StrongGirl Smart Weight Loss Review: Ingredients, Effectiveness, Side Effects, and More

By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff
Published on: Oct 3, 2017

StrongGirl Smart Weight Loss claims to offer a solution for women who want to lose weight through thermogenic diet pills. These pills contain a proprietary blend of stimulants and weight loss ingredients and are developed with the company’s ‘scientifically researched key ingredient.'

The StrongGirl supplement brand began in early 2015 as a part of Lovate Health Services International, the parent company of Muscle Tech and Hydroxycut. According to the site, each pill is free of banned substances, harmful impurities, and undeclared ingredients.

The company recommends that users take two capsules twice daily, before their two largest meals. Then, through the properties of thermogenics, the pills are designed to help you lose weight. But, how does thermogenics work? Is it a scientifically proven way to lose weight? Let’s dive in deeper.

How Do Thermogenic Diet Pills Claim to Work?

According to research we found from and Dr. Axe, the term “thermogenics” is used to describe the process of increasing heat production in the body, aimed at revving up your metabolism and burning more calories.

Generally, the process only occurs during exercise. However, some supplement products have entered the market that claim to promote thermogenic effects for your body while you’re at rest. These supplements usually contain a variety of herbal stimulants (often caffeine) and are advertised as a safe, effective way to increase energy levels, suppress appetite, and burn fat.

However, at the links above, doctors Weil and Axe emphasized that many of the ingredients commonly found in thermogenic supplements have insufficient clinical evidence that they can boost heat production or metabolism, or thereby improve weight loss. As a result, they recommend consumers might get better value for their money by cutting back on calories and exercising more.

What about StrongGirl Smart Weight Loss supplements, though? Does this product and its ingredients break from the trend and actually help you lose weight? Looking deeper into the research will help us find out.

What Ingredients Are in StrongGirl Smart Weight Loss?

The StrongGirl Smart Weight Loss Dietary Supplements contain a range of ingredients in two proprietary blends; a Smart Weight Loss Plus blend (685 mg per serving) and an Energy and Focus blend (285 mg per serving). This makes it difficult to know exactly how much of each ingredient is in the supplements, or if they contain the same amounts found in supporting clinical studies.

Nonetheless, we’ve gone through each ingredient below to highlight what it adds to the product.

Green Coffee Extract (standardized for 45% chlorogenic acids)

As the supplement’s ‘scientifically researched key ingredient,' green coffee extract (unroasted coffee beans) is a described on the site as a potent thermogenic and weight loss ingredient.

A detailed review from Medical News Today on green coffee extract shows that while it can inhibit glucose in the bloodstream, more research is needed to gauge its effectiveness as a weight loss ingredient.

Folic acid (50% DV), B Vitamins (20% DV), and Vitamin D (20% DV)

The StrongGirl website describes these vitamins as specifically female friendly, but our research on multiple articles on WebMD (1, 2, 3), reveals that everyone needs these essential vitamins and that only pregnant women need more folic acid than men.

Nonetheless, the research from these sites shows that Vitamin B6 is useful for helping the body store and use its energy supply, folic acid may help with mental functioning, and vitamin D aids the absorption rates of calcium.

It’s important to note that our research didn’t reveal any evidence that these components helped with weight loss in any significant way.

Garcinia Extract

Garcinia cambogia fruit has grown popular in recent years for its purported weight loss benefits, because it works as a natural way to prevent carbs from converting into fat in the body. AuthorityNutrition shows that it can cause about two pounds more weight loss over a placebo over several weeks.

However, studies haven’t looked at its benefits for more than 12 weeks at a time, so it’s hard to know if you will maintain the weight loss in the long run.


According to, hibiscus is a natural diuretic and laxative that is often linked to lowering blood pressure, though more testing is needed to see what serving sizes provide these benefits.

Caralluma Extract

Healthline shows that caralluma extract comes from an Indian cactus and has appetite suppressant qualities that might make it effective for losing weight.

However, a study revealed that caralluma (on its own; not in the StrongGirl formula, specifically) didn’t lead to any more weight loss over twelve weeks than a placebo. For this reason, the website states that more research is needed before its purported weight loss benefits are proven.


According to, yacon is an appetite suppressant with only preliminary clinical research. The plant’s extract comes directly from the root and might lead to lower insulin resistance in obese pre-menopausal women, according to this study.

Caffeine Anhydrous

The same caffeine present in a cup of coffee, caffeine anhydrous comes in a white powder. Healthline shows that caffeine enhances energy levels and can boost the metabolism, which may lead to better fat burning and fewer calories consumed each day.

Amla Extract

Known as the Indian gooseberry, research compiled on WebMD shows that amla extract may help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Coleus Extract

As a plant derivative, Web MD states that there is evidence that coleus can help you maintain your body weight, though there is little sign that it can also help with weight loss, on its own or in a supplement like StrongGirl. For instance, a clinical trial on 23 obese women found that coleus extract stopped them from gaining weight, though it also increased their testosterone levels.

Autumn Olive Extract

Also called the Japanese Silverberry, Natural Medicine Herbs shows that autumn olive extract’s red fruits are high in the phytochemical lycopene, which is known to protect against cancer naturally.

Caraway Extract

Coming from the caraway plant, WebMD notes that this extract is popular in herbal medicine and occasionally is used to treat menstrual cramps.

