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Developed by a man named Jack Bridges, the Survive in Bed system claims to help you achieve full, long-lasting erections “literally on demand,” using nothing but 100% natural ingredients available at your local grocer. And perhaps more importantly, without expensive drugs and treatments, or their unwanted side effects!

According to Jack, Survive in Bed focuses on specific enzymes, amino acids, and other “naturally occurring substances” that can be obtained through different foods and supplements. When combined in a specific way at specific intervals, these ingredients can help relax blood vessels and increase the volume of blood that’s pumped throughout your body. In turn, Jack claims you’ll “permanently reverse” weak erections.

Even though Jack claims to have laid out all the steps and ingredients you’ll need to overcome erectile dysfunction, is this what you should realistically expect? We’ll cover all the bases here so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy.

First, let’s start with the basics.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction? Can It Be Cured?

A quick biology lessen: Inside the penis, there are two long chambers called the corpora cavernosa, which are made up of spongy tissue. When it’s time for an erection to occur, the muscles surrounding these chambers relax and allow blood to flow in, which is soaked up like a sponge and temporarily trapped in place. Then, once the time arrives, this blood exits the corpora cavernosa’s chambers, causing the penis to become flaccid.

Now, erectile dysfunction occurs when something inhibits this process from fully taking place, or from happening at all. As a result, men suffering from ED can’t achieve an erection sufficient for intercourse—or one at all.

What causes this? Erectile dysfunction is generally a symptom (or side effect) of another underlying condition, including circulation problems (high blood pressure, heart disease, atherosclerosis, etc.), physical trauma, diabetes, and even psychological issues like depression, anxiety, and stress. In other words, there can be dozens of causes of ED, which can combine and express themselves in very unique ways.

Taken together, this means that depending on the underlying causes, some men may be able to successfully overcome their erectile dysfunction, while others may experience a lifelong battle. As such, it’s important to speak with your doctor before beginning any program like Survive in Bed.

With this said, what will you learn from the Survive in Bed program? Will it really help you overcome your ED?

Will Survive in Bed Work for Your Erectile Dysfunction?

We’re told that Survive in Bed will outline different enzymes, amino acids, and other “naturally occurring substances” that you should take in specific combinations at specific times in order to boost your body’s circulation. Based on what we just learned, this seems positive, right?

The problem is that—despite the nearly hour-long video—we’re told very little about what you’ll actually learn in Survive in Bed. Instead, just when we thought the answer would be revealed, “Jack” would go off on another tangent and start telling another story.

Pro tip: This is a very common storytelling/sales tactic found in infomercials, and it has an exceptional success rate. For more about this, be sure to read Selling Hope: How Infomercials Convince You to Buy.

The good news is that we’ve reviewed dozens of male enhancement and testosterone boosting supplements over the years (along with similar products to Survive in Bed, which we’ll talk more about in a second), and most seem to contain or outline the same basic ingredients, such as:

Of these, tongkat ali and tribulus terrestris may be effective for aiding with male infertility, although not specifically for erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, Panax (Asian) ginseng and l-arginine are listed as possibly effective specifically for treating ED, while l-carnitine may help improve diabetes-related ED.

Again, we can’t be 100% sure this is what you’ll find in Survive in Bed. But based on our experience, we think it’s likely. Let’s explain why.

Is Survive in Bed a Unique Product?

The HighYa team has reviewed dozens of these e-book “systems” in the past, dealing with everything from vision and hearing to quantum physics. Even if we’re just referencing ED-related e-books, we’ve reviewed The ED Miracle, Erectile Dysfunction Freedom, Erectile Dysfunction Protocol, and more.

In general, regardless of the topic, these e-books come with bottom-of-the-barrel customer reviews here on HighYa, usually averaging 1.5 stars or lower. Why? Overwhelmingly, the number one complaint is that these products fail to deliver on all the hype promised in their lengthy video sales pitches. In fact, many customers claimed they delivered very little—and that the information they did provide could probably be found for free online in a matter of minutes using any search engine.

Again, we can’t say you’ll experience the same with Survive in Bed, but given their nearly identical sales pitch, we’d say it’s fairly likely.

How Much Does Survive in Bed Cost?

As an e-book, Survive in Bed will cost you $69.95 and is available for download as soon as your order is processed. Comparatively, some of these other ED e-books can be purchased for as little as $27.

Along with you order, you’ll also receive access to three bonus reports:

  • Go Forever
  • Text Your Way to Sex
  • Sexual Superfoods

Like all products sold through Clickbank (an online retailer that specializes in distributing these types of e-books), Survive in Bed comes with a 60-day refund policy.

In order to request a refund, you can try sending an email to support@surviveinbed.com. However, based on customer feedback for other e-book systems, you might have better luck by calling Clickbank directly at 800-390-6035.

Will Survive in Bed Make Your Erectile Dysfunction History?

Although “Jack Bridges” (a pseudonym) claims that ED is a simple problem with a simple solution, the reality is that it’s anything but. Instead, there are dozens of different factors that can combine in thousands of different ways that make effectively treating ED a complex puzzle to solve—which you can only accomplish by working closely with your doctor.

Speaking of doctors, what’s up with the “Doctor Trusted” logo at the bottom of the Survive in Bed website? We’ve seen this same logo pop up on many other products we’ve reviewed, and after some in-depth research, we think they’re just a marketing tactic more than they are any kind of medical “review board” intended to make sure the information is legit.

In short, considering its high price and almost complete lack of usable information on their website and video, we might recommend speaking with your doctor and formulating a treatment plan instead of placing an order for Survive in Bed.

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