About Steam Dome

Steam Dome is a plastic covering for use in the microwave that the makers claim will make your leftovers taste gourmet. They say this is because the “hydro reservoir” on top turns water into steam and will make reheated foods moist and delicious.

Steam Dome is another product marketed by Telebrands, who have been in the infomercial business for 30 years (they take credit for inventing the “As Seen On TV” logo). Currently, they hold an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau in spite of over 1600 complaints from consumers in the last 3 years; this is because the BBB says Telebrands responds and resolves these complaints quickly.

How Steam Dome Works

Steam Dome is a round, clear plastic cover that seems to us to be very similar in principle to Magic Steamwave. Essentially, you pour a little water in the top capsule they call the “hydro reservoir” and microwave as normal. They claim Steam Dome turns this water into steam and circulates it inside, adding moisture to foods that are often dried out during microwaving. They add that you can put a slice of citrus to add extra flavor and that the built-in condensation channel prevents foods from getting soggy.

Steam Dome Pricing and Returns

Steam Dome sells for $10 plus $6.99 shipping for a total of $16.99. At the time of your order, they tout their “special offer” where you can add another steam dome for an additional $6.99 in fees. Steam Dome, like all Telebrands products, comes with a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” which really means they will refund the $10 purchase price if you return within 30 days, but not any of the S&H fees. And not only do you have to pay to ship your Steam Dome (or Domes if you buy 2) back to them, but you must also take pen to paper and write a “detailed explanation” as to why or they could but the kibosh on your request.

Bottom Line: Is Steam Dome a Scam

In its 30 years of existence, Telebrands knows how to create excitement about products that, from our experience, seem like a really great idea but on closer look at consumer reviews, don’t tend to perform as well as promised.

Case in point is Steam Dome. This looks really fancy (and watching the infomercial makes us hungry) but we question its usefulness-to-price ratio. Yes, microwaved foods do end up drying out during reheating, but it’s so easy to either a) add a little water to the food itself and cover with plastic wrap, or b) put a damp paper towel over the plate.

We suggest, before buying Steam Dome that you try the trick above. Yes, it won’t look as cool as in the commercial, but we’re pretty sure your food will be just as moist.

What do you think? Did you buy Steam Dome and was it great, or did you try our paper towel trick and save yourself some money. Let us know by sharing your review and experience below!

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1 Consumer Review for Steam Dome

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    My impressions...

    • Virginia,
    • Sep 30, 2014

    I think the summary is a bit unfair. A damp paper towel is exactly what I have used for 20 years and the reason I ordered a Steam Dome. The paper towel strategy helps moisten the food but is quite a messy approach - don't you think? Pull the paper towel off of a plate of spaghetti or mac and cheese or meatloaf and gravy and you better have a trash can nearby, and be ready to catch dripping sauce! Additionally, just "adding water to the food" is also flawed. If the water is not 100% transferred to steam then you are left with liquid running around your plate - yuck! So, if you are going to try that approach, you better be sure you use the exact volume of water needed and not a drop more.

    By contrast, Steam Dome will retro fit quickly over any existing plate, eliminates splatter 100% and delivers steam and only steam to the food while also allowing for a flavor transfer such as lemon, etc. when used with water in the reservoir. Do not discount the importance of CONVENIENCE to the customer!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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