What Is SwitchLight?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Mar 25, 2017

Brought to you by SnapPower Products, SwitchLight features three built-in LEDs that transform your light switch into an elegant, automatic nightlight in seconds.

And with its patented prong technology that pulls power from sides of the existing light switch, along with its built-in light sensor, the website tells us that SwitchLight can automatically illuminate when it gets dark, without the need for batteries or wires.

Compared to traditional nightlights, which can take up outlet space, stick out like a sore thumb, and end up in the hands of small children, SwitchLight claims to feature a convenient, practical, low-profile design that will blend in with any home or nursery décor.

SwitchLight’s LEDs can be installed over any standard single gang, single pole switch, features four adjustable settings (High, Low, Off and Automatic), can last up to 25 years, and costs less than 10 cents per year to operate.

Have you finally found a way to maintain much-needed light in important areas during the night, without taking up precious outlet space? Is SwitchLight worth the meaningfully higher cost?

You’re here for some answers, so let’s dive right in and discuss what we learned during our research.

How Does SwitchLight’s Patented Prong Technology Work?

We’ve all had a least a handful of “why didn’t I think of that?” moments in our life, and SwitchLight could very well be one of them. Why?

While co-founder Sean Watkins mentioned in a video that this technology took years to perfect, SanpPower’s prong-based design is both simplistic and ingenious—and makes us wonder why no one thought of it before. How’s it work?

A single gang, single pole light switch means that it only controls one circuit, and only has two terminals (turns power on and off).

But obviously, a light switch doesn’t generate any power itself. This is provided through two wires that connect on the side.

When the switch is in the ‘on’ position, the circuit is completed, allowing electricity to travel to the light (or ceiling fan, or whatever else the switch is connected to). When it’s off, power stops flowing.

What the folks over at SnapPower did, though, was figure out a way to harness this power, without impacting the flow of electricity to the switch.

To accomplish this, they designed two small prongs that extend from the back of SwitchLight. When the cover is in place, these prongs fit neatly over the two screws holding the electrical wires in place and then re-route a tiny portion of this electricity to power its three built-in LEDs.

SnapPower SwitchLight SnapPower’s simple prong design allows SwitchLight to power its built-in LEDs without affecting switch performance. Image credit: SnapRays, LLC

An added benefit is that this design allows power to constantly flow to SwitchLight, giving it the ability to automatically brighten and dim along with changing natural light levels throughout the day.

What’s the price?

How Much Does SwitchLight Cost?

Available in White, Light Almond, and Ivory colors, as well as Toggle and Décor switch styles, SwitchLight is priced as follows:

  • 1 SwitchLight: $17
  • 3-Pack: $48
  • 5-Pack: $75
  • 10-Pack: $140

Shipping will cost you $5.50 or more, depending on the amount you order.

While we didn’t find SwitchLight for sale through any third-party companies at the time of our research, all of SnapPower’s other products were sold at Amazon, so it might seem reasonable that SwitchLight could soon join their ranks.

In the meantime, the company offers a full 1-year warranty and refund policy on all products they sell, which you can make good on by sending an email to support@snappower.com.

Who Founded SwitchLight?

SwitchLight was initially launched through a February 2017 Kickstarter campaign, where the company raised $332K based on an original goal of $25K. The company, co-founded by Sean Watkins and Jeremy Smith, previously found crowdfunding success with their other prong-based covers, GuideLight and Charger.

SwitchLight recently came to market the following month, so there weren’t any online customer reviews available at the time of our research.

As a company, SnapRays, LLC is based out of Vineyard, UT and held an A- rating Better Business Bureau rating with no closed complaints (as of 3/21/17).

Reviews of SnapPower’s Other LED Wallplates?

SnapPower’s GuideLight and Charger had very high ratings on Amazon, though; typically somewhere around 4.5 stars. Most compliments referenced bright light, subtle design, and ease of installation, while frequent complaints revolved around high price, that they didn’t work with some outlets, and that they suddenly stopped working.

Pro tip: Several Amazon reviewers mentioned that they needed to realign their outlets to the center of the box, so that GuideLight and Charger’s flexible prongs could be positioned properly over the terminal screws. This might be worth keeping in mind if you initially experience connection issues.

Granted, SwitchLight is brand new, so we’re not insinuating you’ll experience any of this. However, given its same basic design, we certainly think it’s worth reporting.

What about the competition?

Are There Other Products Like SwitchLight?

If you’re looking for something exactly like SwitchLight, it’s currently the only game in town.

Searching online for other “night light switches,” we found some products that offered the same basic idea (combining a night light and a light switch), but were designed meaningfully different. In fact, we might consider those best suited for a nursery or child’s bathroom.

In our Fidget Bit article, we mentioned that it’s recently become popular for some third-party manufacturers to create meaningfully similar products—or ones based on the same basic concept—as those frequently unveiled through crowdfunding campaigns.

For example, Night Angel is an ASOTV product that hit the market back in November 2016 and by all appearances (based on the product’s commercial; we didn’t test it firsthand) featured a functionally identical design as SwitchLight. Why bring this up?

Given the fact that third-party companies already seem to be manufacturing meaningfully similar options as SnapPower's other products, it might be only a matter of time until a close SwitchLight competitor is released.

Our Final Thoughts About SwitchLight

Although we didn’t have the opportunity to test SwitchLight ourselves, it certainly seems to be a unique product that you won’t currently find anywhere else. It also comes from a company with two other highly successful projects under their belt, along with exceptionally high online customer feedback.

As reported by these consumers, as well as popular industry publications, though, perhaps SwitchLight's biggest stumbling block is its high price. After all, traditional switchplates can be purchased for as little a $0.50, and regular nightlights might not cost much more than $1.

With this said, since SnapPower claims SwitchLight’s LED bulbs will last 25 years, the higher initial investment might pay off in the long run. And if you’re not satisfied, the company stands behind their products with an almost unheard-of 1-year refund policy and a customer reputation for solid support.

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