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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 16, 2016

With all the recent news about marijuana legalization across the country, you’re probably wondering if cannabidiol can provide any benefits.

SuperCBD+ claims it can. How? Each pill contains 100% natural and organic cannabidiol, without synthetic chemicals or stimulants. And when taken twice daily, the company claims SuperCBD+ can “reduce anxiety and [provide] an enhanced feeling of calm and peace.”

Best of all? SuperCBD+ gives you all these benefits without a “high,” it won’t show up on drug tests, and is completely legal in all 50 states. No prescription needed.

Public opinion has only recently shifted regarding marijuana, so you’re probably leery about a lot of these claims. So, let’s break everything down, starting with the basics.

Hemp vs. Cannabis vs. Marijuana

For a lot of people, each of these terms is basically referencing the same thing; a dried leaf that’s smoked. However, this isn’t the case at all.

What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis is one of the oldest domesticated crops and is a broad term that refers to a species of plant that’s tall and features long, serrated leaves.

Within cannabis plants, there are more than 60 types of cannabinoid compounds that have different effects on the body. One of these is THC, the chemical that causes users to get “high.” Others might help relieve stress, reduce some types of vision problems, and more (we’ll talk about this in greater detail later).

The takeaway: Cannabis only describes a plant, but not its intended use.

What Is Marijuana?

Remember the THC we just talked about? Well, marijuana is a type of cannabis specifically bred to contain greater levels of THC, and therefore to make the user feel a specific way.

In other words, marijuana is the more psychoactive version of cannabis.

What Is Hemp?

On the other end of the spectrum, we have hemp. Instead of being bred for its psychoactive properties, hemp is bred for is physical properties, such as food and oils. This means that once it’s cultivated, hemp can be used in thousands of different products, including textiles, rope, and more.

In short, hemp is the “industrial,” non-psychoactive version of cannabis. In fact, most hemp strains contain essentially no THC.

Why’s all of this important? Let’s answer that in the next section.

Where Does SuperCBD+ Get Their Cannabidiol?

Unlike some of the other CBD products we’ve reviewed (more in a moment), we’re not told exactly where SuperCBD+ sources their cannabidiol from, although we are told it’s derived from industrial hemp with low THC content. After harvesting and pressing oil from the hemp, it’s further processed to remove all trace amounts of THC.

This is why SuperCBD+ can provide you with all the benefits of cannabidiol, without causing a false positive in a drug test or breaking US drug laws.

Just what kind of benefits can you expect from SuperCBD+?

How Will SuperCBD+ Benefit You?

Intensive research hasn’t been going on long for cannabidiol (it wasn’t discovered until 1940, and its chemical structure wasn’t revealed until 1963), although evidence continues to mount for a wide variety of applications. This includes anxiety, antipsychotic, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, pain relief, and much more.

SuperCBD+ Benefits on your BodyAccording to the SuperCBD+ website, cannabidiol can provide different parts of your body with a variety of benefits.

Will you experience the same? As with any other supplement, everyone’s body will react differently. However, before taking any CBD product, it’s extremely important to talk with your doctor about your condition, and whether or not they feel CBD would work well as a treatment.

In the meantime, how much does SuperCBD+ cost?

Does SuperCBD+ Come With Superb Pricing?

SuperCBD+ is available in three different packages:

  • 1 Bottle: $79.98
  • 2 Bottles: $98.98
  • 4 Bottles: $119.96

All orders include free shipping.

Important note: SuperCBD+ only comes with a 5-day refund policy that begins from the date your order is placed. And since “usual shipping takes anywhere from 7-14 business days,” this means your refund window will be long gone by the time you receive it.

Bottom line? For all intents and purposes, SuperCBD+ cannot be returned.

How do this price and return policy stack up against the competition?

Are There Other CBD Options Available?

Since everyone’s been paying so much attention to cannabis over the past couple years, dozens (perhaps even hundreds) of CBD-related products have entered the market. This includes pills like SuperCBD+ and BioCBD Plus, along with tinctures like Miracle CBD and Sol CBD.

Most of these are priced in the same ballpark as SuperCBD+, but is there any real difference between them? First, it’s important to mention that none of the products we just mentioned tell us how much cannabidiol their products contain. Second, even if they did reveal this information, since cannabidiol research is relatively new, there’s no agreed-upon dosing for any conditions.

In general, though, tinctures are thought to work faster, since the liquid is absorbed through the lining of the mouth directly into the bloodstream. Whereas pills and capsules must first be digested.

In either case, there’s little-to-no clinical evidence evaluating the efficacy of cannabidiol tinctures versus pills.

Is SuperCBD+ Really “the Most Powerful Cannabidiol Pill”?

Again, we’re not told how much cannabidiol SuperCBD+ contains, so there’s no way to verify if this claim is legitimate. Our opinion? We don’t think it amounts to much more than marketing hype.

But here’s the truth: Whether we’re talking about cannabidiol or any other ingredient commonly found in nutritional supplements, these companies aren’t required by the FDA to provide a shred of evidence to back up their claims. In fact, until enough consumer complaints pile up, these companies don’t even have to prove that their products contain any active ingredients whatsoever. For an in-depth look at this, be sure to read our Nutritional Supplements Buyer’s Guide.

Where does this leave you with SuperCBD+? Although cannabidiol could very well provide some benefits, the first person you should speak with is your doctor. And even if they believe it’s a viable treatment option for your condition, be sure to explore all your options; perhaps one with a better refund policy!

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