What is Tae Bo Evolution Edge?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jan 29, 2017

By combining the best of CrossFit and circuit training, the Tae Bo Evolution Edge system promises to deliver a safe, low-impact workout that can melt away pounds and inches in a fraction of the time.

During most of these workouts, you’ll use the Tae Bo Edge Bar that features a comfortable, anti-slip, anti-wicking foam cover; wheels for rolling on the floor, attachments for resistance bands, and a flexible center.

Together, you’ll perform exercises like roll out, bicep curl, bow and arrow, horseshoe, forward lunge, and upright row.

By combining the Bar with Edge’s heart-pounding workouts, Billy Blanks tells us that Tae Bo Evolution Edge will stimulate all the major muscle groups in the body, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your workouts, and turbo charge your metabolism, while helping your body develop proportionally.

Look, the reality is that most modern, mass-marketed fitness programs promise to help you achieve your fitness goals in less time. Given this, is there anything about the Tae Bo Evolution Edge system that will deliver better results—or that’s more deserving of your money—than the vast competition?

In this article, we’ll explore these questions and help you come to a more informed conclusion.

Your Tae Bo Evolution Edge Glossary

In order to figure out what kinds of results you might realistically expect from the Tae Bo Evolution Edge program, it’s important to unpack a few key terms used on the website and in the commercial.

Like the name implies, functional fitness exercises are focused on helping your body function better in everyday, real-world tasks. For example, squats can help train your legs for improved standing and sitting motions, while multidirectional lunges may help improve walking balance.

In our daily life, we rarely use a single muscle at a time. This is why functional fitness generally incorporates compound exercise moves (or what Tae Bo Evolution Edge calls “stacking”), which involve more than one muscle group.

In fact, Bodybuilding.com tells us that just 8-10 different compound exercises can stimulate all major muscle groups in the body, helping you to improve your overall fitness in the least amount of time.

CrossFit is a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that involves a series of workouts that incorporate weightlifting, resistance training, and aerobic exercise.

Typically, you will perform an intense exercise (pulling up and down on a large rope, for example) as fast as you can for a certain period of time, followed by a brief rest period. Then you’ll do it again for a certain number of sets, before moving on to another exercise.

We’re told that Evolution Edge’s exercises are low-impact (little-to-no stress on the joints), though, so it seems reasonable to believe you won’t be performing anything quite as intense, though.

What does this mean from a fitness perspective?

How Effective Is the Tae Bo Evolution Edge Program?

In this context, the term “effective” could reference more than one result, including losing weight, increasing muscle mass, or simply toning what you already have.

Through this lens, we’ll take a brief look at each benefit that Evolution Edge claims to provide to see what you might reasonably expect.

Compound Exercises & Fitness

According to authoritative websites, compound muscle exercises are very common, such as bench press, pull-up, squat, cable pulldown, and dips. In other words, Tae Bo Evolution Edge isn’t the only method of performing these types of exercises.

While compound exercises can help you work more muscle groups in less time (and some say can help you lift heavier weights), whether or not they’ll deliver better results than isolation exercises largely depends on personal preference.

CrossFit & HIIT

Although the HIIT exercises featured in Tae Bo Evolution Edge might be lower impact than traditional CrossFit, the fact of the matter is that they’re generally tough.

Since you’ll be working out in the comfort of your home, you can obviously go at your own pace to ensure you don’t overdo it. However, be prepared to sweat and to be winded.

You’ll also need to maintain your commitment to performing these exercises on a regular basis and have the courage to stick with it. Otherwise, you’ll never reach your goals.

Pro tip: One of the biggest consumer complaints about CrossFit is that the workouts aren’t customizable, and it’s no different with Tao Bo Evolution Edge.

Since you’ll always use the same DVDs to workout, it might be easier to lose your motivation—and therefore your commitment—depending on your personality.

How Will You Use Resistance Bands?

Whether you’re utilizing a machine or free weights at the gym, or simply using your bodyweight at home, resistance is what increases muscle mass and strength.

This is because resistance causes micro tears in muscle fibers. When the body heals these tears, it incrementally increases their size and strength.

With this in mind, elastic resistance bands (almost like giant rubber bands) are just another method of achieving this resistance. They’re extraordinarily popular, since they can deliver resistance in greater angles than weights, they’re versatile, and are low-impact and safe.

