About Static Magic

Static Magic is new toy for kids they claim is a fun way to show off stuff you make and want to keep. Using the power of static electricity, they say Static Magic works on any flat surface, and is easy to both post and remove designs or pictures.

Static Magic is brought to you by Idea Village, a company which brags they are developers of the most successful consumer products in the “As Seen On TV” industry.  They are not accredited by the BBB and currently have a D rating, due to a failure to respond to a dozen complaints.

How Static Magic Works

Static Magic consists of a wand with a roller, 24 “magic static” sheets, and 12 “fun frames”. They say this wand contains a supercharged static capacitor. To use, click the button to activate; they claim the capacitor will send a static charge to the roller. Then, roll across the static sheets or frames like you would if you were painting. They boast this will make the Static Magic sheets stick “like glue” to the wall, mirror, head board, cabinet, school lockers, or other flat surface.

They suggest you can cut the sheets into different shapes to make designs or collages. The “fun frames” are shown to be a mounting square where you can place drawings and statically stick them. If you want to switch pictures, they say you can easily replace with another drawing just by peeling it off.

They seem to suggest these items will stick as long as you want them to, and that when you do finally want to remove them, pull off by the corner. They claim, unlike glues or tacks, items stuck with Static Magic leave no holes or marks.. They add that everything still looks and feels brand new. Some of the other ideas they say kids can use Static Magic with include pictures, report cards, or signs that say “No Boys Allowed”. They tout you can decorate your room again and again without any mess or commitment.

Each Static Magic Order includes:

  • Static Magic Wand with Funwand Roller
  • 24 Magic Static Sheets
  • 12 Static Fun Frames

Static Magic Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They say the Static Magic system sells for $14.99 plus $6.99 S & H for a total of $21.98. They state you can try Static Magic for 30 days. If you feel your kids aren’t getting a “charge” from posting their drawings with Static Magic (or any other reason) they say to return it via USPS (on your own dime) and they will refund your money, minus initial S & H. (Also note, when you purchase this item, you are also signing an arbitration agreement.)


  • A glue-less way to mount pictures or decorate
  • Static electricity is fun to play with


  • Expensive for what it is
  • As Seen On TV products sometimes do not meet expectations

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