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By HighYa Staff

Available in all 50 states, TeleMDCentral is a telemedicine website that claims to provide private, safe, and confidential 24/7 access to on-demand professional medical consultations from a network of highly qualified, state licensed and board certified physicians, all through your phone and other mobile devices.

On top of the convenience this is claimed to provide, TeleMDCentral also helps you avoid waiting periods, enrollment periods, insurance forms, as well as denials for pre-existing conditions. In fact, TeleMDCentral is even claimed to provide guaranteed medical care for the uninsured, and no age restrictions.

According to the TeleMDCentral website, the process works over 3 steps:

  1. Call the 24/7, toll-free nurse hotline.
  2. The nurse will then review your “medical history, current medications, and known allergies,” and will discuss your symptoms. Afterward, they’ll schedule your appointment with a physician, if necessary.
  3. If during the hours of 7a and 10p (for each time zone), the doctor will call you back to treat acute illness, pre-existing and chronic conditions, and to refill maintenance medications. Otherwise, your call will likely be handled only by a nurse for intake, care coordination, and follow up.

But is the money and time you’ll spend to use TeleMDCentral worthwhile? Consider the following:

Who Might Benefit Most from TeleMDCentral?

According to the company, TeleMDCentral is an ideal option for when your physician is unavailable, during afterhours, while you’re on vacation or a business trip, or if you’re considering a trip to the ER (here is a list of common conditions they treat).

However, remember that you’ll only speak with one of the company’s healthcare professionals when you call, who will then send you to a local physician if an in-person diagnosis is required.

Is TeleMDCentral Ideal for Uninsured Individuals?

Keep in mind that whether you’re insured or otherwise, you’ll still pay the same monthly membership fee to gain access to TeleMDCentral’s services (more about this in the Pricing section). On top of this, keep in mind that if TeleMDCentral’s healthcare professional sends you to a local physician for further analysis, your lack of insurance could become problematic (or, at the very least, very expensive).

TeleMDCentral & Existing Conditions

Next, it’s important to note that, although TeleMDCentral claims to never deny patients based on pre-existing conditions, this has much more to do with insurance coverage than it does access to medical care.

In other words, while this might come off as a benefit, the reality is that no physician would deny you care simply because of a pre-existing condition. However, as we noted above, your visit might be extraordinarily expensive without insurance.

Can TeleMDCentral Provide Prescriptions?

According to the TeleMDCentral website, their healthcare professionals can write prescriptions for non-controlled substances, except in the states of IA, OK and SC (due to state regulations).

Similar Options to TeleMDCentral

Finally, while websites such as TeleMDCentral may be convenient, they’re not unique. In fact, simply typing the phrase “telemedicine” into your favorite search engine will reveal many options, including HealthcareMagic.com, InteractiveMD.com, HealthTap.com, and more.

What Are Customers Saying about TeleMDCentral?

TeleMDCentral was a very new website at the time of our research (URL registered January 2015) and didn’t have any online customer reviews available, although the company claims that, “98% of TeleMedicine patients are completely satisfied with their experience.”

Surprisingly, we did find a ton of affiliate-based fake review websites, which are much more often associated with nutritional supplements and anti-aging products than they are with medical services. In our mind, this raises a potential red flag.

From a company perspective, TeleMDCentral based out of Burlington, VT, is not listed with the Better Business Bureau and no additional information was available online.

TeleMDCentral Pricing & Refund Policy

A monthly TeleMDCentral membership is priced at $19.95 per month, which can be cancelled at any time without further obligation. You’ll gain immediate access as soon as your payment is processed.

Important note: Interestingly, when we attempted to sign up for a TeleMDCentral membership, we weren’t presented with an order total, which is generally another red flag.

According to TeleMDCentral’s Terms, no refunds are available except in the instances of billing errors. In order to request a refund or ask additional questions, a TeleMDCentral representative can be reached at 844-709-1700.

Should You Sign Up for a TeleMDCentral Membership?

Chopping to the point: Unlike many of the other telemedicine companies listed above, it appears that TeleMDCentral only requires that you pay a monthly membership fee, and not a per-consultation fee as well. However, the company does mention that “members must complete a simple clinical intake process prior to consultation,” although no additional details are provided.

Clearly, with the advent of the internet in today’s digital age, online consultations with a physician can make the process much more convenient and less stressful, especially in non-emergency situations. As such, telemedicine companies like TeleMDCentral appear to be the wave of the future.

As such a new company though, whether or not TeleMDCentral will please their patients enough to become a leader in the industry remains to be seen, although their flat monthly membership rates seem to break from the trend of the competition.

What’s your experience with TeleMDCentral? Were you pleased with the experience? If not, why? Tell us all about it by writing a review below! 

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