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By HighYa Staff

World Luminous, Inc. product SunGenie Lantern is a plastic, solar-powered lantern that weighs about three ounces, requires no batteries to operate and can be used anywhere. Sold as an As Seen on TV product, the makers of SunGenie claim that you’ll get 3,000 hours from the LED bulbs in the SunGenie and that it will last for 300-500 charges.

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Among the product’s other selling points are that it works in the rain and underwater and it stays cool to the touch. The SunGenie Lantern is apparently almost indestructible as it bounces instead of breaks when dropped and can even be run over by a car without breaking. For storage purposes, the SunGenie folds flat, but inflates when you need to use it. And using it is as simple as sitting it flat on a surface or hanging it by the straps.

How SunGenie Lantern Works

Coming in either a cube shape or a round shape, SunGenie Lantern looks like a transparent, soft, plastic container with a handle on the top and bottom and a solar plate and LED light bulbs on the bottom. When you’re not using it, the SunGenie can flatten down to be stored almost anywhere. But when you need it, you simply inflate it (by blowing into it) and switch it on to one of three settings: bright, ultra bright, and emergency flashing. The bright setting provides 12 hours of light on a single five-hour charge, while ultra bright provides 6 hours.

All you need to do is place it somewhere that gets sunlight during the day for five hours and it’s ready to go once it’s charged. And you don’t need to charge it constantly because it will allegedly keep a charge for up to three years. It’s purported to be ideal for emergencies like blackouts, camping, bedside reading, car emergencies and for lighting up tight places. And, of course, the SunGenie is touted as being eco-friendly since it doesn’t use batteries, unlike other “solar-powered” lanterns that can cost up to $40 and do require batteries.

SunGenie Lantern Pricing, Shipping & Return Policies

The SunGenie sells for $19.95, plus shipping and handling. You will also get a SunGenie Mini Deluxe for an additional $4.95 shipping and handling. It’s not exactly clear how much the initial shipping and handling charge is, but if it is the same as the shipping and handling for a SunGenie Mini Deluxe, that means you can expect to pay a minimum of $29.85 for a SunGenie Cube and SunGenie Mini Deluxe.

The SunGenie comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. To return the product, follow the return instructions included with the package. You will only get your purchase price refunded and you will have to pay to ship the product back to the company.

Bottom Line

The SunGenie Lantern definitely looks like a good idea. The real question is whether it works as advertised or not and whether it’s as indestructible as advertised or not. With no consumer reviews online yet, that is difficult to say for sure. SunGenie is not the only product out there of its kind. In fact, there are accusations that the design was actually pilfered from a different company, but those are unsubstantiated as of this writing. If you are looking for a unique lantern that has all of the attributes of a SunGenie, it might be worth it to give this product a try.

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