It doesn’t appear that the Evolution Edge program comes with different resistance band levels, though, so it might be too difficult or too easy. After all, a 90-pound couch potato will likely have different resistance needs than a 290-pound athlete.

Now, let’s bring all of these together in the next section.

The Weight Loss Component of Tae Bo Evolution Edge

While this is a gross oversimplification, the fact of the matter is that in order to lose weight, your body needs to burn more calories than it consumes.

The best method of achieving this calorie deficit is through cardiovascular exercise, which increases your heart rate and boosts your metabolism. Popular examples of cardio include jogging and cycling.

Since a pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories, if you adhere to a fitness routine and expend 500 calories more per day than you consume, you’ll lose 1-2 pounds per week.

So, this begs the question: Will Tae Bo Evolution Edge elevate your heart rate enough so that you can burn extra calories? The answer: Probably so.

But keep in mind that the number of calories you burn at any given time depends on the amount of effort you exert, as well as other factors like current weight, age, gender, and physical fitness level.

Bottom line: The fundamentals featured in the Tao Bo Evolution Edge program certainly have the potential to help you shed some weight and improve your overall fitness.

The exact results you achieve from it, however, largely depend on factors we can’t know about, including your current level of fitness, the amount of time you have to dedicate to the program, any injuries or mobility issues, or your ability to maintain motivation working out with the same videos.

What about the price factor?

How Much Does Tae Bo Evolution Edge Cost?

The Tae Bo Evolution Edge program is available in three different packages:

  • Basic – Includes edge bar with brakes, door anchor, power band, instructional manual, meal plan, basic instructional video, and core & strength video: $89.95, or three payments of $29.95
  • Advanced – Everything found in the Basic package, in addition to an advanced workout video and custom carrying case: $119.85, or three payments of $39.95
  • Extreme – Everything found in the Basic package, in addition to an extreme workout video, exercise mat, and knee pad: $149.95, or three payments of $49.95

The Advanced and Extreme versions allow you to stream videos to your Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or iOS or Android Device, while Basic appears to be DVD-based.

Regardless of which package you order, Evolution Edge comes with free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee, including return S&H. You can request one by calling customer support at 866-694-8449.

At these prices, are Evolution Edge’s customers meeting their goals?

Who Is Billy Blanks? What Are Customers Saying About His Tae Bo Programs?

Born in 1955, Billy Blanks has led an interesting life. He began studying martial arts at the age of 11 and received the first bronze medal for karate at the 1981 World Games in Santa Clara, CA.

During the late 80s and early 90s, Billy was featured in several martial arts-oriented movies and has made a handful of TV and movie appearances since then.

Billy is undoubtedly most well known for his Tae Bo fitness series, which was first released in 1992 and combined elements of taekwondo and boxing. Still popular today (a reimagined “Classic” version), Tae Bo had 250 customer reviews on Amazon at the time of our research with an average rating of 4.2 stars.

There, most compliments referenced effective results and ease of use. Common complaints referenced not enough cardio and insufficient intensity.

Clearly, with a brand new exercise device and fitness videos, there’s no way to know if you’ll experience any of the same with Evolution Edge. But in general, Billy Blanks’ programs and videos seem to come with mostly positive customer feedback.

The Big Question: Is Tae Bo Evolution Edge Right For You?

We mentioned it earlier, but it’s important enough that it’s worth repeating: Without having tested it firsthand and without knowing your needs and preferences, there’s no way to realistically understand a) how much you’ll enjoy Tae Bo Evolution Edge, or b) what kind of results you’ll achieve.

Fortunately, the company seems to stand behind the program with a 30-day refund policy, which includes return shipping. From this perspective, it doesn’t seem you have much more to lose than a little of your time for giving it a try.

Just keep in mind that what you eat is equally as important as the exercises you perform when trying to achieve your fitness goals, so it’s positive that Evolution Edge includes a meal plan. Again, how customizable it will be to meet your needs remains to be seen.

Another important consideration is that, based on Evolution Edge’s promotional video, it appears some of the exercises involve attaching one end of the resistance band to the wall. This might require some additional tools, time, and equipment.

Finally, even if you order the Advanced package, you’ll only have three workout videos to choose from, which could quickly become boring. And if you’re truly advanced, then you’ll only have one at your disposal.

Taking all of this together, did you decide to place an order for Tae Bo Evolution Edge? If so, did it meet your fitness needs? If not, was the return process simple?

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