Swiss Joy Compression Socks Review - Get Pain Relief or Hype?

By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff
Published on: Apr 4, 2019

Advertised as the first compression socks clinically proven to improve circulation and help prevent blood stagnation, the patented Swiss Joy Compression Socks promise to deliver immediate relief from heavy legs, swelling and inflammation, pain and cramping, and varicose vein discomfort.

Compared to competing compression socks, the manufacturer tells us that Swiss Joy is made from the highest quality breathable material that won’t dig into your skin and leave behind painful impressions.

It also boasts multi-gradual compression technology that can help evacuate blood from your legs step-by-step, along with arch and ankle support for better balance and posture, and a multi-functional, easy-on structure.

Dealing with painful, swollen, or heavy legs can have a hugely detrimental impact on quality of life. But, what kinds of real-world results might you realistically expect from Swiss Joy? Furthermore, do they provide a high level of value compared to other compression socks?

In this article, we’ll help you find actionable answers that can move you one step closer to making an informed decision. Let’s quickly begin with the basics.

How Do Swiss Joy Compression Socks Work?

In The Science of Compression Wear, we discuss that compression garments—which are typically made from “a flexible yet firm, spandex-type material that fits closely to your body”—have been used in medicine for decades. Why?

To name just a few potential benefits, by squeezing different areas of the body at different pressures (measured in millimeters of mercury, or mmHg), the pressure they provide has been clinically shown “to increase circulation, promote blood flow, speed up wound recovery, reduce the risk of forming a blood clot, and improve venous function.”

As a result, this technology has made its way into the consumer sports market over the last several years, with many manufacturers (more soon) advertising most of the same benefits as Swiss Joy Compression Socks, including reduced pain and discomfort from varicose veins and relieved leg swelling.

In fact, the socks’ commercial tells us, “During a clinical trial, participants agreed that Swiss Joy promoted better circulation, reduced leg swelling, and helped make their legs feel more energized.”

No citations linking to this clinical trial are listed on the Swiss Joy website. Customer service also wasn’t able to provide additional insight.

Along similar lines, some third-party companies advertise their compression socks can help improve recovery following intense physical exercise, and even boost performance.

As we outline in the article, though, the clinical support for these recovery and performance-related claims seems mixed.

With these details in mind, let’s explore Swiss Joy’s price, and then how it compares to third-party compression socks.

How Much Do Swiss Joy Compression Socks Cost?

Swiss Joy Compression Socks are available in small/medium (shoe size 5–10) and large/XL (shoe size 10.5 and higher) sizes.

You can purchase one pair for $19.99 plus free delivery, as well as a second pair during checkout for an additional $9.99 fee.

All Swiss Joy orders come with a 30-day refund policy, less return shipping and fees for the BOGO pair. You can request one by calling Bulbhead—a division of ASOTV industry giant Telebrands—at (855)668-1655.

Are There Other Compression Socks Competing With Swiss Joy?

As we discussed earlier, based on the potential benefits provided by compression garments, their popularity among consumers has exploded over the past few years.

Like Swiss Joy, most of these options share many of the same advertised features (we didn’t test any models firsthand during our research), including gradual compression, construction from breathable materials, designs that won’t dig into skin, and easy-on structures.

And although the commercial indicates that Swiss Joy Compression socks are the first “clinically proven [versions] to improve circulation and help prevent blood stagnation,” we found many third-party companies making similar claims. Here were some of the top-rated options at the time of our research:

