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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: May 3, 2018

Compared to traditional models, Stealth Vision Binoculars feature a 5-megapixel camera that records high-quality color video and images with the press of a button, which can be viewed on its 2" LCD screen.

It also boasts 12x magnification, allowing you to see 5,000 feet away, a long-lasting 1,000 mA lithium ion battery that lasts up to two hours on a full charge, microSD footage storage, ocular lenses with 32 mm apertures, and USB rechargeability.

The binoculars can be mounted on a tripod or hanged around your neck using the handy adjustable strap, and the non-skid medical rubber will always help ensure they stay in place.

If you're in the market for a pair of video camera binoculars, should Stealth Vision make it onto your shortlist? Over the next few minutes, we'll discuss everything we learned during our research so that you can make a more empowered decision.

The Basics of Video Camera Binoculars

Writing for BirdWatching.com, Michael and Diane Porter explain that a pair of binoculars is essentially “just two telescopes mounted side by side, one for each eye.” Consequently, they continue, binoculars operate using three basic parts:

  • Objective Lens – The forward-most lens, which gathers rays of light and focuses the object being observed. The problem is that this lens inverts the image being viewed, so that it’s upside down.

  • Prisms – Whether ‘Porro’ or ‘Roof’ prisms are used, these are designed to reflect the incoming light at 45-degree angles, which returns the image to its natural upright position.

  • Eyepiece – The lens closest to the user.

With these details in mind, digital camera and video binoculars add a fourth component: the ability to record high-definition footage and take pictures of exactly what you see through your eyepiece.

Note: The Stealth Vision website indicates these video binoculars use 32 mm apertures (the size of the hole that allows light through), which is usually measured in something called an f-number.

We spoke with several customer service representatives looking for additional details, although they weren’t able to clarify whether the above measurement references the diameter of the lens or the relative aperture size.

How Much Do Stealth Vision Binoculars Cost?

One pair of Stealth Vision Binoculars is listed at two payments of $29.95, plus free S&H, bringing your total to $59.90. During checkout, you can purchase an additional pair for a separate $9.95 fee.

All binoculars come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, less S&H. To request one, you’ll need to reach out to Bulbhead’s (a division of Telebrands) customer service at 855-668-1655.

What Do We Know About the Company Behind Stealth Vision Binoculars?

Stealth Vision Binoculars is manufactured by Telebrands, the largest company in the As Seen on TV industry, who’s been manufacturing popular products like Atomic Beam USA, California Charcoal, Bavarian Edge, and Pocket Hose Brass Bullet (to name just a few) since 1983.

Telebrands is based out of Fairfield, NJ, held a B rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on nearly 30 closed complaints (29 of which were negative) and more than 320 closed complaints, as of 4/30/18. Although a company representative responded with a resolution in each instance, most of these appeared to revolve around support issues and product quality concerns.

Stealth Vision Binoculars vs. the Competition

Regardless of the product you’re considering, here’s a quick and easy tip for exploring the competition: Try searching online marketplaces like Google Shopping and Amazon for different combinations of related keywords.

For example, in the instance of Stealth Vision, we searched for variations of phrases like ‘binocular video camera’ and ‘digital recording binoculars.’ And while we didn’t test any models ourselves to provide firsthand feedback, we encountered multiple models that appeared to be functionally identical to Steal Vision Binoculars.

This included core features like a two-inch flip-up screen, 5MP camera, 12x magnification, 1,000mA battery, rubberized cover, and microSD card recordability. However, they came at a wide variety of price points:

  • SGODDE 2'' FHD Digital Camera Binoculars: $95.90
  • CamKing FS608: $79.99
  • KINGEAR FS608: $69.99
  • Eoncore 2" LCD Display: $92.99
  • Ansee Digital Binoculars Camera: $89.99
  • Camonity 5.0: $96.99
  • NTSE Digital Binoculars: $80.99
  • Alinshi Digital Binoculars (available only in black): $78.69
  • BrickHouse Security Rugged Binocular w/DVR (available only in black): $60

Even stepping slightly outside this specific design, we encountered several more that delivered all of these same key features and functionality. Here were some of the top results at the time of our research:

Brand Price Special Features
Stealth Vision Binoculars $59.90 2" flip-up screen, 12x magnification, 1,000 mA battery, microSD storage, 32 mm apertures, USB rechargeability, non-skid medical rubber exterior
Olympus 8x21 RC II WP $70 8.1MP camera, 1.44" flip-up screen
Barska 8x32mm Point 'n View $156.49 8MP digital camera, green tinted objective lenses, fold-down rubber eyecups
Bestguarder NV800 $318 4" screen, 31mm objective aperture, infrared night vision, up to 6 hours continuous runtime,

Clearly, if you’re in the market for a pair of video recorder binoculars, you have a lot of options and price points to choose from. How can you possibly distill all of this information into a more empowered next step? Let’s answer this question as we wrap up in the next section.

Our Final Thoughts About Stealth Vision Binoculars

When searching for the ‘best’ video camera binoculars for you, Birdwatching Bliss recommends that, while “there may be one or two under $100 you may be satisfied with,” you should “expect to pay at least $200 to get a semi-decent pair that will act as a "good" pair of binoculars as well as a camera.”

This doesn’t just reference potentially low-quality photos, but also short battery life, less-than-stellar binocular functionality, and even a heavy weight (note: Stealth Vision customer support also wasn’t able to tell us how much they weighed).

As such, unless you’re willing to shell out some cash for a high-end model like the Bestguarder model above, it might be good to maintain realistic expectations about video camera binoculars in general.

With this said, if you’re looking to test things out before making a higher-priced commitment, Stealth Vision Binoculars were among the most affordable models at the time of our research. Also, the manufacturer stood behind them with a 30-day refund policy, so you might not lose much more than return S&H charges if you give them a try and find they don’t meet your needs and preferences.

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