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By Derek Lakin
Published on: May 6, 2019

Sure Sinus is a soon-to-be-released 30-day program that promises to deliver a proprietary, ultra-potent mix of all-natural probiotic bacteria directly to your sinus cavities.

It claims to restore their biomes to a natural state and ensure quick, effective, and lasting relief from headaches, allergies, inflammation, pressure, and pain related to chronic rhinosinusitis.

The website advertises you could also experience relief from nose dripping, fatigue, dry throat, and jaw and neck pain. And all of this with no—or very minimal—side effects.

Just apply one scientifically-backed dose each morning for the first week, and then maintain or increase your dosing depending on whether or not your symptoms improve or worsen.

After 30 days, the manufacturer tells us most users experience “full relief” and solve their “pain and suffering for good.”

Chronic sinus issues can ruin your life, so the thought of finding relief is tantalizing. But, can you really expect the probiotics in Sure Sinus to help you get your life back, as advertised on the supplement’s website?

This is the central question we’ll focus on in this article, starting by taking a closer look at the underlying condition its probiotics are supposed to address.

How Does the Sure Sinus Nasal Supplement Work?

Sure Sinus contains a blend of four different Lactobacilli bacteria strains, which you mist into your sinuses—air and mucus-filled chambers that aid in speech and moisten your throat—using a spray bottle.

Once there, the manufacturer advertises these bacteria can help re-balance beneficial levels and reduce instances of sinusitis (a.k.a. sinus infections), a condition where sinus chambers become inflamed and produce excess mucus, leading to side effects like difficulty breathing and smelling, stuffy nose, throat drainage, pressure, headaches, pain, and general misery.

If it happens frequently enough, it’s referred to as chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS), which is something the Centers for Disease Control reports affects nearly 31 million Americans (12.5% of the population). But, is there a strong clinical connection between altered bacteria levels and sinusitis?

“When the ‘normal’ bacterial content of the sinuses is disrupted, either by allergies, a viral infection, or the infiltration of an aggressive and pathologic bacteria, [this can] create an imbalance that leads to sinusitis,” said Dr. Payam Daneshrad, owner of Daneshrad Clinic ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery in Torrance, California.

However, “at this time, there is still not any definitive bacterial species that is thought to recreate this balance,” he says.

Furthermore, Dr. Eugene Mackie, owner of the Mackie Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic in Edinburg, TX, points out, while “there is clinical research being conducted regarding introducing bacteria into a patient’s nose,” it’s currently unclear whether “probiotic sprays or encapsulated bacteria are therapeutically better for this application.”

Dr. Augustine Moscatello, board-certified otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon, mirrors these thoughts when saying, “use of probiotics is not something universally accepted as helpful, and I’m not aware of the advantage of one form of [bacteria] over the other.”

With these recommendations in mind, the Sure Sinus website references eight sources to support their claims.

When conclusions were listed, most reported reduced bacterial diversity in those with sinusitis, although none indicated that adding different Lactobacilli strains via the nose could provide meaningful relief from the condition.

Which Ingredients Will You Find in Sure Sinus’s Nasal Spray?

While it may be unclear preciously how Sure Sinus works, it's evident that it contains four different strains of Lactobacilli, as well as other “scientifically-backed, lab-tested, lab-verified, and 100% natural” ingredients.

It appears these ingredients start in capsules, which are then added to water and introduced to the nasal passages using a mist bottle. The website didn't explain any of this, however, and we gleaned these details from a recent post on the company’s Facebook page:

Tap water is not adequately treated or filtered enough to be used as a nasal rinse safely. We also recommend against saline because salt can potentially harm some of the helpful bacteria in Sure Sinus. Though, in the absence of distilled water, saline made to be a nasal rinse (i.e., sterile or boiled and cooled) would be fine (though not ideal, and can reduce the effectiveness).

We reached out to the manufacturer via Facebook looking for additional details about ingredients and how the system works.

We were then forwarded to their PR representative, who advised they’re currently under an “embargo [that] won’t lift for a few weeks” and who therefore couldn’t answer any of our questions.

Could Sure Sinus Cause Side Effects?

Without knowing any of the ingredients found in Sure Sinus, there’s no way to reliably know what side effects or medication interactions you might experience.

We’ve learned in the past that traditional probiotic supplements can cause side effects like temporary gas, bloating, and digestive upset, which typically subside within a few days as your gut bacteria levels rebalance.

However, with so little clinical evidence reported by professionals like Daneshrad, Mackie, and Moscatello showing a relationship between probiotic nasal sprays and reduced CRS symptoms, there’s no way to know if Sure Sinus might lead to any of the same.

