of a firm hug, holding, swaddling, or massage,” and is most often used to treat individuals with autism.

Clearly, the first two options have nothing to do with Squeeze Reliever, and the third is only tentatively related. In other words, the “pressure therapy” provided by Squeeze Reliever is very different from that used in autism treatments, and almost certainly won’t provide similar results.

But what about Squeeze Reliever’s claim that it “squeezes just like your hand?” What’s up with that?

As it turns out, grabbing an injured or painful area on our body is simply a reflexive action and has almost nothing to do with pain relief.

Considering all of this, we have our doubts that Squeeze Reliever works as well as the manufacturer claims for pain relief.

Are There Other Pressure Therapy Products Available?

With all of this information in mind, Squeeze Reliever’s design appears to be quite unique, with no direct competition.

However, we can’t help but think that this is because there’s no real benefit provided by Squeeze Reliever’s pressure or vibration—not because its design is revolutionary.

What Are Customers Saying about Squeeze Reliever?

At the time of our research, there were 12 Amazon customer reviews for Squeeze Reliever, with an average rating of 4.2 stars. There, common compliments referenced the device’s ability to relieve soreness, aches, and pain, while the most common complaints referenced inadequate pressure, noisy operation, and minimal adjustability.

Important note: Many of Squeeze Reliever’s positive reviews were posted from accounts where this was their only review, which is often a prime indicator of being fake.

Outside of this, we only encountered fake customer reviews posted either by the manufacturer or by affiliates. Either way, these are often made to misguide instead of inform.

With this said, based on our experience, As Seen on TV products tend to have reputations for poor quality, failing to work as advertised, and for poor customer service. Granted, you may not experience the same with Squeeze Reliever, but it’s definitely something you want to keep in mind.

From a company perspective, Squeeze Reliever Ideas/Space/Time Inc, although they weren’t listed with the Better Business Bureau at the time of our research.

Squeeze Reliever Pricing & Refund Policy

Squeeze Reliever is priced at $44.95 plus $8.95 S&H. Note: You’ll also have to purchase Squeeze Reliever’s power adapter at an additional cost of $5.99 plus $1.95 S&H. Otherwise, you’ll have to use batteries.

Squeeze Reliever comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. During our research, we read several Amazon reviewers claiming that no refunds are available once the box has been opened, although there was no mention of this on the company’s website.

In order to request a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at 631-277-5300.

Can Squeeze Reliever Provide You with Pain Relief?

Chopping to the point: As we mentioned above, squeezing your hand or another painful area is a reflexive action by your body that doesn’t necessarily provide pain relief. On top of this, there is insufficient evidence (perhaps even none) showing that the pressure and vibration provided by Squeeze Reliever can provide you with any kind of pain relief.

Considering this, as well as the fact that Squeeze Reliever’s manufacturer makes you pay extra for a power adapter (something which should be included in the price), as well as the fact that they may be posting fake Amazon reviews, we might recommend avoiding the Squeeze Reliever and speaking with your physician about more tried-and-true pain relief options.

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