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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jan 2, 2018

Professing itself to be a revolutionary, clinically-proven advanced cognitive enhancer, Synoptic Boost claims to be able to help you think faster, remember more, focus clearly, and eliminate brain fog with its all-natural formulation of ingredients. The makers of the product claim that it can offer you a crucial boost in work, school, or your social life.

The website boasts that while other products utilize synthetic and filler ingredients, Synoptic Boost uses only the best clinically proven substances in its formula, allowing it to provide the admittedly impressive-sounding benefits described above. They even go so far as to say that it can help improve signal transmission in the mind, allowing you to learn faster as a result.

Supplements like Synoptic Boost that claim to affect mental function in some way can be loosely defined as nootropics. In order to better understand the product at hand, let’s take a brief exploratory look at how these work below.

Nootropics: The Key to Brain Effectiveness?

Based on our experience reporting on many nootropics, we know that there are hundreds of different nootropic supplements on the market today. While different brands position their products in various ways, they all claim to increase mental functionality in some form, so how do they do it?

Unsurprisingly, the human brain is a staggeringly complex organ. So complex, in fact, that much of its inner workings are still unknown to scientists, though breakthrough advancements are being made each and every year.

We understand, however, that there are over 100 billion nerve cells that reside in the mind, working in unison to carry out all of your daily tasks. These are known as neurons, and they have the unique ability to send and receive electrochemical signals to one another. These neurotransmitters allow you to do everything from complex math to sitting up and stretching, and by and large, these are what nootropics claim to impact.

Despite this, exactly how they impact these signals will largely come down to what ingredients they utilize, so with that said, let’s refocus up on the Synoptic Boost formula in order to learn more about what you can expect from the product in practice.

Synoptic Boost Formula Ingredients & Potential Side Effects

On the product’s website, we didn’t encounter a list of the ingredients included in its formula during our research. We reached out to customer service to attempt to clarify, but after speaking with multiple agents, they were unable to provide us a list of ingredients, or their concentration amounts. Based on our past experience reporting on similar products, we consider this to be a red flag. Why?

To put it bluntly, we think you have a right to know what substances are inside of a product’s formula before trusting it enough to ingest it. After all, without knowing the ingredients used, or their dosages, how are you supposed to predict any potentially adverse side effects that may crop up? This is especially true if you take any prescription medications that may interact with certain ingredients.

More to the point, without knowing what is used in Synoptic Boost, we have no way to verify that the product can indeed live up to the claims made by its manufacturer. We feel that this is important to keep in the front of your mind going into a potential purchase.

Synoptic Boost Pricing & Return Policy

As of this writing, Synoptic Boost was only available online from the manufacturer’s website. It is sold as part of a mandatory free trial, meaning that you’ll only pay $4.95 for a full month’s worth of the nootropic. However, this will also begin your 14-day trial period. Once this window is up, you’ll be charged the full amount of $79.99 and enrolled in the company’s autoship program.

This means that you’ll continue to be charged this amount for a new supply of Synoptic Boost until you contact customer service to cancel at 925-331-6815. You can do this before the trial ends to avoid being charged the full amount. As for the return policy, the terms state that you can call the number above to request a refund on any product purchased online, as long as it was made within the last 30 days.

Purchasing a Nootropic Supplement Similar to Synoptic Boost

As we mentioned earlier on, there are thousands of different nootropic solutions on the market today. With so many to choose from, how are you to find the product that’s right for you? At HighYa, we’ve reported on hundreds of them in the past, and based on this experience, we’ve learned quite a bit about what to look for.

When trying to determine which product, if any, is right for you, ask yourself these three questions:

1. “What do I really need?”

This one is key; many individuals seek out a nootropic supplement similar to Synoptic Boost because they simply feel like there isn’t enough time in a day to get everything done that they need to. It can be easy to be reeled in by effective marketing, but it’s never a bad idea to start with the basics. Before turning to an external product, you may want to explore some natural ways to decrease stress and increase your productivity.

2. “What am I agreeing to?”

Many of our readers have told us that products that include autoship programs and free trials (such as Synoptic Boost) can be a potential pain, as they have reported occasional difficulties in canceling these programs on time. Some have even told us that they didn’t even know they were agreeing to one before the charges started rolling in, so be sure to keep this and the return policy in mind when making a purchase online.

3. “Have I spoken with a professional?”

We aren’t medical professionals here at HighYa, and if you’re reading this, chances are neither are you. At the end of the day, there is no substitution for speaking with an authority voice on the matter, so scheduling a consultation with your doctor to discuss a potential supplement before pulling the trigger on it will likely lead you to a more informed purchase, regardless of what you choose.

The Bottom Line: Is Synoptic Boost Effective?

At the end of the day, can you really expect Synoptic Boost to turbo-charge key aspects of your brain power, as claimed by its makers? Without knowing what substances are used inside it, we can’t say for certain either way. Though we spoke with multiple agents, none were able to provide this for us.

Without it, you’re left with nothing to go on but the word of the manufacturer, and as consumers ourselves who are aware that the FDA doesn’t regulate supplement claims the same way they do other industries, we feel that this isn’t enough.

Coupled with the potentially expensive autoship program (should you fail to cancel it on time), we feel that a better first step may be to speak with a doctor directly about the issue you are facing. By doing so, you’ll not only gain valuable insight into the product you are interested in, but you’ll also be likely to arrive at a proven solution that works well for you in the long run.

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