This is why it’s always important to talk with your doctor before taking any new dietary supplement.

How Much Does Sure Sinus Cost?

The PR representative we communicated also wasn’t able to provide any pricing details for Sure Sinus, although per the company’s response to a reader question on Facebook, “We're currently finalizing production and pricing details, but we’re definitely aiming for a lower price point compared to many other solutions out there.”

Similarly, “We’re extremely confident that we’ll be launching before summer. We have no hard date yet,” they note.

We signed up for email notifications as soon as Sure Sinus becomes available, and we’ll update this article as soon as we know more.

Are There Other Probiotic Nasal Sprays Like Sure Sinus?

The reality is that you’ll find plenty of encapsulated supplement formulas marketed toward relieving sinus concerns, as well as liquid probiotics and generalized sprays.

However, we encountered only a handful of powdered and liquid formulas designed for intranasal application during our research.

On sites like Amazon and Google Shopping, popular formulas competing with Sure Sinus included:

Brand Price / Quantity Probiotic Strain(s) Notes
Sure Sinus Unknown Four unknown Lactobacilli strains Per PR rep, currently under information embargo until crowdfunding release
LiviaOne Probiotics Nasal Spray $22.95 / 1 oz Proprietary probiotic blend The only other nasal spray system we encountered during our research

$34.99 / 0.08 oz Lactobacillus sakei SD-6853 (15+ billion CFU per 10 mg scoop) A bulk probiotic powder you can mix and ingest however you prefer
Lanto Sinus $42.99 / 0.5 oz Lactobacillus sakei (17 billion CFU per 1 g) Also a probiotic powder
ProbioRinse Nasal Irrigation $29.99 / 3.08 oz Lactococcus lactis W136 (5 billion CFU per 0.11 oz packet) Powder, works as a rinse instead of a mist/spray, comes in 28 individual packets per box

After your doctor gives you the green light, the next step when purchasing a dietary supplement is to determine which factors are most important to you.

For example, if you’re focused on paying the lowest price, LiviaOne is the least expensive option among close competitors above. While ProbioRinse comes in slightly higher at $29.99, you’ll also receive more than three ounces ($9.74 per ounce), making it the lowest-priced option on a per ounce basis.

On the other hand, ProbioRinse is a powder that you have to mix yourself and only delivers 5 billion CFU per dose, whereas Nasobiotex contains more than three times this amount at 15+ billion.

Finally, LiviaOne is the only other pre-mixed probiotic spray contained in a nasal mister, although since Sure Sinus is pending crowdfunding, there aren’t any public details available regarding its pricing, quantity, or formulation.

Granted, there’s undoubtedly more effort involved in this process.

However, we learned from the physicians above that there’s little-to-no clinical evidence indicating one probiotic strain can work better than another for reducing chronic rhinosinusitis when applied through the nose.

There really aren’t any restrictions—as long as you’ve talked with your doctor—if you’re in the mood to experiment.

Let’s carry this idea over to the next section as we wrap up.

Bottom Line: Will Sure Sinus Deliver Meaningful Relief from Chronic Sinusitis?

According to Dr. Daneshrad, probiotics don’t have quite the effect in the nose that they have in the stomach.

“Although probiotics have been shown to be effective in recreating the natural bacterial balance in the gut, such treatment options have not been as effective for the nose and the sinuses,” he said.

Why is this, though? Danesharad went on to explain that, “often times, infections disrupt the natural flow of the sinuses, making the introduction of probiotics difficult, if not impossible,” he explains.

In other words, if you choose to purchase a nasal probiotic, make sure that your symptoms have gone into remission before applying any doses.

Along these same lines, we think it’s positive that the Sure Sinus website lists eight clinical studies aimed at supporting their claims, most of which report a close relationship between altered nasal microbiota (bacteria) and patients with chronic rhinitis.

After reading through each of their summaries, though, none of these clinical resources indicate that the introduction of specific bacteria strains—whether through the nose or otherwise—will deliver meaningful relief from CRS.

Even keeping all of these caveats in mind when it comes to intranasal probiotics, we think Sure Sinus is currently at a particular disadvantage compared to competing formulas.

The company doesn’t provide any details about pricing, quantity, formulation, or any other essential information. Even the PR representative we communicated with couldn’t divulge additional specificationsm.

With all of this said, Sure Sinus currently isn’t available to the public. We’ve signed up for advance email notifications and will update this article as soon as the company releases more information.

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