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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jan 21, 2016

Stop Snoring Today is a clinically tested anti-snoring jaw supporter (read: chinstrap) that gently and effectively keeps your jaw in the closed position while you sleep, which can increase oxygen levels and improve REM sleep, while diminishing daytime fatigue and lowering blood pressure.

Not to mention that your snoring will be reduced (or even eliminated), which can help you stop frustrating your loved ones, waking up groggy and unrested, and damaging your health.

But will Stop Snoring Today do just that? And even if it does, are there better values out there? Here, we’ll give you all the key information you need to make a decision. First up, snoring basics.

What Causes Snoring? Are There Other Ways To Address It?

Whether nightly or intermittently, snoring is something that regularly affects 37 million Americans. Although men tend to experience it more than women, snoring generally occurs when the muscles at the back of your throat relax while you sleep, which constricts your airway and causes these muscle to “flop” as air passes over them.

Snoring might seem harmless, but because it decreases oxygen intake and reduces the quality of your sleep, side effects can include:

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Decreased memory and attention
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain (which then further worsens snoring)
  • Increased risk of stroke and heart disease

… and more! But instead of purchasing products like Stop Snoring Today (more about this next), are there other ways of reducing or eliminating your snoring?

In short, yes. There are numerous lifestyle modifications you can make to reduce snoring, including losing weight, avoiding medications that might over-relax your throat muscles (such as tranquilizers and sleeping pills), avoiding alcohol and heavy foods within 3 hours of bedtime, and sleeping on your side vs. your back.

But if you’re set on purchasing a product like Stop Snoring Today, are they even effective?

How Does Stop Snoring Today Work? Is It Effective?

Although the manufacturer calls it an “anti-snoring jaw supporter,” products like Stop Snoring today are more commonly known as anti-snoring chinstraps, which help prevent snoring by keeping your mouth closed and your jaw pushed slightly forward, thereby preventing any tissue from “flopping” while you sleep. And in general, as long as you don’t snore through your nose (or suffer from sleep apnea), they’re considered effective.

Pro tip: Despite how the company might make it seem, it doesn’t appear that Stop Snoring Today has been clinically proven; just anti-snoring chinstraps as a whole.

But here’s the catch: They are dozens of other anti-snoring chinstraps out there for you to choose from. We’ve even reviewed several popular options here at HighYa, including BeQuiet, RestRx, and Z Band. And based on what we can tell from the product’s website, Stop Snoring Today doesn’t seem to be meaningfully different than anything else.

What about from a price perspective? Does Stop Snoring Today have the competition beat?

Will Stop Snoring Today’s Price Stop You In Your Tracks?

Each one-size-fits-all Stop Snoring Today chinstrap is priced at $99.95 (note: There was a BOGO offer running at the time of our research), with free worldwide shipping.

The chinstrap comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, less S&H charges and a 10% restocking fee, which you can request by calling 800-892-9812.

Compared to other anti-snoring chinstraps, you’ll quickly find that Stop Snoring Today can cost as much as 10X the competition, even with the BOGO offer. But if customers are raving over it, it might be worth the high price, right?

Customer Feedback For Stop Snoring Today

There weren’t many online customer reviews for Stop Snoring Today at the time of our research. In fact, the only review we came across was posted on StopSnoringHQ, who didn’t like the fact that it only came in one size, and didn’t find it very comfortable to wear. So uncomfortable, in fact, that they took it off in the middle of the night.

Some other drawbacks they notes were the device’s high price, and that not much is known about ICG Ventures Ltd. based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, the company behind Stop Snoring Today. Ultimately, they recommended My Snoring Solution instead.

Important note: If you read through the entire StopSnoringHQ, you’ll notice that they claimed it took a couple weeks to arrive. But because it’s coming from Israel, the company noted that it can take as long as a month. However, we didn’t find any indication of this on the product’s website at the time of our research.

Finally, based on some of the images on their site, Stop Snoring Today would like you to believe that it’s appeared on major news networks and popular sleep-related retailers, although we didn’t find any indication of this elsewhere online.

We didn’t find any evidence that Stop Snoring Today appeared in any of these publications or online retailers.We didn’t find any evidence that Stop Snoring Today appeared in any of these publications or online retailers.

Let’s take everything we’ve learned and sum it up nice and neat.

Is Stop Snoring Today a Smart Anti-Snoring Solution?

When it comes down to it, will Stop Snoring Today stop (or at least reduce) your snoring? As long as you’re not suffering from sleep apnea and snore through your mouth, it’s a very real possibility.

But the reality is that this same possibility exists for just about every other anti-snoring chinstrap out there, most of which can be purchased for much less than Stop Snoring Today. On top of this, Stop Snoring Today is only a one-size-fits-all solution, so if you’re looking for optimum fit and comfort, you might want to choose an adjustable option instead.

But did you know that there are other products, like pillows, mouthpieces, and even nasal expansion devices that can help alleviate your snoring? To help find the right one for you, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor and read our Anti-Snoring Products Buyers Guide.

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    Buyer beware

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    What have I got to lose with a 30 day money back guarantee? All my money plus return shipping by courier, that's what.

    I followed the return instructions carefully then I contacted the company that I would be returning the product and they said they would refund me when they have the goods.

    I received a call from FedEx that the seller refused to accept the package and without further instructions from me it would be destroyed by a certain date. I guess when they refuse it, they will never 'have the goods' or they will say it's past the 30 days. I have tried to contact Stop Snoring Today 2 more times asking for direction or explanation and haven't received any reply. So disappointed.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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