Brand Price Special Features
Swiss Joy Compression Socks $19.99 Second pair for $9.99, offers arch and ankle support, available in S/M and L/XL sizes
Aonsen Compression Socks for Men & Women $14.99 (2 pairs) 20–30 mmHg pressure, available in pink and white, available in L and XL sizes
BLITZU Compression Socks $15.97 20–30 mmHg pressure, available in S/M and L/XL sizes, 7 different color options
Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks for Men & Women $18.95 20–30 mmHg pressure, available in S/M and L/XL sizes, 9 different color options
Wanderlust Premium Travel Compression Socks $19.95 Pressure: 25–30 mmHg pressure at foot & ankle, 15–20 mmHg at middle of leg/calf, 10–15 mmHg under knee; available in S/M and L/XL sizes, available in black and white
NEWZILL Graduated Compression Socks for Men & Women $14.99 20-30 mmHg pressure, available in 3 sizes (small, med, large) and 5 different eye-catching designs
SB SOX Compression Socks (20-30mmHg) for Men & Women $18.95 20-30 mmHg pressure, available in 4 sizes (small, med, large, XL) and 16 different color combinations

Given the fact that this only represents a small sample of the hundreds—or even thousands—of knee-high compression socks available on the marketplace, what’s the best way to go about making a decision?

Since many of the conditions compression socks claim to address (leg swelling, venous function, circulation, etc.) are medically-related and could represent more severe concerns, the first person you should speak with is your physician.

Not only can they provide a scientifically sound diagnosis, but they can also help you select compression socks that will deliver maximum results.

If they give you the go-ahead, we can see in the table above that your choice may come down to how much you want to pay, the level of compression you need (measured in mmHg), as well as sizing and design preferences.

From these perspectives, we didn’t encounter any other compression socks designed exactly like Swiss Joy during our research. However, at $19.99, you’ll also pay a premium, since they’re the highest-priced options above.

You’ll notice that all of the above options offer up to 20–30 mmHg of pressure, which is typically classified as “firm.”

Depending on your needs, though, some manufacturers offer lower pressures, including 8–15 mmHg (light) and 15–20 mmHg (medium). You’ll also encounter higher pressures like 30–40 mmHg (extra firm) and 40–50 mmHg (prescription-level firmness).

With these details in mind, we spoke to several customer support representatives looking for additional details about Swiss Joy’s pressure levels, although none were able to assist. Their response, in one case, was that they don’t provide a pressure rating because the socks aren’t intended to be a medical device.

On the other hand, you can purchase two pairs of Aonsen compression socks for $15 ($7.50 per pair), making them the least expensive. They also provide a clearly defined pressure range and are available in two different colors, whereas Swiss Joy is only available in black.

NEWZILL takes the reigns when it comes to outside-the-box designs that are sure to draw attention, and they’re also the second least expensive compression socks above. SB SOX offers the most color options, followed distantly by Physix.

Finally, Wanderlust provides the most details about the materials used in their socks, as well as their graduated compression levels. But, they’re the second most expensive option in our table, followed closely by Swiss Joy.

What does this mean regarding your future with Swiss Joy or any other pair of compression socks for that matter?

Our Final Thoughts About Swiss Joy Compression Socks

Swiss Joy Compression Socks come from a company who’s been in business for decades, and who stands behind them with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This should give you plenty of time to wear them in different scenarios and determine if they meet your needs.

Still, they’re only available in black, and at $19.99 for a single pair, they’re also one of the most expensive options in our table above. And if you find that their patented design doesn’t meet your needs and preferences, you’ll have to pay to ship them back to Telebrands, and you’ll also lose the $9.95 fee if you purchased a second pair.

Taken together, if you don’t mind paying a premium for their patented design, are okay with one color option and aren’t concerned with achieving a specific level of pressure (measured in mmHg), it seems that Swiss Joy Compression Socks might fit the bill.

Otherwise, by delivering additional details available about their construction and pressure levels, sometimes meaningfully lower prices, and frequently greater design choices and sizing options, third-party compression socks might deliver a greater level of value.

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    • By Marquet B.,
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    To whom it may concern, I'm interested in buying Swiss Joy Socks and I feel women past generation and the next can wear these socks proudly. And to figure out it has never played out for this generation and the next generation, so I have taste in what these socks can dazzle at just about any occasion. That is my input. Thank you again for this dazzle material sock.

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    • By Donald H.,
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    The socks you sent me do not fit, too small. What do I do about it, or am I out of luck? I want the right size or my money back. Thank you for your understanding.

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