What Is The Streetwise App?

By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff
Published on: Jul 6, 2018

By monitoring your driving performance, the free Streetwise iOS and Android app allow you to earn rewards that can be redeemed on auctions, exclusive sweepstakes, and savings on name brand products.

According to the website, it will automatically run in the background and use GPS data to monitor your acceleration, speed limit, and braking. When you’re finished, you’ll also receive real-time insights that can help you improve your driving skills and earn even more points.

The use of technology to track and improve driving habits has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Compared to the competition, is there anything unique about the Streetwise app? Even then, is it a smart idea to download?

Let’s start with the basics.

Taking a Closer Look at How the Streetwise App Works

Available for iPhone 5s and above running iOS 9.0+, as well as Android phones running OS 5.0+, the Streetwise website indicates that getting started is as easy as downloading the app, getting in your car, and going for a drive.

Driving Performance

While you’re driving, Streetwise will collect data regarding your acceleration, hard braking, the time of day you’re driving, as well as whenever you’re speeding 80mph or higher. At the end of each trip (which must involve at least 1 mile or 3 minutes of driving and a speed of 10 mph to record), you’ll be awarded points based on how you performed.

Using the app, you can also see how many points you earned on past trips, as well as how you scored for speed, acceleration, and time of day.

According to their iTunes and Google Play listings, the Streetwise app runs in the background and was designed to use the least amount of data possible. Also, it will automatically stop collecting data once the battery level reaches 25 percent in order to conserve power.

Streetwise Rewards

As soon as you sign up, you’ll earn 1,000 points. Every time you drive, your additional points will automatically be added to your account, which can be redeemed for entrance into different sweepstakes and auctions, where you can win and bid on gift cards from brands like Amazon, Best Buy, Shell, and Visa.

All you have to do is tap the “Redeem Points” icon on the Streetwise app home page, accept the terms of service, and then enjoy.

The website explains that any points you earn are available for redemption as long as you’re an active member and have the app installed. This also requires that you take a trip at least once every 30 days.

Additional Streetwise App Perks

Streetwise customers can also “earn special offers from top-rated insurance companies, based on your smart driving,” save on travel offers and gain access to Daily Deals that provide savings of up to 80% off name brand merchandise.

Finally, we encountered a handful of Smart Driver Tip articles on the company’s website, including titles such as

  • “How to Change a Tire in 5 Steps”
  • “How to Stay Alert Behind the Wheel”
  • “How Smart Drivers Stay Safe on Foggy Roads”
  • “Techie Tips to Help You be a Smarter Driver”

Streetwise App ScreenshotsThe Streetwise app allows users to track their driving habits (acceleration, braking, speed, etc.) and earn points, which can be accumulated and redeemed for a variety of perks. Credit: Answer Financial Inc.

What Can We Learn From Streetwise App User Reviews?

Between Google Play and iTunes, we encountered more than 400 combined user reviews for the Streetwise app, who had given it a cumulative rating of about 3.2 stars.

Common compliments referenced ease of use, high-quality auctions and sweepstakes, and the fact that it’s free. On the other hand, complaints commonly revolved around bugginess, missed tracking opportunities, and with the most recent update, an inability to log into the app.

In many instances, the company responded directly in an effort to help the user find a solution.

Streetwise App vs. Mojo

In How to Decide if Usage-Based Insurance is Right for You, we explain that (in this instance) telematics involves storing and transmitting data regarding specific driving habits. The sky’s the limit as far as exactly how this information is used, though.

For example, insurance companies like Metromile and Cuvva (to name just a couple of popular options) use the data to set a customer’s policy rates, while others like Streetwise use it to provide points-based rewards. Are there any other apps with a similar business model?

Although you’ll find dozens of rewards apps out there, we only encountered one other option that combined this aspect with telematics to monitor driving habits and behavior: Mojo. Like Streetwise, it’s also free, automatically runs in the background on a driver’s phone, and tracks score/points to help users earn rewards.

Mojo focuses primarily on distracted driving (reducing app and texting use, taking calls hands-free, etc.), though, compared to Streetwise’s focus on driving behaviors. Users can also compete among leaderboards, as well as with friends.

Outside of this, the closest option we encountered was MileUp, which compares you with other users (handling, speed, phone usage), but doesn’t offer rewards.

Does this necessarily mean you should go ahead and download the Streetwise app?

Should You Download the Streetwise App?

The bottom line is that it’s difficult to beat free. In other words, if you download the Streetwise app and find it doesn’t meet your needs and preferences, you can simply delete it from your smartphone and have lost nothing more than a bit of time.

However, in exchange for their free rewards program, you need to make sure you’re OK with sharing some of your data. In the instance of Streetwise, their privacy policy indicates this includes the standard law enforcement personnel, as well as:

  • “Institutions providing financial products and services we sell, such as insurance companies;
  • Third-party service providers when it is necessary to allow them to provide services for us;
  • Persons who perform marketing services on our behalf;
  • Joint marketers, such as insurance companies and agents and financial institutions; and
  • Consumer reporting agencies or insurance support organizations.”

Also, returning to our usage-based insurance article, while this data is almost always anonymous, we learned from organizations like the National Association of Insurance Commissioners that there’s “no overarching legislation currently in place that protects all consumers’ information.”

Finally, even the Streetwise website emphasizes that their app can drain a smartphone’s battery at a faster rate, so keep this in mind if you’re frequently in situations where you don’t have easy recharging capabilities. Otherwise, you might find you have to manually turn it on and off, which could decrease its ease of use and cause you to potentially miss out on opportunities to earn rewards points.

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