In light of our research into these ingredients, StrongGirl Smart Weight Loss supplements seem to contain a variety of herbal supplements and natural ingredients that preliminary research shows might be effective for a minor amount of weight loss compared to placebo.

However, the consensus from the sites we've referenced throughout this section is that more clinical research needs to be conducted on most of the active ingredients to prove their weight loss potential. Also, the company doesn’t specify the amount of each ingredient their supplements contain, or if they match the same levels referenced in supporting clinical studies.

Are There Side Effects to StrongGirl Smart Weight Loss Ingredients?

The StrongGirl Smart Weight Loss website lists many restrictions and recommendations about who can use their supplement safely. In general, the supplement is not intended for anyone:

  • Under 18 years old
  • Nursing or pregnant
  • With a caffeine sensitivity (each serving contains 135 mg of caffeine, or the equivalent of 1.5 cups of coffee)
  • Planning to have surgery within the next two weeks
  • With a heart, sleep or anxiety disorder

Many of the ingredients in these supplements (coleus extract, caralluma extract, and yacon) have only been tested for 12 weeks or less at a time, meaning that their long-term safety is unknown. For this reason, the company recommends only using the supplement for eight weeks and stopping if it makes you feel restless, nervous, or jittery, as this is a sign of caffeine sensitivity.

If you have any questions about how you will respond to the ingredients in a health supplement, it’s best to seek the medical advice of your doctor before taking one.

What Do Clinical Studies Show About StrongGirl Smart Weight Loss Supplements?

The supplement’s website shares two graphs representing the results from two studies that looked at the benefits of green coffee for weight loss, though neither report was specifically for StrongGirl’s formulations.

According to the first study, 200mg of green coffee bean extract over 60 days led to an average of 10.95 pounds lost, compared to just five pounds for a placebo. The second study showed a 3.7-pound loss after eight weeks, when combined with a low-calorie diet and moderate exercise (the placebo group lost an average of one pound).

What Do Customers Think of Strong Girl Smart Weight Loss?

On GNC, StrongGirl Smart Weight Loss Supplements had about 50 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars. Many reviewers noted that their clothes felt loose after the first week of using the supplements, and said that they appreciated how well their cravings were curbed on the pills.

Amazon had just eight reviews at the time of publishing, and it averaged three out of five stars. Some reviewers noted that the pills worked great for the first two weeks but that they didn’t feel any improvements afterward. Others mentioned that the caffeine effects were too strong for them to take more than one capsule each day.

What Products Are Similar to Strong Girl Smart Weight Loss?

According to Dr. Axe and, losing weight through thermogenic supplements is controversial. While the active ingredients will vary by brand, most are advertised as a quick way to lose those last stubborn pounds without extra exercise. However, the FDA doesn’t regulate dietary supplements, meaning that it’s difficult to know exactly how much of each ingredient the two proprietary blends contain.

To see what users think of their thermogenic weight loss aids, we chose two products to compare to StrongGirl supplements: Burn XT from Jacked Factory and Genius Burn. Of note: both supplements are marketed in a gender-neutral way.

Burn XT is advertised as an energy-boosting appetite suppressant like StrongGirl, though it relies on green tea extract as its active ingredient instead of green coffee. Like the Smart Weight Loss supplement, it contains an impressive dose of caffeine, meaning that there are strong warnings not to take more than four supplements per day. Burn XT has 4.5 stars after 800 reviews on Amazon.

Genius Burn contains a proprietary mix of herbal ingredients like StrongGirl supplements, though it is marketed for both improving brain health and increasing fat loss. The supplement doesn’t have any caffeine but instead relies on ginseng and nine patented ingredient blends. On Amazon, Genius Burn has over 500 reviews and averages 4.5 stars.

So, what should you look for when purchasing a weight loss supplement? Safety should be a primary concern. According to Consumer Reports, producing and marketing weight loss supplements is both simple and relatively unregulated, opening up the possibility that unsafe ingredients can land in the blend.

If you want long-lasting weight loss, the consensus from medical experts on reputable websites like the Mayo clinic, Healthline, Authority Nutrition, and WebMD is that a healthy diet and exercise are the best ways to improve your health. Additionally, you can read this article to learn more about HighYa’s stance on weight loss supplements.

How Much Does Strong Girl Smart Weight Loss Cost?

At the time of publishing, StrongGirl Smart Weight Loss Supplements were unavailable across the web. When available, they cost $59.99 for a month’s supply of 120 capsules.

Refund policies will vary based on the retailer you choose.

Our Bottom Line: Who Can Benefit from Strong Girl Smart Weight Loss?

While we didn’t try StrongGirl Smart Weight Loss Supplements for ourselves, the research we've cited from Medical News Today and AuthorityNutrition shows that there isn’t much conclusive research on the main ingredients (green coffee extract and garcinia extract) in the capsules.

Likewise, the twelve-week or shorter research periods for the ingredients coleus extract, caralluma extract, and yacon means that there might be more side effects for taking this product long term than are presently known.

Will thermogenics really help you lose weight? The evidence says yes, boosting your metabolism will lead to increased fat burning. However, the experts we’ve referenced throughout this article agree you might be better off accomplishing this by getting in a heat-raising workout instead of taking a supplement.

For this reason, we suggest you talk directly with your doctor before taking weight loss supplements so that you can mitigate your risk of suffering any adverse side effects.

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